Army of Ghosts: The Invasion

Yvonne glanced, unamused, at the broken shards of glass littering her floor, "Well, in that case we'll have to be more careful," she waved the Doctor's warning off, turning to address her staff, "Positions! Ghost Shift in one minute."

"Ms. Hartman, I'm asking you, no, I'm begging you," Angel pleaded, turning to follow her, "Please, don't do it."

She had honestly doubted her stomach could end up any more knotted than it already was, but just then, having the woman about to launch another round of the Ghost Shift...there went her stomach. The ghosts weren't what the humans thought, she knew it, the Doctor knew it, she was fairly certain even Jackie knew it deep down now. And...she could just tell, one more shift, that was ALL the ghosts needed to do whatever it was they had come to Earth to do. And whatever the ghosts had come to do, it wouldn't be good, it rarely ever was.

They had to stop it.

"We have done this a thousand times," Yvonne rolled her eyes at them.

"Then stop at a thousand!" the Doctor shouted, taking Angel's words more to heart than Yvonne was, but, then again, while they knew she got 'feelings' about the future, HE knew JUST how accurate they turned out to be. And Angel DID NOT want the shift to happen. Even if she didn't know what it was, there was a reason for it.

"We are in control of the ghosts. The levers can open the breech, but equally they can CLOSE it."

They stared at each other a moment, a battle of wills between Yvonne and the Doctor, the tension mounting, when suddenly...

"Ok," the Doctor shrugged, turning away and stepping into Yvonne's office.

"Sorry?!" Yvonne asked, startled. She glanced at Angel, but even SHE seemed shocked that the Doctor had given up just like that.

"Never mind!" he waved her off, "As you were."

"What, is that it?"

The Doctor just pulled out two chairs, one from behind Yvonne's desk and the other from across it, and set them before the woman in the Rift Room. He settled down in one, motioning for Angel to take the other which she did, "No! Fair enough. Said my bit. Don't mind me. Any chance of a cup of tea?"

"Ghost Shift in twenty seconds," Addy called, her voice monotoned.

Angel frowned, shifting in her seat to peer slightly around Yvonne, at Addy's back. The girl was stiff, sitting rigidly, barely moving. It was just...unnatural. She could tell there was something more to it but...she just didn't know what. It was like there was something at the edge of her thoughts and senses that she just hadn't quite grasped yet.

"Mmm!" the Doctor smirked, pulling Angel's attention back, "Can't WAIT to see it!"

"You can't stop us," Yvonne argued.

"No, absolutely not!" he agreed, turning to Jackie, "Pull up a chair, Rose! Come and watch the fireworks."

Jackie stepped forward, standing behind them, in between the two of them, as they turned to Yvonne.

"Ghost Shift in ten seconds," Addy counted down, "Nine...eight..."

Yvonne uneasily looked at the Doctor who raised his eyebrows, daring her to let the shift happen, while Angel went back to eyeing Addy with concern.


"Stop the Shift," Yvonne cut in, "I said stop."

"Thank you," Angel turned to her, smiling gratefully, breathing a huge sigh of relief as the Doctor reached out and took her hand, glancing at her. He'd been so focused on staring down Yvonne, on getting her to back down, that he hadn't quite gotten a sense of Angel's thoughts. She seemed troubled, but much more at ease now.

"I suppose it makes sense to get as much intelligence as possible. But the program will recommence, as soon as you've explained everything."

"Glad to be of help," the Doctor smiled.

"And someone clear up this glass," Yvonne called to the room, before glancing at the Doctor, "They did warn me, Doctor. They said you like to make a mess," she turned to disappear into her office, the Doctor getting up to follow, bringing the chair back.

Angel rose as well, but not before casting a glance at the three people in the room still sitting at their desks even though the shift had been cancelled. She turned and walked off as well, following after the Doctor, not seeing those same people exchange a look and start typing again.


Rose walked down a corridor, still following the same man, before jogging to catch up with him as he rounded a corner. She paused just before she reached it, taking a breath and looking around it, watching the man enter a room through a pair of black doors. She waited till they closed and walked up to them, pulling out the physic paper and pressing it against the lock, willing it to be whatever sort of ID could get her into the room. She grinned as the doors sliding open, forcing it down to try and seem like she was just another professional working there. She walked slowly into the Sphere Chamber, slowing in her confident stride as she started staring in shocked silence at the sphere, feeling what all others had was just wrong.

