Doomsday: Pete's World

"But it' you said," Rose said quietly, looking down at herself, "We've ALL got Void stuff. Me too, 'cos we went to that parallel world," she flexed her fingers, seeing the particles there as well, before pulling her glasses off to see Angel and the Doctor standing before her, "We're all contaminated. We'll get pulled in."

Angel nodded sadly, reaching out to take Rose's hands gently, "And that's why you have to go with them Rose."

"Reboot in two minutes," the computer reminded them.

Rose just stared at them, not understanding, not comprehending what they were trying to say.

"Back to Pete's world," the Doctor agreed before pointing at Pete, "Hey, we should call it that, 'Pete's World,'" and then back to Rose, "We're opening the Void, but only on this side."

"Which means that you'll be safe on that side," Angel finished.

She didn't want to do it. She really didn't. Rose was...Rose. She was the Doctor's first companion after the War, she was HER little sister of sorts. She was so important to the both of them to lose her...She shook her head, no, they wouldn't be losing her, they'd be saving her. The Doctor had the vague outline of a plan for how to get the Daleks and Cybers locked away without them getting pulled in as well, but...they couldn't guarantee that it would work. She couldn't sense how it would go no matter how hard she tried.

As Mickey had once told her, psychics can't see everything.

She didn't know what would happen next, she honestly didn't. She only knew that, no matter what, she and the Doctor would face it together. If they both ended up being sucked into the Void, so be it, if it meant the Earth was safe once more, but they'd go together. If Rose was there too...they couldn't ensure her safety, not when they couldn't even promise each other it would be alright in the end. And they couldn't do that to Rose, they couldn't condemn her to suffering in an endless nothing with them, not when she had the chance to be with her family again in Pete's World, a world where not only was her mother alive, but her father too, and Mickey would be there as well.

"And then you close it?" Pete asked as Rose continued to stare, "For good?"

"The breach itself is soaked in Void Stuff," the Doctor nodded, pulling his gaze away from Rose to turn to the man, "In the end it'll close itself. And that's it. Kaput."

"But you both stay on THIS side..." Rose said slowly, starting to realize what they were saying.

"But you'll get pulled in," Mickey frowned, just as concerned for the two Time Lords. Ok, he could admit it, he was a little more concerned for Angel than the Doctor, but, in all fairness, SHE was his pilot. He didn't want anything bad to happen to her, not even for the sake of saving the world.

Angel squeezed Rose's hands before she turned and walked over to the Magnaclamps with the Doctor, "That's why the Doctor got these," she held one up.

"It's like you said before, we'll just have to hold on tight," he grinned down at her, gently putting a hand on the small of her back, he'd seen her focus on the clamps when they'd first walked around the factory floor. He didn't think she even realized she'd been staring at them, but he'd noticed, something about them had tugged her attention over and it gave him pause, made him think about what could be so important about them. Then she'd made that little comment, and now it all made sense, "Shouldn't be too hard for us eh?" he squeezed her a bit more to his side.

He knew it would be far too easy for him.

Jackie had once said that Mickey would just grab hold of what's passing and hold on for dear life, he was much the same. Once he became attached to something, he wouldn't ever let it go, he wouldn't ever let Angel go.

"I'm supposed to go?" Rose called, walking over to them.


"To another world, and then it gets sealed off."

"Yes," Angel swallowed hard, neither her not the Doctor wanting to talk about it.

She'd 'lost' Mickey to Pete's World, she wouldn't wish that on anyone, especially not the Doctor, to lose a companion. She knew he'd lost his fair share in the past, to time, to danger, to death, to memory, or just to them moving on or him fearing too much for their safety or happiness. It was hard, but she knew they could survive past that pain though, the Doctor was proof that the world did go on, that it didn't do to dwell on the past, she'd learned that the hard way with the Cybers in Pete's World. And she was there now, they would be there for each other.

But that didn't mean they wanted to think about what would happen, about the loss that would follow.

"Forever," Rose laughed at how insane that idea was, the thought that she could ever leave her Time Lord or her sister, "That's not gonna happen."

There was a crash from outside that shook the building, reminding them how little time they had left.

"We haven't got time to argue, the plan works, we go in," Pete ordered briskly, "You too. ALL of us."

"No, I'm not leaving them!"

"I'm not going without her," Jackie added.

