Hello humans, I have returned! Now let's see how Lux will react to her 'partner'.

Lux woke up groggily and looked around. "Everything seems normal… Nighty night me." She collapsed on the bed with a smile.

'Lux, wake up! We have to see what's happening! Wake up!' A voice in her head rang.

"Great. First I wake up for no reason, and now a voice in my head is talking to me. I think I should go see a therapist." Lux mumbled as she pulled the sheets and snuggled into them closer.

'Not yet you won't! Come on Lux, wake up!' she could have sworn she heard static noises. 'In the name of science!' someone shouted. 'You're both doing it wrong. Let the investigator handle this!' Finally, there was silence. 'LUX, WAKE UP!'

Lux fell off the bed out of shock. "I'm awake, I'm awake…" Lux looked around the room she was in and noticed it wasn't familiar. "Where could I possibly be?" Finally something snapped in Lux. "That's right! The machine and potions! Ezreal, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, can any of you hear me?!"

A loud relieved sigh sounded in her head. 'Yes Lux, we can hear you perfectly clear. Although, I think it would be best if you spoke to us through your mind and not out loud.' Ezreal advised her.

'You mean like this?' Lux tested. She gained a hum of approval. 'So basically I can communicate with you just like how I communicate with summoners right?'

'Naturally! Now please continue with the mission!' Heimerdinger said excited. 'Not only are we inside Lux's head and see everything she does, we also have the chance to experience the dream potion through Lux.'

Lux chose to ignore Heimerdinger's rambling and looked around the room. 'Okay, I can tell that I have never been in this place before.'

'Really? What gave that away?' Caitlyn answered sarcastically.

'Look Lux, over there! Yes over there. See it? There's a calendar. Look at the date!' Heimerdinger exclaimed.

Lux walked over to the calendar. 'Today is the fifth of the second month of…' Lux's eyes widened. "Of year 32?! Lux couldn't help but gape.

'It was a success after all!' They all celebrated except for a confused Lux.

Lux walked over to the mirror. Sure enough she looked older. "At least people won't mistake me for a fifteen year old." She mumbled. Lux turned her attention to a framed picture on the table. It showed a girl with silver hair and sparkling blue eyes smiling mischievously. Next to her was a boy with silver hair and narrowed amber eyes. He was frowning. "Who are these kids?" Lux was sure their facial characteristics looked familiar.

Lux shook her head and looked around. Her eyes landed on a closed window. She walked over to it and opened it. Lux gasped at the sight in front of her. The place was definitely Demacia but it looked more beautiful and majestic, as if that was even possible. The streets that used to be made of stone were now replaced with fine marble material. The stone walls were practically glittering from its pureness, and the houses all looked in perfect condition. "…It's beautiful." Lux said with obvious affection.

'Your thoughts are quite biased but I do agree that it's improved.' Ezreal commented.

'Great now we know that you're in Demacia and you're safe, can we please move on to adventuring?' Caitlyn asked impatiently.

'Before that I want to take a bath. I don't know why, but I feel tired and a bit sore.' Lux said walking over to the bathroom.

'Don't worry, our eyes are closed!' Heimerdinger commented.

'Hey Caitlyn, how come you're not closing your eyes?'

'Caitlyn's a pervert!'

Lux closed her eyes and walked into the shower as she heard the constant yells and fighting coming from her friends. 'You'd think they would be more serious.' Lux mused.

Lux snapped out of her thoughts. 'Wait, didn't you guys say that I was supposed to come here with someone?'

The only answer she got was silence. 'Err… yeah about that Lux…' She started hearing loud static noises. 'You guys tell her!' Then shifting. 'Oh no you don't, you're going to tell you stupid excuse of a scientist.' More shifting 'Ezreal, say something!' 'You are not going to throw this on me.'

Lux sighed and stopped showering. 'Guess I'll change and search for my partner.'

Lux opened the door and walked out of the bathroom. "I feel so fresh!"

"Is that so? I'm glad you're feeling better." Lux froze at the voice and so did her friends from the real world. "You know after how you were last night I thought for sure you didn't want to leave the bed." The voice was obviously amused.

'…Guys I definitely know this voice.' Lux said stiffly.

Lux raised her head and sure enough Riven was sitting on the bed looking at Lux with a smirk. She looked her up and down. Lux on the other hand stood there frozen and completely naked.

Riven had walked into the room a few minutes ago. The first thing she noticed was an empty bed and the sound of running of water coming from the bathroom. She was lying down on the bed and thinking when she saw Lux come out of the bathroom. Riven frowned slightly when she saw how stiff Lux was. "Are you really alright Lux?"