"Can I help you?" Rajesh asked, stepping over to her when he spotted her.

"I was just..." she trailed, eyeing the sphere, unable to look away.

"Try not to look. It does that to everyone. What do you want?"

"Sorry," she shook her head, forcing herself to turn to the man instead, "Um...they sent me from personnel. They said some man and woman had been taken prisoner. Some sort of doctor and some woman who calls herself an angel? I'm just...checking the lines of communication, did they tell you anything?"

"Can I see your authorization?" he eyed her suspiciously. In all his time there, in all the aliens he'd encountered, no one had ever wanted to 'check the lines of communication' because they were always open, everyone knew about the Sphere Chamber and what was within it, just like he knew about the Ghost Shift, about the factory floor and the testing facilities.

This girl, she didn't make sense.

"...sure," Rose smiled, handing him the psychic paper.

"That's lucky," Rajesh looked at it, smirking before he held the paper up to her, "You see, everyone at Torchwood has at least a basic level of psychic training," Rose's smile faded, "This blank. And you're a fake," he tapped his ear-pod, calling into the comm., "Seal the room. Call security."

Rose gasped, turning to look at the doors as they slammed shut.

"Samuel?" Rajesh called to a young black man in a white lab coat who had his back to them, "Can you check the door locks? She just walked right in."

Samuel turned, Rose's eyes widening as she saw Mickey Smith standing there, "Doing it now, sir," he nodded, walking over.

Rose stared at him, gaped really, as he put a finger on his lips, giving her a thumbs up, grinning.

"Well," Rajesh turned to Rose, "If you'd like to take a seat."

Rose nodded mutely, at a loss for words, and went over to Rajesh's desk where he was standing with his hands on the back of a chair, a laptop open before him.


Yvonne sat at her desk, her laptop in front of her, "So these ghosts, whatever they are, did they build the Sphere?" she looked over at the Doctor, who was sitting with his feet crossed up on the desk, lying back in the chair, relaxed, though casting worried glances at Angel as she stood by the broken partition, staring through it into the Rift Room. He would have thought she were lost in thought or not paying attention had she not answered Yvonne's question.

"No," Angel shook her head, "No, they didn't…"

The Doctor sighed, "Well, whoever it was, they aimed it at this dimension like a cannonball."

"Yvonne?" Rajesh called through a video link, a small window popping up on Yvonne's screen of the Sphere Chamber, "I think you should see this. We've got a visitor. We don't know who she is, but funnily enough, she arrived at the same time as the Doctor and the Angel."

Yvonne turned the laptop around so the Doctor could see Rose sitting beside Rajesh, "She one of yours?"

He shook his head, "Never seen her before in my life."

"Good! Then we can have her shot."

Jackie gasped, startled at that, afraid.

"Oh alright then," the Doctor sat up, "It'll be worth a try. That's...that's Rose Tyler."

"Sorry," Rose waved, "Hello!"

"Well, if that's Rose Tyler, who's SHE?" Yvonne looked up at Jackie.

"I'm her mother," Jackie smiled.

"Oh, you travel with her mother?" Yvonne raised an eyebrow at the Doctor.

"He kidnapped me!" she nearly stomped her foot at that before letting out a huff and looking over, frowning when she saw Angel hadn't moved. The girl hadn't even reacted when Yvonne mentioned having Rose shot, hadn't even twitched. True, the girl's back had been to the monitor, but she didn't doubt that Angel already knew it was Rose on the screen, being psychic and all, the girl had even known SHE'D been upset with Elton that one time without even being on the planet! And for her NOT to react to THAT...something had to truly be bothering her.

She walked over to the girl, reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder, concerned, "You alright sweetheart?" she asked, watching Angel's expression. It was...distant, as though she were looking through the wall at the end of the room and into another world, but confused, like, even though she was looking, she couldn't SEE anything.

She was worried, she could admit that. She was a mother, so seeing someone else, someone who looked young enough to be her daughter so...lost...she just wanted to help. And, she supposed, she'd started to see Angel almost like a daughter in a way. She had been blonde, the last her at least, and Rose had often joked when they'd pop in for a visit that Angel was like the older sister she'd never had. Seeing the two blonde girls together, how they interacted, she could almost picture them as sisters, see Angel as her daughter. She cared for the girl very much, her and the Doctor both.

