Title: Death is Mine

Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling and associates own Harry Potter and all characters from the series. Any characters I make are completely fictional and neither belongs in the original Harry Potter series nor in real life. I am writing this for fun, not profit.

Pairings: TR(LV)/HP, Post HP/GW

Rating: R

Warnings: Um… pretty much anything my twisted can come up with that I think will suit the story?... So yeah, BEWARE! (Will edit the warnings after I have a fixed plan for this story)

Summary: When Harry is thrown back in time after an extended stay in Azkaban, Harry finds out new things he didn't know in his previous life. And it quickly changes how he does things.

Author's Note: I edited chapters 1 and 2 so hopefully it's easier to see breaks in the story now. If not, just message me and I'll change it again.

Chapter 3 ~ To Be A Slytherin

"So how do you two feel about two new names to go with your new identities?"

Fred and George blinked in surprise at Narcissa, who smiled kindly at them.


"We wouldn't be Fred Gideon and…"

"George Fabian anymore?"


The twins glanced at eachother before grinning.

"That'd be perfect! We always hated how our names sounded!" Lucius chuckled at the two and Severus smirked. Soon enough, the twins were debating on new names with the other Malfoy's as Hadrian and Severus watched, amused, as they sipped their tea.

Soon enough, Fred and George had the forms filled out to become Altais Regulus and Rastaban Arcturus. Hadrian smiled as he knew that the new names would help him distinguish the "old" twins with the "new" twins. Combined with the new looks, Hadrian couldn't see himself making a mistake about his old timeline with his new one, when it concerned those two at least.

"So… Ali, Razz, do you like pranks?"

The twins blinked at the nicknames, then the question, before they both grinned. But then they caught themselves and quickly glanced at their new parents, nervous about the Malfoys' reaction. However, unlike Mrs. Weasley, Narcissa smiled at the two.

"Pranks, huh? … So I can assume that you two wish to open a joke shop when you leave school?"

In sync with eachother, the two nodded.

"Well… then you'll want to do well in Charms, Transfiguration, and Potions. Those three arts will help you in any pranks or jokes."

The twins blinked in surprise again before they both grinned. Severus, realizing that he would now have the two pranksters in potions until they graduated, groaned. Everyone else in the room laughed at Severus' reaction.


"So, Madam Su mentioned that the Weasley's had stolen that money. I know that you may feel some kind of… loyalty to them still but-"

"We don't feel loyalty for those thieves! Especially since they stole the money from Harry! Er, Hadrian!"

The Malfoys and Severus blinked in surprise at Ali and Razz whose anger at the injustice of stealing from the Boy-Who-Lived was clear on their face.

"How could they steal from Hadrian? They would have to have permission from him to access his vault since he's emancipated."

"Actually," everyone looked at Hadrian as he spoke up, "they were getting the money from Dumbledore, as he was the Custodian of my account before I reentered the Wizarding World. With all the money they got then, I'm sure they still have plenty now… well, as long as they haven't wasted the majority of it on junk like those outfits."

Hadrian shuddered at the memory. Everyone was looking at him in surprise, as this was the first time that he had ever mentioned anything about his vaults.

"You… knew that Dumbledore had taken money out of your fault?"

"Yeah. He's been doing it since I was orphaned. I believe that it was a total of… 7,520,000 galleons to the Weasleys, 275 billion galleons to Dumbledore's War Fund, and 800 million galleons for various other… funds."

"… So he stole… 275,807,520,000 galleons from you…"

"Yup. But because he was my Custodian, it's all legal, right?"

"Well… that depends. As a Custodian, any money he takes out MUST be spent on you. For example, that 275 billion to the war fund? Illegal. Do you have a list of everything he used it for?"

"Ragnuk does. If you like, I can owl him and get the list."

"Please do. Lucius, I'm going to need use of your lawyer."

Lucius had a vicious little grin on his face, apparently the thought of suing and discrediting Dumbledore was an idea he loved. Draco was so wide-eyed at the thought of someone stealing that much money that Hadrian wondered if Draco knew how much his family made. Ali and Razz didn't look very surprised, as they'd grown up with the Weasley's and had found out long ago how much money they had.

Hadrian sighed as he finally realized that this timeline was going to be EXTREMELY different from his own. That idea of an alternate universe didn't seem so strange now.


A few weeks later found Draco and Hadrian on the train, arguing about whether or not Lucius would succeed with his petition to get Ali and Razz resorted. Draco, of course, believed in his father and the man's power. Hadrian wasn't sure if resorting was allowed in the school rules, plus he didn't think that Dumbledore would appreciate losing two Gryffindors. Thankfully, their argument was interrupted.

"Draco, who's your friend?"

Both boys looked up to see Pansy Parkinson standing at the entrance of their compartment.

"Hello Pansy. This is Hadrian Potter. Hadrian, this is Pansy Parkinson."

Hadrian greeted the brunette girl politely, but a bit coldly. