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Chapter One – Somewhere in the Sky

Seto Kaiba opened his eyes in the game pod. As his eyes came into focus he found himself at the middle of a chaotic testing room. "Trying to find Mokuba no doubt," he mused. He lips curled into a sheepish smile as he glanced down at the card inserter. It was empty – his little brother had always been a quick thinker. "It was awfully foolish of them to not to unplug me while they had the chance," he thought sadistically as he slowly climbed out of the game pod. "Arrogance was their down fall. They had completely underestimated his little brother and himself."

He sneered. "Morons."

He stood up finally and studied his surrounding closely. He took note of the opened vent fondly.His brothermust have escaped through the vent. "No more James Bond or Mission Impossible for Mokuba," he mentally noted. Escaping out of the building through the ventilating system was a bit too much of a cliché for his liking, but it was efficient, he decided.

Slowly he walked to a closed door at the back of the testing room. He entered the codes and the door slid open. Inside was the heart of the virtual reality game – the computer controlling the virtual reality game. He quickly turned on the monitor and began to go through the computer codes thatmade up the program. As expected, they were very different from what he wrote,the program had been sabotaged. He would have to rewrite a big chunk of the program later, thanks to those idiots. They weregoing to pay for what they did – after he was positive about his little brother's safety.

"Big brother are you here?" the familiar voice answered his question.

The voice definitely belonged to his brother. Seto quickly swirled around. "Mokuba," he said with a rare sincere smile.

His little brother ran and hugged him. Mokuba quickly pulled away, looked up and asked in a worry tone, "Seto, you are not mad at me are you? I really didn't know who to ask for help. Yugi and his friends are the only ones who I could think of." Seto's smile disappeared at the mention of Yugi's name and was silent. Mokuba looked on anxiously.

Finally Seto replied, "I am not particularly happy with your choice of help…" Mokuba looked at the floor guiltily. "But…" Seto smiled. His little brother looked up in surprise. "If it wasn't for yourdecisionI would not have made it out of the game.As much as I hate to admit it, Yugi did help us out of the mess."

"What are we going to do with those creeps?"

"Oh plenty. They are going to pay for what they did don't you think?" Seto replied with a sinister smirk.

"They sure are," Mokuba exclaimed with the same sinister smile.

"Their jobs are gone for sure… but as I said before, they should have left before I get really mad. Now they are going to loose more than their jobs for trying to eliminate me."

Mokuba was silent for a while before adding uneasily, "As long as no one is killed."

"Kill them?" Seto asked in a surprise tone. He laughed. "No, Mokuba that thought never hit me. Five deadrich men will create quite a challenge to cover up. I don't want the government to come after me for murders do I? Besides, no one will disagree with me about the fact that I am the rightful owner of the Kaiba Corporation now that those morons are gone."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I am thinking of stealing, or rather, taking back forcefully a few years worth of wager from their European accounts to undo all the damages they did to Kaiba Crop… These days everything is running on computers and as I said before there's not one computer I cannot hack into."

Mokuba laughed.

"It's already five, Mokuba. You better start doing your homework," Setoannounced suddenly.

The young boy groaned. "Big brother can't I do them later?"he pleaded.

"You have more than a week worth of homework to catch up on Mokuba. And the school only have that much tolerance on our regular absences. If we can't show them we can still keep up in school we might be in deep trouble. So unless you did all of them in advance, which I doubt, you will need to start now," the elder boy replied sharply.

Mokuba only groaned, after all, his brother was final on that topic and there was no way of getting out of it. "But what are you going to be doing?"

"Nine pages of math, prepare for a Japanese dictation, and a science essay, basically all the homework I haven't done in advance," Seto replied. He allowed himself so much as to make a face.

Seto opened his math book and took out his notebook and pencil. He would much rather do math on computer but his teacher made it clear he wanted nothing but hand written work. He looked at the first question for a moment and effortlessly wrote down the answer and all the "work". The teacher insisted that unless the complete break down of the questions was written along with the answers he would not mark the paper. He said the "work" was educational and proved you actually know who to solve the question. The rule was a drag but there was no way of getting out of it.