"I'm fine," Angel murmured, her voice soft, as distant as her expression was.

"Are you sure?"

Angel nodded, starting to frown, "There's just something...I can't quite..." she shook her head lightly.

"Please," the Doctor continued to moan to Yvonne, not hearing the quiet conversation going on a few feet away, "When Torchwood comes to write my complete history, don't tell people I travelled through time and space with her mother..."

"Charming," Jackie turned to him, crossing her arms.

Angel blinked, her eyes widening as a feeling hit her.

"I've got a reputation to uphold!"

"Doctor…" Angel called, a slight tremor in her voice.

The Doctor was on his feet in an instant and at her side in less than that, hearing that almost scared quality in her voice, "What is it?" he eyed her with concern, taking her hand.

"Something's wrong…" she breathed, her eyes still set on the wall, "Something's very, very wrong…"

And then...the Ghost Shift engines started up.

Yvonne stood and turned to her staff, the three people at their desks, "Excuse me? Everyone? I thought I said stop the Ghost Shift."

They ignored her, staring ahead blankly, "Who started the program? But…I ordered you to stop! Who's doing that?!" she pointed at the levers, now rising on their own, "Step away from the monitors, everyone."

No one moved.

"Gareth, Addy, stop what you're doing, RIGHT NOW. Matt. Step away from your desk. That's an order!"

"Stop the levers!" Angel shouted, running out of the office.

"You heard her!" Yvonne called as two scientists rushed forward, struggling to push them down, "Stop the levers!"

"What's SHE doing?" the Doctor yelled, following Angel to where she'd dashed to Addy's side.

"Addy?" Yvonne frowned, "Step away from the desk," she looked over as the Doctor stared at Addy and snapped his fingers in front of her face but Addy didn't react, "Listen to me. Step away from the desk."

"She can't hear you," Angel told her gently, her gaze pulled to the all too familiar ear-pods blinking in Addy's ears.

"They're overriding the system," the Doctor looked at the computer the girl was working away on before glancing at the wall, "We're going into Ghost Shift."

The light continued to brighten around them.


"Yvonne, I thought you said the next Ghost Shift was cancelled," Rajesh called into the comm., not noticing Mickey glance over his shoulder at him as he checked the locks, "What's going on?" he frowned as there was no reply, "Yvonne?" the whole chamber shuddered suddenly, the sphere readouts going crazy, "It can't be…" Rose and Mickey hurried over to him, looking at the readings too, when another crash shook the room, "It's active!"


The Doctor glanced at Angel, seeing her staring at Addy's ear-pod before looking at it himself, "It's the earpiece controlling them…" he sighed, "We've seen this before…" he moved behind Addy, the sonic in hand, "Sorry. I'm so sorry," he flashed the sonic across the ear-pod, cancelling the signal.

Addy screamed in pain and slumped over the desk, dead, as did Matt and Gareth behind her.

"What happened?" Yvonne gaped, "What did you just do?"

"They're dead."

"You killed them!" Jackie gasped.

"No, he didn't...they were dead a long time ago," Angel said quietly, reaching out to place a comforting hand on Addy's head, trying to take comfort in the fact that the girl hadn't been completely converted or 'upgraded,' that she had left this world still human.

"But he killed them!"

"Jackie, we haven't got time for this!" the Doctor shouted angrily.

"What're those earpieces?" Yvonne asked, eyeing the pod.

"Don't," Angel warned her, "Don't touch them. Really, don't."

"But they're standard comm. devices, how does it control them?"

"Trust us, leave them alone," the Doctor said, moving over to Matt's computer.

"But what are they?" Yvonne reached out and grabbed hold of Addy's ear-pod, pulling it…pulling a trail of brain tissue right out of her head, "Ugh! Oh, God! It goes inside their brain!" she dropped it, nearly gagging at the sight, trying to wipe her hands on her pants.

"What about the Ghost Shift?"

"Ninety percent there. It's still running. Can't you stop it?"

"Not while they're still controlling it," Angel said, looking at Matt and Gareth's computers. The system had deadlocked as soon as the connection to the ear-pods had been cut, she'd seen that much in the Doctor's frantic mind. There was no way to stop the Ghost Shift now.