"Oh, my God," Pete rolled his eyes, exasperated, "We're GOING."

"I've had twenty years without you, so button it," Jackie glared, "I'm not leaving her."

"You've GOT to," Rose turned to her.

"Well, that's tough!"


"Reboot in one minute," Angel flinched at that announcement.

Time was playing tricks on her. In a way, time was moving too fast, their time with Rose flying by before they could savor it. In another, it was moving too slowly, dragging out the torturous knowledge that they'd have to give her up to Pete's World to protect her.

"I've had a life with you for nineteen years," Rose began, just barely managing to keep back her tears as she spoke what, quite possibly, might be her last words to her mother, "But then I met the Doctor and...and then I met Angel...and all the things I've seen them do for me. For you. For all of us. For the whole...stupid planet and every planet out there. They do it on their own, mum."

The Doctor and Angel watched Rose try to say goodbye to her mother with a terrible sadness in their eyes. Both knew how much Rose wanted her father back, how much she loved her mother. They couldn't help but think on how much they missed their own families, how they could never see them again…this was the right thing to do. They couldn't pull Rose away from them, no matter what she may want or think. She had her family, her chance at being with them again, whole and complete, and they couldn't let her give that up for them.

Angel turned to the Doctor, slowly reaching into his pocket, and pulling out the yellow button. The Doctor had no idea how she knew it was there, leaving it up to her 'feelings' coming into play, but he looked down at it and over to Rose, already thinking of doing the same.

"But not anymore," Rose backed away as Pete slowly pulled out his own button, spotting the Doctor moving in closer to Rose, "'Cos now they've got me," the Doctor looped the chain around Rose's neck, "What're you…"

Pete pressed the button and they all vanished.

"Ah," Angel winced, half falling against the desk, half to her knees, pressing her hand to her forehead, trying to keep from falling completely by bracing her other hand on the desk.

Well, at least now she knew for sure why she kept getting headaches.

"What is it?" the Doctor looked at her, back at her side in an instant, taking her head in his hands, searching her eyes.

"My head," she strained, "Feels it's being ripped apart."

"It's gotta be the teleports. They're ripping holes in time and space just using them to go back…I'm sorry," he pulled her to him, kissing the top of her head, "I'm so sorry."

He didn't know what it was, why she was getting those pains from the teleports. It couldn't have been because of being a Time Lady, HE wasn't getting them. But, then again, Angel was unlike any Time Lady he'd met before. For all he could tell, perhaps her feelings were deeper than he thought. Things like this hadn't happened before since he'd met her, he wouldn't know if she had always been sensitive to something like this happening.

"It's alright," she nodded, pulling away, her headache lessening already. She had to smile, he had magic kisses, she was sure of it, "We've got to get everything set up."

He nodded, turning back to the computer.


The others appeared in parallel Torchwood, Rose looking around a moment, "Oh no you don't. They're not doing that to me again!" she muttered, pressing her button.


"God…" Angel winced, stumbling to lean against the wall she had been pulling papers off of to make space for the clamps, as Rose reappeared.

"I think this is the on switch…" Rose remarked, startling the Doctor and Angel.

"Rose!" the Doctor shouted, angry now, both at her coming back and for the stress it was putting on Angel's mind. He had never been kind to those who caused Angel pain in the past, that wouldn't change now, even if it was Rose.


Pete snatched Jackie's button away from her before she could press it, "But I've gotta go back!" she cried.

"The Doctor said every time we use one of these, it damages the whole world," Pete shouted, "Now THAT'S IT."

"She's your daughter!"

"She's your daughter, not mine," he said firmly, walking away.

"Mickey, tell him!" Jackie looked at him desperately, seeing that Mickey still had his button, even as Pete stood before him, holding a hand out for it, "Tell him, Mickey! MICKEY!"

Mickey, though, stared down at his button. He could go back, right now, get Rose and bring her to 'Pete's World' as the Doctor had dubbed it. He could do it. He could force Rose back with them. He could. He could bring her back.

But he wouldn't.

Because there was another part to the equation that came with using the teleports.


"It hurts her," Mickey replied quietly, staring at the yellow button, "Angel, it hurts her when we use them…" he looked up at Jackie, sorrowfully, his decision made, "I can't."

And with that, he handed his button over to Pete.

