Summary: As you already know, Naruto and Itachi are together. They told Naruto's parents, but now they have to tell Itachi's parents. Of course, it's not a way to tell them, though it was rushed, since they caught them having sex inside of the Hokage Office.

Warnings: Yaoi, SLASH, BoyxBoy!

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Naruto! Obviously...

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Normally, Itachi would object to having sex, in public places, trying to get Naruto just to wait, but since, Naruto decided to wear, tight, black leather pants, with a mesh shirt, wearing that only, made Itachi think with his dick, rather than with his brain.

The fact that Naruto exactly how, to turn Itachi on, helped, of course.

So now, Naruto is bent over the Hokage's Desk, being pounded into by his lover, inside of the Hokage Office, inside of the Hokage Tower, where anyone could in on them, at any moment, even Naruto's father, who is the Hokage.

" Itaa! ", Naruto groaned, as his prostate was his dead-on.

Itachi growled, driving in harshly, his lover moaning out, leaving scratches on the desk.

He turned Naruto's head around, and kissed him deeply, their tongue's wrapped around each other's, as Itachi sped up.

The door opened.

" Hoka- OH MY GAWD! MY BEAUTIFULL EYES! ", Sasuke Uchiha cried out, slamming the door shut, most likely running off.

Naruto groaned, cumming, his walls clenching heavily around Itachi's cock, who came soon after him.

" Your brother, just walked in on us. ", Naruto hummed, turning around, wrapping his legs around Itachi's waist.

" I thought he was your best friend. ", Itachi returned, kissing his lover happily.

" We do need to tell your parents.. ", Naruto sighed, " Now let's get dressed, before ANBU come in here. ", he pouted, licking up his older lover's cheek.


" Mother, Father. ", Itachi nodded, towards his parents, who were frowning at him.

" What is this about, Itachi? ", Mikito asked.

" What is this about? ", Fugaku agreed, with his wife.

" I'm dating someone. ", Itachi said, looking at him.

" Really?! Finally~! ", MIkito sqealed happily.

" Who is she? ", Fugaku asked, " Is she a Civilian? ", he asked, once more.

" You know him. ", his son answered.

" Him? It's a boy? ", Mikito asked, blinking.

" Hai. ", Itachi returned.

" Well? Who is he? ", Fugaku sighed.

" Naruto Uzumaki.. "

" Your dating your brother's best friend? ", Fugaku raised a brow, " More importantly, Minato's son? ".

" Hai. "

" And my precious, beautiful eyes, lost their virginity, as I walked in on them, as they were having sex, inside the Hokage's office. ", Sasuke said, entering the room.

" You were WHAT?! ", Fugaku jumped.

Itachi winced.

" Oh, shush it you! Not like we didn't do it everywhere we could, when we were younger. ", Mikito huffed.

" Now, that's image I didn't want. ", Sasuke groaned, Itachi shuddered as well.

" ITACHI UCHIHA! WHERE ARE YOU! YOU TOUCHED MY SON, I'LL KILL YOU! ", the Hokage screamed, most likely coming from the Hokage Tower.

" Run, my dear son, run. ", Fugaku snorted, watching as Itachi seemed to have vanished into thin air.