But maybe, just maybe, there was a way to stop whatever was forcing it to open back.

"They've hijacked the system," the Doctor agreed.

"Who's THEY?" Yvonne asked.

The Doctor pulled out the sonic and held it flat in his palm, turning slowly as it whirred, "It might be a remote transmitter but it's gotta be close by. I can trace it," he darted off, receiving a signal, "Jackie, stay here!"

Yvonne and Angel followed after him, not noticing her laptop had Rajesh speaking quickly over it, the audio silent.


Angel stopped short in the hall as the Doctor and Yvonne ran on...

'...Yvonne, for God's sake, the Sphere is active!...'

Rajesh was alarmed, frantic even.

'...It's opening...'

And that was HER.

'...Oh my God...'

"Rose…" she breathed as the third, terrified, voice mixed into the jumbled mess inside her mind. A sinking feeling rose in her stomach at hearing the truly scared note in Rose's voice. She knew she had to be there, in the Sphere Chamber with Rose, not just because she was apparently there in the near future but...Rose was trapped there, with something about to come out of the sphere.


Terrible, horrible nightmares.

Ones that would only bring destruction.

She shook her head, not Rose, please, not Rose. She'd already lost one sister...she couldn't lose another.

And so, without another thought, she turned on her heel and ran in the opposite direction.


"We've got a problem down here!" Rajesh shouted into the comm., "Yvonne, can you hear me?" the sphere vibrated, "Yvonne, for God's sake, the Sphere is active! The readings are going wild! It's got weight, it's got mass, an electromagnetic field, it exists!"

"Rose!" Angel shouted, rushing into the room just as the door crashed shut behind her.

Rajesh ran to the door, pressing a code below the keypad, but the doors refused to open, "The door's sealed! Automatic quarantine, we can't get out!"

Angel ran over to Rose and Mickey, quickly hugging Rose, "Are you alright?" she pulled away to look Rose up and down as though checking to make sure she was truly ok.

"I'm fine," Rose nodded, though her heart was finally slowing down, feeling much safer, despite the sphere trying to cause an earthquake, now that at least Angel was there.

Angel looked over, her eyes widening at the sight of Mickey, "Mickey!" she gasped, half-squealing as she lunged at him and hugging him close, tight, despite his obvious confusion.

"Um…hi?" Mickey shook his head, awkwardly patting the woman's back as he looked at Rose over her shoulder, giving her a confused look. Rose just smirked, shaking her head, waiting to see his reaction. He pulled back just a little, "Who're you?"

Angel mock-pouted, "Don't tell me my companion can't recognize his pilot!"

"Angel?" his eyes widened, taking her in, gaping at how different she was.

She laughed, "Changed my face, like the Doctor did…"

"Angel!" Mickey reached out, pulling her back in as he hugged her, a real proper hug this time.

Angel beamed, hugging him tightly as he picked her up and spun her around, completely ignoring the shaking room and the sphere that was now starting to glow just a little.

He was so relieved to see her alright despite the change in her appearance and he honestly didn't want to know what happened because, if it was the Doctor's fault that she'd basically died, he'd probably kill the man, no regeneration, and Angel would be very cross with him if he did that. He'd missed her SO MUCH, truly he had. She'd been one of the first people to make him feel...worth something. She looked at him like he was an incredible man, made him feel important and in charge and capable of doing things himself, something that had carried over into the parallel world, given him the courage and strength to take charge of the Preachers, help control the Cybermen. When they'd discovered the Cybers had escaped into this world his first thought actually hadn't been Rose but of how Angel would handle the Cybers returning given how she'd reacted the last time they saw the metal men. She'd been there for him when they'd gone to see his Gran, and so, he wanted to be there for her.

He wanted to protect her as she had often done for him.

"Look at you Mickey Smith!" Angel laughed, pulling back, squeezing his arms, "Have you been working out?"

He beamed, pleased though not surprised she'd noticed the beginnings of the physical change that had accompanied his many other changes, "Yeah, I have," he nodded, a little smug too, "But look at YOU! You're a ginger!" he tugged on her plait, "Bet the Doctor's not happy 'bout that."

Angel smiled, about to tell him that the Doctor actually seemed to love her new red hair, when her smile fell completely as her gaze locked on the sphere behind him. It wasn't just shaking there was a crack starting to form in it, "It's opening..." she breathed, her eyes wide.