And that was when Jackie realized, Mickey had truly grown up. Gone was the little boy who clung to everything, standing in his place was a man who could stand on his own. He'd seemed to let go of Rose, finding a place in his heart for her, but also able to think of the consequences besides her. And after all Rose had done to him and Angel had done for him…she couldn't fault him for his choice.

To use that button, while it would save a woman he cared for, would also harm another he treasured.


The Doctor grabbed Rose roughly by the shoulders, leaning to look into her eyes as Angel moved to lean with her back against the wall, massaging her temples, "Once the breach collapses, that's IT!" he shook her slightly, "You will never be able to see her again. Your own mother!"

"I made my choice a long time ago and I'm never gonna leave you, either of you," Rose said softlyly, her voice shaking. The Doctor just stared at her, before letting go of her forcefully, nearly making her stumble back, "So what can I do to help?"

Angel glanced over at the computer as it called, "Systems rebooted. Open access."

Rose held the Doctor's gaze as he glared at her.

Angel swallowed and looked away, "Those coordinates over there," she cut in, seeing Rose would never leave willingly, "The Doctor told me to set them all at six. Do that."

Rose turned to nod her thanks at Angel, only to see her looking back at her with disappointment in her eyes. She swallowed at that, it was almost worse than the Doctor's glare, and walked over to the computer.

"And hurry up," the Doctor added, very angry, before walking over to Angel and looking in her eyes, trying to assess how bad these rips were damaging her. He really didn't know how to assess something like this, he could see into her mind, yes, she was keeping most doors open for him, it didn't seem like it would cause any long term damage...but the pain that appeared on her face each and every time they were used killed him to see.

Rose leaned over the computer, pulling the button from around her neck and glancing at the pair, nervous, she knew they were cross and very disappointed in her, something that affected her a great deal. But they were her best friends, they'd suffered so much, she didn't want them to have to suffer with losing her. She didn't ever want them to have to deal with anything on their own again…not if she could help it.


"Get away from me!" Jackie pushed Pete away as he tried to comfort her, breaking down into tears.


"Doctor!" Angel called, monitoring the Cybermen's progress from another computer, "The Cybers are coming!"

"How many floors down?" the Doctor looked over at her.

She looked back at him solemnly, "Just one."


"We will retreat through the breach," a Cyber in the lead up the steps commanded, "Regain the Home World."

Suddenly a Cyberman appeared at the top of the stairs, pointing a gun down at the others, "You will not pass," Yvonne's voice said with a slightly robotic tone to it.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"You will NOT pass," she repeated, pulling the trigger, destroying the Cybers in a bright ray of white light, "I did my duty for Queen and Country. I did my duty for Queen and Country. I did my duty for Queen and Country…"

A single, black, oil tear streaked down from her eye.


The Doctor tapped in a command on Yvonne's laptop which called out, "Levers operational."

He grinned.

"That's more like it," Rose tried to smile, tried to lighten the mood, needing them to not be angry with her, "Bit of a smile! The old team..."

The Doctor glanced at her, his grin fading just a bit till it was a small smile, before striding past her to where Angel was setting the Magnaclamps to the highest level. He picked one up and tossed it to Rose, his smile growing a little, he had to admit, the team they made was fantastic, "The triumvirate, the three musketeers, Neapolitan ice cream!"

"Which one am I?" Rose laughed.

"Oh vanilla," Angel smiled, gesturing to her hair, which was red, and the Doctor's, which was brown, "Blondie."

"Why can't it be banana," the Doctor mock groaned before taking Angel's clamp and attached it to the wall on the left side of the room, "Press the red button!" he called to Rose as she set up on the other side.


"Breach active!" Sec shouted in the air, "It is the Doctor and his Mate! Exterminate them!"

The Daleks turned to swoop toward Torchwood Tower, crying 'Exterminate!'


"When it starts, just hold on tight," the Doctor told Rose, speaking very quickly, "Shouldn't be too bad for us but the Daleks and the Cybermen are steeped in Void Stuff. Are you ready?" he stepped back to the left side of the room, pulling Angel with him as Rose took the right.

After that whole fiasco with her running off to the Sphere Chamber and him getting transported to Pete's World...feeling that strain on the Mating bond...never again. He was not about to let her go, not now, not when this danger was looming. No, she was staying with him, in his arms, where he could protect her.

