Kasamatsu takes a deep breath- if it was Kise saying that, he would already jump and hit him- but this was not Kise. So he needs to calm down. He resisted the urge to hit someone, because ghosts doesn't exists. He would repeat that again and again, because when a lie is told a thousand times, it's said to change to become the truth. He was about to open his mouth and try to calmly explain to the Seirin invisible player that no, ghosts doesn't possibly exist- and maybe he was just seeing things.

When suddenly from the back of his eyes he saw it- it was walking through the garden right in front of their house.

An invisible flicker, the ethereal glow of a phantasm shone outside.

"K-Kuroko, please tell me that I'm dreaming." He grappled- averting his eyes from the apparition.

"You are not dreaming." The invisible boy deadpanned.

"Gah." He nearly yelped, "W-Was that a woman ghost?"

"Its hard to see the gender from this distance."

"Let's pretend we don't see anything." Kasamatsu advised, he's the older of them- thus he gave the best advices. "They say- if we pretend we don't see anything, it won't come to bug us."

Kuroko casted him a gaze he could properly decipher to be only 10% condescending and nods.

Because his option was a good option.

Beautiful ignorant bliss is beautiful ignorant bliss.

"Waah-" Kise yawned like a cat, sipping his hot cocoa- which Midorima made. "I had a good sleep. The bed was so comfortable."

His sentiments weren't exactly shared by his senpai, who by morning had rings under his eyes. He took Kise's cocoa and sipped it and sigh, "It must be nice to be dumb..."

"What do you mean by that, senpai?" Kise asked, looking offended and pursing his lips.

"You're dumb and you can sleep soundly." Kasamatsu explained- as if it was a matter of course.

Aomine laughter rang from behind them, "That's so true, Kise!"

"What the hell, Aominecchi?" Kise said, "Don't you sleep well too yesterday?"

"Yeah, I did. If you don't keep showering my messages inbox by midnight." Aomine said.

"Wha-, I was just asking if you were already asleep." Kise's ears turned a shade red, and Aomine was a bit tempted to bite them and see him mewl. "What do you intend to do if I were awake, huh? Wake me up and we'll elope?"

"No- of course not." Kise said- face hot, "I was going to ask you to accompany me in our plan to frighten Midorimacchi, Takao and I made that plan! Imagine what Midorimacchi would look like if he saw a ghost."

"Ghosts doesn't exist, dumbass." Kasamatsu opened his mouth snappily. They all had no idea how he lack sleep thinking about the ghost last night.

"But senpai-" Kise was about to argue, when Akashi came out to the living room, his red hair disheveled and he yawned. Kise can't help but think their little captain is very cute- despite everything. That is- until he opened his lips and say something very creepy. Which happens often.

But apparently his first question was, "Where's Shintarou?" The question would have been normal if he had not said it in a very misleading way.

"Eh. I don't know where Midorimacchi had gone. He did help make me this cocoa this morning. Maybe he's opening the net for the newest Oha-Asa horoscope."

"Maybe he had been spirited away..." Kuroko's voice rang eeriely amidst them- half because they had failed to notice his presence and half because of his statement.

"Midorimacchi spirited away?!" Kise yelled. "Akashicchi, what should we do?"

Kagami's gruff voice came from behind- as he too, drinking a cup of coffee. Followed by Himuro who had looked surprised. And surprisingly Momoi, who was carrying Tetsuya no.2- she was giggling.

"Midorima is a kappa. Kappa doesn't get spirited away." He said.

And suddenly Takao was laughing. And when they turned back- the kappa was frowning.

Who would have thought that the first word that came from the alleged kappa would be a denial, "I'm not a kappa." Followed with him adjusting his glasses.

"Shin-chan a kappa! Bwahahhahahaha! That's genius, Kagami. It renewed my respect for you."

"And I just went to the forests this morning to find my lucky item." Midorima said, revealing a tomato.

"I never knew there's tomatoes in a forest." Aomine said.

"So what about we get going right now?" Akashi said.

"Wait." Himuro said, sensing that someone is conspicuously absent in their group. "Where's Atsushi."

Silence descended amidst them. "Aomine kun?" Kuroko asked, and everyone turned to look to the bluenette- the roommate- who was looking surprised.

"When I woke up during the night, he's not there." Aomine said, he had woke up when Kise had sent him a message. "I thought he's gone to visit one of your rooms. He was complaining that I snore too much."

"He did come to our room last night." Kagami said, remembering. "Tatsuya lent him his headphones."

"Did he went to your room, Akashi kun?" Kuroko asked.

"Yes, but I told him I want to play shogi with Shintarou." Akashi said.

"Maybe he's sulking because the room arrangement." Himuro said thoughtfully- guilty thoughts brooding his mind. If only he had let him sleep in his room- this wouldn't have happened. What if something had happened to him?

"When Muk-kun sulks, its hard to predict his actions." Momoi said.

"There's a third possibility. Maybe Murasakibara kun had been spirited away." Kuroko said. "And we saw a ghost last night."

"A ghost? Kuroko?" Kagami laughs boisterously. Even though he's shivering in the inside.

"What kind of a ghost?" Himuro asked.