"It's alright," he told her comfortingly, "We beat them before, we can beat them again. That's why I'm here. The fight goes on."

"The fight against what?" Rose looked at him, sad that the small reunion between pilot and companion had been cut short. She'd seen how much Angel missed Mickey and could only guess how much he'd missed her as well, missed the both of them.

"What d'you think?"

"Cybers?" Angel asked, looking up at the sphere. It couldn't be though…Cybermen were bad, yes, but...the feeling she got at the sight of was much worse than Cybers…


The Doctor ran along the corridor, following the sonic, Yvonne following, "You two," she stopped two soldiers, "You come with us."

"Yes, ma'am," the soldiers nodded.


Jackie watched in fear as the scientists tried and failed to push the levers down.


The Doctor stopped by a curtained area, Yvonne and the two soldiers as well, "What's down here?" he asked.

"I don't..." Yvonne shrugged, "I dunno, I think it's building work. It's just renovations."

"You should go back," the Doctor pushed through the curtains. He'd noticed that Angel turned back a while ago, probably to check on Jackie, which he was thankful for. Not knowing what might lie beyond the curtains, it put him on edge, even more so if his Mate had been there. She would be safer with Jackie he knew, for now he had to focus on what was going on, he needed to concentrate.

"Think again," Yvonne followed after him, gesturing to the soldiers to do the same. The Doctor stopped pushing the curtains aside as the sonic beeped, "What is it? What's down here?"

He frowned, "Earpieces, ear-pods, Angel was right, it isn't from this world. This world is colliding with another. And I think I know which one."

Suddenly the shadows of Cybermen appeared behind the curtains around them.

"What are they?" Yvonne took a step back.

"They came through first," the Doctor said as the Cybers cut through the curtains with their hands, "The advance guard," he stared in horror as the Cybers stepped through, "Cybermen."

The two soldiers fired their bullets at the Cybers but it did nothing. The Doctor and Yvonne tried to escape another way but they were surrounded.


Another crash emitted from the sphere, "We had them beaten, but then they escaped," Mickey explained quickly to the women, "The Cybermen just vanished," he glanced over as another crash sounded, "They found a way through to this world, but, so did we."

"The Doctor said that was impossible," Rose looked at him, frowning. She'd gleamed enough from what the Doctor had said during that trip and what Angel had shown her of the TARDIS since then to know that they truly had sealed that world away, not even the TARDIS should have been able to get across to the paralle world. So how had they?

"It should be," Angel agreed.

"Yeah, well it's not the first time he's been wrong," Mickey smirked.

"It's not wrong. I could be done," she nodded, "If something had enough power, like...a Dimension Cannon or something, then parallel worlds can still be crossed. do's highly, highly damaging. Just hopping from one world to another tears a hole in the Universe…"

Mickey swallowed hard, their Torchwood hadn't exactly added that side effect of the hopping when they explained what their teleports did.

"What's inside that Sphere?" Rose looked up at it as it crashed, a light starting to shine from the crack.

"No one knows," Mickey shrugged, "Cyber Leader, Cyber King, Emperor of the Cybermen...whatever it is..." he grinned, "He's dead meat."

"It's good to see you," Rose smiled, nudging him.

"Yeah," Angel added, hugging him to the side again.

"It's good to see you too," he smiled at them.

The sphere crashed again.


The Cybers shoved Yvonne and the Doctor back to the Rift Room, "Get away from the machines!" he shouted, "Do what they say, don't fight them!"

The Cybers pulled out their weapons and shot the scientists dead anyway.

"What are they?" Jackie gasped.

"We are the Cybermen," a Cyberman replied, "The Ghost Shift will be increased to one hundred percent," he clamped a fist to his chest, the levers rising again.


"Here come the ghosts," the Doctor breathed as the light brightened. He looked over at Jackie, his frown deepening, "Jackie...where's Angel?"

"She ran out after you," Jackie replied.

The Doctor's eyes widened, his hearts stopping as a pit dropped into his stomach, no


The ghosts stepped out into thin air all over the factory floor of Torchwood.


And around the Powell Estate.


"It's extraordinary, there are more ghosts than we've ever seen before…" a Ghost Watcher reported as the ghosts materialized around Big Ben and the Taj Mahal, "And it's happening all over the world."