Lux snapped her head up and covered herself with her arms. She shouted. "Get out, you pervert!" Riven sat dumbfounded. "Get out or I'll… I'll…"

'She's playing hard to get?' Riven simply smirked, thinking that Lux was acting . "Or you'll what?" Riven walked closer to Lux. "Are you going to throw that big bad old shield at me?" Riven asked mockingly.

Riven really didn't expect Lux to actually throw the shield at her face. "Owww! Lux, what the hell!?"

Lux ran and hid in the bathroom. 'What's going on? Why is Riven such a pervert?'

'Err… Right Lux, about that...' Heimerdinger laughed nervously. 'From what I can gather, you and Riven are… married.'

'What?! How did this happen?' Lux asked frantically.

"Lux, open this door right now!" Riven shouted from the other side, banging on the door loudly while clutching onto her bleeding nose.

'Okay Lux, I'll sum it down for you. The potion Heimerdinger gave you was so that you can live your life with a partner for a day in the future to experience your life with them.' Caitlyn said with a straight face.

"Lux, the door!" Riven shouted.

'But what about the fate of the future?' Lux asked confused.

'Yeah about that… that was a lie.' Heimerdinger stated bluntly.

"Lux… Open the door." Riven said slowly, her eyes filled with confusion.

'Wait, if it was all a lie, does that mean that I'm…' "Stuck here?" Lux said the last part out loud.

Riven heard Lux and panicked. "Don't worry Lux, I'll find a way to get you out!"

'Lux, calm down. You have to think with a clear head. Don't let your nerves cloud your judgment. Right now, you're in a future where you and Riven are married. Imagine how she feels with the way you're treating her.' Ezreal said hoping it will reach her.

'You're right Ezreal, I can't let future Riven be worried.' Lux thought determined.

"Don't worry at all Lux, I'll get you out of that room in no time!" Riven claimed from the other side.

Lux blinked. "Wait, what does she mean "get me out"? All I have to do is unlock the door."

Just as Lux reached over to the lock, a sword rammed right into the door, barely missing her.

… "AAAHHHHHH! I'm married to a psychopath!" Lux screamed in fear.

'Lux, calm down and think rationally.' Ezreal said nervously. 'I'm starting to doubt anyone can think rationally when your lover shoves a sword through a door.' Caitlyn snapped.

'Run Lux, RUN!' Heimerdinger shouted.

Lux immediately wore a pair of undergarments and grabbed a shirt and pants from a hanger. At the same time, the door fell down to reveal Riven trying to pull the sword out of the door. Lux dashed past her and ran as fast as she could.

Riven turned to see Lux leave. "Wait, Lux!" Riven pulled harder until the sword finally broke free. "Lux, come back!" Riven ran after Lux with her sword still out.

Shauna Vayne was walking down the halls quietly in the shadows. 'Another hunt has finished, when will this world be purified?' Vayne stopped walking when she heard frantic movements from the east hall coming her way. She readied her crossbow just in case. What she saw that day will surely haunt her for the rest of her life.

"AAAHHHHHHHHH!" A half naked Lux screamed as she ran down the hall as fast as she could.

"Wait, Lux!" A frantic Riven chased after her with her large sword out, looking ready to hit.

Vayne could only stand and stare in shock at the spot they were a few seconds ago. "Hey Vayne, why are you standing around like a stone? Trying to imitate Galio or did you freeze because of my greatness?" An arrogant voice asked as she revealed herself.

Vayne shook her head. "Laurent." She said uninterested.

"I believe most people tend to identify me by my first name, not my surname." Fiora said amused. "But enough about me for now, I could have sworn I heard Lady Lux's voice not far from here. Have you seen her by any chance?"

Vayne simply pointed to the west hall. Fiora scrunched her face. "Isn't that place under-"


"…Construction?" Fiora sighed. "It would seem that I would have to check on her wellbeing… again."

"Riven is there." Vayne said before walking away.

"The oaf? No wonder she's always in danger. She can't seem to do anything right." Fiora grumbled angrily as she walked towards the west hallway.

Lux woke up with a headache. "Am I back to the real world?"

She looked around. Looks like she was in the hospital.

"Lux, thank god you're alright! I was really worried about you." Lux stiffened at the voice as she was embraced by no other than her hunter. "You've been acting oddly today. Is there a problem?" Riven asked, worried about her wife.

Before Lux could say anything, she heard a voice in her head. 'Calm down Lux. It turns out she wasn't trying to kill you, rather she tried to open the door.' Ezreal explained. 'A rather primitive move but this is Riven we are talking about.' Caitlyn said slightly disturbed. 'We have good news Lux. With our machine we are able to read the events that lead you into such a situation.' Heimerdinger said happily with his discovery.