"Its more like a distant phantasm, we could not see it clearly." Kuroko said. Kasamatsu nodding.

Kise was laughing, because he saw Aomine had gone pale. And his grip on the sofa was getting stronger- he was clutching it desperately. His eyes gazing downwards. So he touched Aomine's hand, almost imperceptibly and show Aomine an impish grin, "I'll protect Aominecchi from the ghost."

"Who the hell needs protection?" Aomine said, sulkily, yet he did not release the hand.

"I'm thinking Atsushi had went to the forest before us." Akashi said, looking as concerned as Akashi could be. "Or, maybe someone lured Atsushi away, with snacks."

"Who would want to do that?" Kagami asked, even though he finds it slightly better than the existence of a spirit which appears in the middle of the night.

"Either way, we should go find him." Himuro said, looking truly worried.

"Hah- I'm sure he'll be back by lunchtime- Murasakibara's stomach won't hold on for that long." Aomine drawled, now regaining his composure.

"But it's still odd, Murasakibara kun disappearing like that.." Kuroko said, frowning a bit. "Akashi kun, we should go and search him in the forest."

Akashi nods. "We'll be going in groups again. This time, I will be with Satsuki. Daiki with Ryouta. Himuro with Tetsuya. Takao with Shintarou. Kasamatsu with Kagami." Akashi said, "Our mission is to find Atsushi." He gave them each a mobile phone for them to contact him- a new mobile with a GPS function.

"That guy sure is loaded." Kagami whispered to Kuroko, who remained silent.

When they reached the forest entrance, they could see that the forest are divided to five pathways- each of them leading to places yet to be investigated even by geographers. Akashi did gave them the basic kits for survival and jackets and tents and food, which Kagami thinks was highly suspicious. It was almost as if it was already planned. But he immediately brushes off the suspicion when he saw Kuroko flimsily trying to wear the jacket. It was a bit too big for him that it looked really cute.

"Geez." He murmured, helping Kuroko to adjust his clothes. "That's not how you do it."

"Thanks, Kagami kun. You are a perfect candidate for a housewife." Kuroko said.

"What the hell was that for?" Kagami said, blushing a bit, and to his annoyance, Himuro was laughing, saying, "You two really gets along, don't you?"

It gave him a bit of a guilty conscience when he thought about the currently missing Murasakibara, he and Tatsuya had seemed really close.

Kuroko looked at Himuro for a moment before saying, "Don't worry, nothing would happen to Murasakibara kun. He's quite strong."

But that doesn't really help because Kuroko added, "But the only thing I'm worried about is whether Murasakibara kun's stomach can handle it."

Himuro nods in sympathy. "That's also what I'm worried about."

Kasamatsu appears from behind them, "So, I'm going with you- Kagami?" Kagami gulped a bit- Kaijou's captain was quite hot-tempered from the way he kept abusing Kise, even though Kise thoroughly deserved it, and Kagami merely nods.

"Eh- sure, senpai." Kagami had heard that Kasamatsu doesn't tolerate those younger kids who doesn't call him senpai. His personality reminds him a bit of their own captain- Hyuuga senpai. Wait, does that make Kise Kiyoshi senpai?

Looking at Kise who looks so happy at having been paired with Aomine, Kagami surely can see the similarity.

Kise never knew he would be given this good luck when they had started the trip- but for once, the goddess of fortune- taking the form of Akashi had rendered him a blessing. He's one group with Aominecchi, nothing could make him happier. Aomine was munching the biscuits Akashi had given them, and only then did Kise notice that their food ration is steadily depleting,

"Aominecchi, hey." Kise said, "Don't go eating our food supplies."

Aomine turned to him with a pissed expression, "What- I'm hungry."

"But you've eaten five bowls of rice this morning. Even Kagami only ate three." Kise said, slightly flabbergasted that Aomine could be so hungry.

"Fine." Aomine sniffed. "The trip is still long, anyway."

"But I'm so happy I got to spend so much time with Aominecchi." Kise said, holding the red Aominecchi by his hand, as he leads them deeper to the forest.

"Kise-" Aomine quips, when they had gone a meter deep to the forest.


"I want to eat you."

Aomine grins when he saw the other's ear turning red. "Your ear look delicious."

The next minute he was silent because Kise gave him a bite on his ear. Aomine never knew that Kise was the predator in their relationship.

"So-Shin chan." Takao was saying, grinning as he follows behind Midorima's tall figure, "Where are we going?"

"We're going to find Murasakibara." Midorima answered, even he had no idea why they had to go to such lengths to find a missing kid.

"Oh, Murasakibara's our princess. And we're the princes. Hm, who'll be the wizard? Your captain- Akashi- could be the wizard. He looks villainy cool." Takao said, "But I think you can be the princess too, Shin-chan. Cause I would happily be your prince."

"Shut up and walk, Takao." Midorima said, he was pissed and blushing.

"Mou, Akashi kun." Satsuki was saying, "I wonder if Muk-kun really is in the forest."

"Where else would he be? He's not in the mansion." Akashi reasoned. Murasakibara disappearing was no part of the plan.

"By the way, is the ghost story really true?" Satsuki finds herself really curious about the story.

"Only partly. I haven't tell them the full story." Akashi said, smiling.