"As far as we know, the increase in ghost activity is harmless," a reported announced.


Rows and rows of Cybermen marched out of the light and into the Rift Room.


"Can anyone hear me?" Rajesh shouted into the comm., still trying to connect to Yvonne in the Rift Room, "Come on, I need help down here!" the entire chamber started to shake, "I need…"

Until the sphere stilled suddenly.

Rajesh turned and walked over to Mickey, Rose, and Angel, all of them staring as a high-pitched noise emitted from the crack that had expanded right across the whole of the sphere.

Mickey pulled off his lab coat and his dud ear-pod, "Here we go."

Rajesh put his glasses on, the four of them watching as the smooth crack opened upwards.


"These Zybermen, what've they got to do with the ghosts?" Jackie asked the Doctor quietly.

"Do you never listen?" he snapped, his hearts restarting, racing now, his hands clenching into fists at his side, "A footprint doesn't look like a boot!"

"Achieving full transfer," a Cyber stated.

"They're Cybermen. All of the ghosts are Cybermen."

The Cybermen marched out of the light, slowly becoming more defined.

"Millions of them. Right across the world."

And Angel was out there somewhere while he was surrounded by too many Cybers to escape and find her...

He swallowed hard, closing his eyes, 'Angel...'


The Cybermen appeared in their true, solid form around the factory floor.


People ran screaming from the Cybers appearing all around the Powell Estate.


The Cybermen materialized fully around the world, from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal and beyond.


"They're not ghosts!" the Ghost Watcher cried, "They're metal men…" a Cyberman walked right into the studio and strangled him for the world to see.


"I urge you, stay in your homes!" a police officer shouted over the news.


Cybermen broke down the doors of ordinary houses to find families cowering everywhere. A little boy made a break for it, but another Cyber blocked the stairs.


Hundreds of Cybers marched into the Rift Room, standing in the light, ready for war, "They're invading the whole planet," Yvonne gasped.

"It's not an invasion, it's too late for that," the Doctor shook his head, his jaw clenching, feeling a flash of anger towards the woman, towards the humans. It was their fault the Cybers were there, and now Angel was trapped out there with them, "It's a victory."

The laptop started to beep, "Sphere activated. Sphere activated. Sphere activated. Sphere activated…"

The Doctor looked at it, his brow furrowed when he realized exactly where Angel was. If she wasn't with Jackie, she had to have gone to Rose. He focused his mind, reaching out for Angel once more…but he couldn't hear her anywhere…and he couldn't even begin to say how that terrified him...


The light grew stronger as the sphere opened wider.

"I know what's in there," Mickey said, "And I'm ready for them. I've got just the thing," he rushed over to a counter, pulling a gun from under it and running back to stand before the sphere, "This is gonna blast them to Hell."

"Samuel, what are you doing?!" Rajesh exclaimed.

"The name's Mickey. Mickey Smith. Defending the Earth," he cocked his gun at the sphere.

"No…" Angel breathed, her eyes widening as she recognized what could create the sort of terror she was feeling right now. And it wasn't Cybermen.

Cybermen had made her angry once.

But this...this was fear...

And only one species truly bred that.


"But the Cybermen don't have the technology to build the Void Ship, that's WAY beyond you," the Doctor turned to a Cyberman, "How did you create that Sphere?"

"The Sphere is not ours," the Cyber replied.

The Doctor blinked, stunned, the pit in his stomach growing, Angel was in the Sphere Chamber right now, "...what?"

"The Sphere broke down the barriers between worlds. We only followed. Its origin is unknown."

"Then what's inside it..." he breathed, realizing that Angel was right, something was inside it.

But if the Cybers didn't build it…who did…

Nightmares, Angel had said...

That did NOTHING to calm his nerves.

"Rose is down there," Jackie reminded him, scared.


"Oh my God," Angel breathed as a familiar looking alien emerged from the sphere, three more behind it.

"That's not Cybermen..." Mickey muttered, thrown, as four Daleks levitated down from the sphere.

"Oh my God," Rose repeated Angel's words, reaching out blindly to take the woman's hand, both of them hanging onto each other for dear life.

"Location: Earth," a Dalek reported, "Life forms detected. Exterminate!"

Mickey aimed a gun at them but it didn't slow them down.

"Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!"

To be continued…

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