'You mean like how I married this psychopath?' Lux asked struggling against Riven's strong hug.

'Okay, so far what we were able to gather is that in our world about five months from now Riven will confess to you in the hidden gardens of the institute.'

Lux couldn't help but smile. 'Aww, that's so cute.'

'Well because of your social standings you had to keep your relationship secret- and I think you should pay attention to future Riven.'

Lux turned to Riven who was talking about something. "-and after I came back your brother's been throwing all his shit at me to do."

Lux looked at Riven confused. "Why?"

Riven sighed. "Besides the fact of where I come from? I'm pretty sure he's still against our marriage." Riven sat next to Lux. "But don't worry, I couldn't care less what they think as long as you're with me."

'She so ripped that off a romance book.' Ezreal mumbled dryly.

'Sniff, that's so romantic!'

Lux smiled. 'You don't have to cry Caitlyn.'

'…That wasn't me.'

'Heimerdinger?!' Lux felt her face twist.

Lux turned her attention back to Riven who was leaning close to her. 'Wait, why is she leaning towards me?'

'Kiss! Kiss!'

'Shut it Heimerdinger!'

Lux stopped listening to their conversation when she felt Riven's lips on hers. They were surprisingly soft seeing as how the warrior always looked rough. Riven pulled away with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Did you ever have a dream about doing it in the hospital? 'Cause I'm ready to fulfill mine."

"Ahem!" Riven slipped and fell on the bed. Lux turned her attention to the person who interrupted them.

"I heard about your unfortunate accident and came here as fast as I could Lady Lux." Fiora said walking towards her.


'Yeah, when you were running around the halls half naked. Turns out you ran to an area that was still under construction and hurt yourself pretty badly.' Caitlyn commented. 'Riven then dressed you and took you to the infirmary, which is where you are now.' Ezreal ended.

Fiora took Lux's hand and kissed it. "I am glad that you are doing well."

Lux blushed. "Why, thank you. I guess I do feel better."

"Ahem! I would rather you not touch my wife." Riven said bitterly.

"Is there something wrong with two friends talking?" Fiora asked with a hint of a smirk.

"There is something wrong when said friend is getting close to my wife." Riven started to reach for her sword.

Fiora saw this and smirked. "You truly have the blood of Noxus in you, but do not worry. I shall indulge your silly jealousy in a battle!" Within a second Fiora took out her sword. "Savages like you should know their place!"

"I'll show you what this savage can do with a sword!" Riven stood ready to strike.

"The chances of you winning are the same as the chances of you acting civil." Fiora taunted.

"Umm… can't we have a normal talk?" Lux asked hoping for the best possible outcome.

They both ignored her as they stared each other down.

'Why do I always feel ignored?'

'Hmm, did you say something Lux? We're having some tea and biscuits over here.' Heimerdinger said while munching on a biscuit.

'…Nothing professor.'

'Oh my, we gained some new information Lux! The reason Riven and Fiora are at each other's throats!'

'Oh, please do tell professor.'

'Well one month after you and Riven start to see each other in secret, Fiora asks you out! But naturally you rejected her which crushed her ego and maybe a part of her heart. Ever since she found out about you and Riven, things have gotten worse and worse, as you can see with the example in front of you.'

"What's this? Are all people from Noxus nothing but talk?" Fiora boasted.

"You're one to talk Laurent! Did you sneak some poison in my drink before our fight?" Riven mocked.

Lux nodded her head. 'Not the best of friends.'

'Now the real question is how do you stop two hormonal adults from a fight that will end in complete disaster?' Heimerdinger thought.

"Mommy!" A little girl with silver hair dashed in and jumped on Lux.

'I guess that's one way to stop a fight.' Caitlyn commented.

Lux froze. 'Did she just say "mommy? To me?'

"Mommy, mommy, I heard you were in the hospital so I came running!" The little girl said with a smile.

Fiora looked at the child in annoyance. She walked out of the room angrily. Her mood didn't improve when she saw another child with silver hair walk into the room.

"Mom, are you alright?" The boy with silver hair asked as he approached Lux.

'Mommy? Mom?' Lux was still in shock.

'Grow up Lux, people have children all the time.' Caitlyn answered annoyed.

'But we're both girls.'

'Love knows no boundaries!' Heimerdinger said while twirling.

As soon as Lux got out of her daze, she realized her, Riven and the children were walking down a hall.