"So are they," Angel remarked, looking out the window as the Daleks flew towards them.

"Let's do it!" the Doctor called. They ran to the levers, pushing them upwards before hurrying back to the Magnaclamps.


The area was filled with the white light once more, a strong wind sweeping out of it, sucking things in. The Daleks flew through the window, smashing through the glass as they were pulled in, back to the Void. Rose, Angel, and the Doctor held tight to the clamps, struggling.

"The breach is open!" the Doctor shouted, trying to shield Angel as much as he could from the force of the Void with his body, "Into the Void! Ha!"


Cybermen all over the world were lifted into the air and zoomed across the land to Torchwood Tower along with millions of Daleks, all shrieking, all powerless, as they hurtled into the Void.


"Emergency temporal shift!" Sec called out to the other members of the Cult, vanishing as the Ark was sucked into Torchwood as well.


Rose smiled across at the Doctor and Angel as they were billowed by the wind. Suddenly there was a small explosion of sparks and the lever on Rose's side moved back to the off position.


"Turn it on!" the Doctor cried desperately.

The suction started to lessen as Rose reached for the lever while still trying to hold onto the clamp, but it was just too far away. She strained to reach it before letting go and falling onto it. She whimpered, struggling to get it back up, "I've gotta get it upright!" she called, pushing it, groaning with effort, till it finally sat right.

"Online and locked."

"No…" Angel breathed, her eyes wide in fear as they watched Rose holding on to nothing but the lever as the suction increased.

"Rose, hold on!" the Doctor shouted desperately.

But the Void was too strong. It pulled on her, making it nearly impossible for her to hold on. She winced, crying out in effort.

"Hold on!" Angel screamed.

Rose moaned but just couldn't hold on any longer. With one last cry, her grip slipped and she was pulled back towards the Void. The Doctor and Angel screamed her name as she was pulled away...

When suddenly Pete appeared in the breach. She fell into his arms, glancing over her shoulder at the Time Lords before Pete hit the button and they vanished.

They stared at the place where the two disappeared as the breach closed itself down, the wind dying away.


"Take me back!" Rose shouted, hysterical, as she hammered against the white expanse of wall, "Take me back!" she broke down into tears of raw grief, slamming her fist against the wall, trying to break through, "Take me back..."

Pete pulled the button off his neck and looked at it, "It's stopped working. They did it. They closed the breach."

Rose sobbed, her hands pressed against the wall, "No…"


The Doctor and Angel walked slowly up to the wall, in shock. The Doctor pressed his head against the wall, his hand resting on it like he'd done to the other side. Angel did the same, but placed her hand over his, both of them holding onto the other as they just felt the wall.


Rose suddenly pressed her cheek against the wall, as though listening for them, her palm on the wall, staying that way a moment longer before sobbing.


Angel closed her eyes tightly, "I told her to stay in the TARDIS," she muttered before she started crying.

The Doctor quickly pulled her into his arms, holding her as she sobbed. He pressed a kiss into her hair, realizing she had tried to prevent this, she HAD told Rose to stay in the TARDIS, to stay in there no matter what. It seemed like such a passing thing at the time, but now it held so much more significance, if Rose had listened

He swallowed hard, pulling Angel to him even tighter as she wrapped her arms around him, the two mourning their loss.


Rose slowly let her hand fall from the wall, turning when she felt a hand on her shoulder, Mickey pulling her into a hug.


The Doctor put an arm around Angel's shoulder, leading her to walk away from the wall.


Rose leaned heavily on Mickey as he turned, his arm around her waist while she wiped the tears from her eyes, leading her over to Jackie and Pete, the two moving forward to hug her as well, unable to just watch her mourn without feeling the need to comfort her.


"Rose…" a ghost-like whisper that sounded far too much like the Doctor hissed.


"Last night I had a dream," Rose recalled.


"Rose..." the voice Angel whispered.


"I heard voices and they were calling my name."


A sleeping Rose sat bolt upright in bed, hearing a whisper echo to her, "Rose...Rose...Rose"


Still in their pajamas, Rose explained to her mother and father and Mickey about what had happened, "I had a dream, um…they were calling me, and…"


"I told mum and dad and Mickey. Anyone else would think I was mad. But not those three. They believed it. Because they've met the Doctor and Angel. So they listened to the dream. And that night, we packed up, got into dad's old Jeep, and off we went. Just like the dream said. Followed the voices...across the water...kept on driving hundreds and hundreds of miles. Because they're calling."