Neat clusters of numbers and symbols, so neat that it was hard to believe a boy wrote it, quickly filled pages in the exercise book. Running a company had taught him to write neatly. Even though most documents were typed up on computer, some very important parts still required being hand written. If one of his sixes were mistaken as zeros in some important document that could mean a lot of trouble.

Two hours past before he stopped writing. He dropped the pencil and moved his stiff fingers. The nine pages of math homework were done. "A bit too slow," Seto mused. Of course, considering that most of his classmates took at least half hour each day for seven days just to finish the same nine pages he was exceptionally fast, but math had always been an easy subject for Seto.

Afterall, he was a gifted child.

"How is your wife?" asked a fat old lady living across the street.

"She is fine. She keeps complaining about stomach aches but the doctor said that they are normal," replied a black haired man.

"Ah I remember those pains… When is she due?"

"In a month Mrs. Hida,"

Mrs. Hida smiled. "Is it going to be a boy or a girl?"

"My wife wanteda surprise, so she told the doctor to not tell us,"

"Well then dear do you hope for a girl or a boy?" the old lady asked gently.

The man smiled and thought for a moment before replying, "A girl would be good, not that I don't want a boy but we already have one."

"Of course," said Mrs. Hida in her soft voice, "You are already blessed with young Seto. He is such a sweet little boy, so bright too. You are a very lucky man, you do know that don't you? No everyone get to be the parent of a genius."

Seto's father laughed. "I suppose not."

"Is Seto excited about the baby?"

"Very. He is really excited. He is totally ready to be a big brother," Seto's father said with a chuckle.

"That's always good to hear. I am sure he will be a really good brother when the baby comes." Mrs. Hida smiled, "He is such a gentle child."

Beep… Beep… Beep…

The doctors all looked grim. The situation was not good. As little as the doctors would like to admit it, the woman's life was slipping from their fingers. All had acknowledged the two percent chance of uterine rupturing during a virginal birth after a caesarean birth but none had expected that to happen.It did, and now both the baby and the woman were in grave danger. A caesarean section was immediately called on. The baby was taken out and was revived. Unfortunately, the woman continued tolose her blood at an alarming rate.

It was amazing how she was still half-conscious.

The doctors did not tell the woman or her husband about the situation in any coherency, but the twofigured everything out by the frantic shouts and sharp orders from the head doctors. They knew something was horribly wrong. The helpless husband could do nothing but squeezing her wife's hand in an assuring, soothingmanner."You are going to be okay, Yuki."

The woman managed a weak smile but from her husband's worried face she could tell he was not all sure.

"It's a boy," they were told by a nurse, however the baby was never shown to the couple, instead he wasimmediately rushed to the intensive care.

"The boy… call him Mokuba," the woman managed to mutter, with her eye closed. "It hurts."

"Hold on, you are going to be okay," the husband replied.

He got no reply from his wife…


"Your son will be fine… Mr. Takashi," said the doctor, "He will be out of the intensive care unit tomorrow."

Mr. Takashi nodded silently, absentmindedly. His eyes were swollen with the lack of sleep.

"I am sorry about your wife," added the doctor awkwardly.

A lone tear fell from the man's solemn face. "You did your best."

The door opened abruptly, the two men turned quickly toward the door so they could end the grave conversation. A brown haired child, no more than five poked his head in. With a slight smile of relief and exclaimed, "Father!"

"Why are you here, Seto?" asked Mr. Takashi sternly. "Didn't I tell you to stay outside?"

The boy looked abashed for a moment. He replied with a hint of guilt and embarrassment, "I am thirsty. I wanted to ask you if I can buy apple juice."

The father's eyes softened. He sighed and handed the boy some money. "Here."

Seto took the money and began to walk out of the room. He stopped suddenly. "Where is mother?"


"In the sky."

"In the sky?" the muttered in confusion. He frowned. "Why? When will she come back?"

The father could not answer the question because he was weeping. The doctor stood up and gently pushed the boy out of the room, "Go along to get your drink my boy. I have to talk to your father a bit more." With one graceful motion he closed the door behind, leaving the young boy alone, outside in the white hall way lit by fluorescent light.

The boy looked at the money in his hand and slowly and walked to the window to look at the sky with no mother in sight.

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