"Uhh… Riven, remind me how we ended up having children when both of us are clearly the same gender."

"Well Heimerdinger made this potion that when someone drinks and has sex they end up pregnant. He was rambling a lot about the potion but I never could catch up to him. I was more concentrated on giving you the potion." Riven said proudly.

Lux's eye twitched. "Of course… Heimerdinger, who else?" Lux grit her teeth.


'Lux ignore Heimerdinger. We managed to get information about your kids. Turns out the boy's name is Raven and he's six years old. The girl's name is Helix and she's five years old.'

'Is it me or does your information always come after the event?' Lux asked annoyed.


Lus stopped and looked at her kids. "You guys have very… unique and creative names."

Raven and Helix both glared at Riven. "Blame her."

Riven raised her hands. "It's not my fault! …Okay maybe it is, but they were convenient at the time."

Lux held her head and looked at Riven with horror. "And I let you name them that?"

"They're not that bad." Riven mumbled. "Anyway, moving from the topic on hand, how was your day at school?"

Lux raised her eyebrow when she saw both of her kids smirk. 'What are they up to?'

"Oh we learned a lot of things." Raven said with a twinkle in his amber eyes. "But after class uncle Garen came and took us to learn private lessons."

Riven narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "Garen?"

"Uncle Garen told us that your parents were assholes." Helix said innocently.

"Oi!" Riven said with a warning tone.

"Is that why you're also an asshole?" Raven asked innocently.

"Oi! I dare you to say that again!" Riven said with a deadly look.

"Uncle Garen told us that you're nothing more than a hormonal animal."

"Uncle Garen told us that you should kill yourself."

"Uncle Garen told us that a dead animal is more useful than you."

"Well, tell uncle Garen that he can go fu-" Riven saw the glare Lux gave her. "…That he can go enjoy his life." Riven grumbled and looked away.

"Both of you stop it! Can't you tell it's hurting Riven?" Said Lux. They turned to look at Riven who was looking at the ceiling. "…Or not. But the both of you should know better."

"But we don't want to know better and it's fun!" A glare from Lux quieted them down. "Yes mom."

After a short walk, they stopped in front of a door. Both Raven and Helix walked in. "Goodnight mommy! …and thing!" They both immediately shut the door.

"Oi! Come out here and say it to my face!" Riven shouted annoyed.

Lux could only yawn. "Leave them alone Riven. I'm sure they had their fair share of excitement for the night."

Riven turned her attention to Lux. "Speaking of excitement, I'm not gonna hold back tonight."

Lux stopped and gave herself time to process this information. "Wait, what?!"

As soon as Lux turned, Riven grabbed her and pushed her into a room. They both landed on a bed. Riven climbed on top of Lux and grinned. "I told you last night I went easy on you because you weren't feeling well but now you have no excuses."

Riven was about to remove Lux's shirt when they heard the door slam open. "Mommy, mommy, tell us a bedtime story!" Raven and Helix both came running in with a book in their hands.

Riven looked like she was going to explode. "Why you little-"

"Of course I'll tell you both a bedtime story. Which one?"

'Nice save.' Ezreal praised Lux.

"And they lived happily ever after." Lux ended the story.

"Yay!" Both kids cheered.

Riven sighed. 'Finally, after twenty minutes of mindless torture...'

"Next story! Next story!"

Riven blew out some air. "I think I can handle another story."

"And the Prince and princess married." Lux ended the story.

"Yay!" Both kids cheered.

Riven was completely twitching. "I'm sure this story was twice as long as the other one."

"Next story! Next story!"

Riven groaned and slammed her head against the wall.

"And they found their long lost puppy." Lux ended yet another story.

"Who the hell looks for a stupid dog for three years!?" Riven asked annoyed.

"Shh… they're sleeping." Lux said pointing to the kids.

Riven groaned. "Fine, I give up trying to have sex with you. Can we please sleep without another story?" Riven begged.

Before Lux could say anything she felt herself lose consciousness.

Lux opened her eyes and groaned. "She's awake!"

"How does it feel coming back to the real world?" Heimerdinger asked her.

"Better, knowing I'm not going to be stuck in a place with Riven." Lux said grimly. "It might take some time to adjust to that."

"Yeah Lux, about that…" Ezreal said awkwardly. "There's going to be a match in thirty minutes and you're in it."

Lux looked at him curiously. "What's wrong with that?"

"Uhh… you'll be in a team with Fiora…"

Lux shook her head. "I guess it might be a bit awkward."

"…And Riven."


Lux fainted.

Well everyone as you can see Riven was Lux's partner today, who will be her partner next? Stay tuned.