"Rose..." the voices called as Rose walked onto a beach, Pete, Jackie, and Mickey standing behind by the Jeep, "Rose..."


"Here I am at last. And this is the story of how I died."


Rose came to a halt in the middle of the beach and stood there, waiting, wondering vaguely if this was what Angel felt like when she would get a 'feeling,' like she knew something was going to happen, but didn't know what it was. But then, a few feet away and to her left, the Doctor and Angel faded in, out of thin air.

She turned to them, her eyes widening, seeing them stranding there, slightly translucent, "Where are you?" Rose asked.

"In the TARDIS," Angel tried to smile, her voice sounding distant.

"There's one tiny little gap in the Universe left, just about to close," the Doctor explained, "And it takes a lot of power to send this projection, we're in orbit around a supernova," he laughed a bit, "We're burning up a sun just to say goodbye."

"And, speaking of," Angel looked off to the side, "Mickey!" she called, waving him over.

Mickey looked stunned for just a moment that he was being included in this farewell message, before he shook his head, realizing it was 'idiotic' of him to think that Angel would ever ignore him and a chance to properly say goodbye. He jogged over quickly, taking Rose's hand, offering her his support, knowing this was hitting her far harder than him, she'd been with them longer, though he knew he'd miss them just as much as she would.

Rose smiled at him in thanks, squeezing his hand.

"You look like ghosts," Mickey told them, "Can you..."

"Hold on..." the Doctor aimed his sonic at something off to the side, the console they guessed, and they solidified a bit more, almost looking as if they were really there.

Mickey and Rose walked closer, Rose lifting a hand toward them, "Can I t…"

Angel shook her head sadly, "You can't, we're just images, projections. You won't be able to touch us. I'm sorry."

"Can't you come through properly?" she asked them tearfully.

"The whole thing would fracture," the Doctor shook his head, "Two Universes would collapse."

"So?" Mickey asked, half joking, nudging Rose as she nodded.

They smiled at the humans, all of them just looking at each other for a few moments before the Doctor looked around, "Where are we? Where did the gap come out?"

"Norway," Angel replied.

"She's right boss," Mickey nodded.

"Norway," he mumbled, "Right."

"About fifty miles out of Bergen," Rose specified, "It's called 'Dårlig Ulv Stranden.'"

"Dalek?" the Doctor's eyes widened in surprise.

"Dårl-IG," she pronounced, "It's Norwegian for 'bad.' This translates as 'Bad Wolf Bay,'" she laughed at the irony of that but calmed quickly, "How long have we got?" she asked, her voice cracking, squeezing Mickey's hand tightly.

"About two minutes…" Angel answered, tears in her eyes as she looked at Rose's heartbroken form, at Mickey trying to remain strong though she could see tears in his eyes as well.

Goodbyes were always so hard.

"I can't think of what to say!" Rose nearly laughed.

"Welcome to the club," Mickey joked.

"You've still got each other though," the Doctor nodded, before glancing over at the duo standing by the Jeep as Angel waved at them, Jackie waving back, "And your family."

"There's five of us now," Rose told them, "Mum, dad, Mickey...and the baby."

"Don't tell me you're..." Angel's eyes widened, looking between her and Mickey. In her mind, Rose was far too young for a baby. But then again, she was nearly 800 years old and not yet a mother so…she couldn't really judge could she?

"No!" Mickey laughed, "No. It's Jackie."

Rose nodded, the Time Lords looking relieved, "She's three months gone. More Tylers on the way."

"And what about you?" Angel looked at them, "Are you..."

"Yeah, I'm…I'm back working in the shop."

"Oh, good for you," the Doctor nodded.

Rose laughed, "Shut up. No, I'm not."

"There's um, still a Torchwood on this planet," Mickey explained, "It's open for business."

Rose teared up, "I think Mickey and I know a thing or two about aliens."

"Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith," Angel looked at them both so proudly as did the Doctor, "Defenders of the Earth."

The Doctor swallowed hard, "You're dead Rose, officially, back home. So many people died that day and you've gone missing. You're on a list of the dead."

Rose started to cry, Mickey moving his arm around her, trying to offer her the comfort he knew Angel was dying to give judging by her expression.

"But here you both are," Angel smiled, taking the Doctor's hand as they looked on at Mickey as he held her.

"Living a life day after day. The one adventure we can never have."

"Am I ever gonna see you again?" Rose sobbed now, not willing to waste more time on small talk.

Mickey swallowed hard, "Please..." he whispered.

It had hit him only AFTER they'd disappeared in the TARDIS, that he'd never see his pilot again. And it hurt, more than he thought it would, to know he'd never be able to laugh or joke or talk with Angel again. He truly didn't want it to happen again, so permanently.

"You can't," Angel said quietly, so, so sad.

"What're you gonna do?" Rose sniffled, clinging to Mickey, needing his strength to keep standing as she felt her world crumbling around her. She was about to lose her best friend, her sister, and there was nothing she could do to stop it, it had already happened.

"Oh, we've got the TARDIS," the Doctor tried to shrug it off, "Same old life. Last of the Time Lords."

"On your own?" her voice cracked again. They nodded silently, still watching her with compassion as Rose looked at them, tears falling down her face much like Angel's were, Mickey trying his hardest to blink back his tears, not wanting to cause the woman any more pain at seeing them so upset over this, "I'm…" she choked up.

"Just breathe," Mickey murmured, hugging her tightly to the side.

Rose nodded, taking a moment to regain her composure, "I'm gonna miss you," she let out a shuddering sob and put a hand to her face, "So much!"

"Me too," Mickey said, quickly reaching up to brush the back of his hand beneath his eyes, keeping a tear from escaping, needing to be strong for Rose, like the Doctor was being for Angel.

Angel reached out as though she wanted to comfort them but flinched back realizing, heartbrokenly, that she couldn't.

"Quite right, too," the Doctor said quietly.

"You're my best friend," Rose sobbed, looking at the Doctor, before turning to Angel, "And my sister!"

"We're gonna miss you too Rose," Angel said as Rose looked up, trying to smile at them, "And you Mickey. The both of you."

"So, so much," the Doctor agreed, "Even you Mickey," he added with a little joke, but both men knew he really was going to miss him as well.

"Doctor…" Angel breathed, her eyes wide, "We've got seconds now."

Rose bit back a sob, Mickey stiffening, as the Doctor turned back to them, "I suppose this is it," he tried to laugh, though the tears in his eyes said different, "Goodbye, Rose Tyler."

"Goodbye Mickey," Angel sniffled.

"Bye Angel," Mickey breathed, his jaw tensing as he fought off his tears, keeping them back by sheer willpower.

"Goodbye," Rose barely managed to get out through her tears, a second before they disappeared off the beach.

Rose screwed up her face in pain, sobbing into her hands, Mickey turning her in his arms to hug her tightly as she buried her face in his chest, knowing he was finally allowing his tears to fall as well.


The Doctor and Angel looked down a moment as they stood in the TARDIS again, their eyes filled with tears. Angel looked over at the Doctor, seeing a tear falling down his face as he tried not to cry. She quickly reached out and pulled him to her, the two just hugging as they cried to one another. They had said goodbye to Mickey once before, and it hurt, it still hurt. And Rose...Rose had become such an important part of their lives, they were truly losing one of their best friends, their family.


Jackie rushed forward, throwing her arms around Rose and Mickey, hugging them tightly as Rose turned to clutch at her too, letting them cry.


The Doctor pulled back from Angel, rubbing his hand over his eyes, wiping the tears away. He looked down at her, cupping her face in his hands as he used his thumbs to do the same to her tears. She leaned forward and rested her head to his a moment, both of them closing their eyes. A moment later, the Doctor took a deep breath and they turned to the console, just pushing buttons and levers, needing to get away from the supernova, needing distance, needing time...

The Doctor glanced up at Angel, only to see something behind her, "What?" he gasped, surprised.

Angel turned around to see a woman dressed in a wedding gown standing there, her red hair visible through her veil. The woman turned around as well, yelping in surprise.


"Who are you?" the woman asked, looking at them disdainfully.

Angel glanced at the TARDIS, "But…"

"Where am I?"

"What?!" the Doctor shook his head.

"What the hell is this place?"


To be to Hearts!

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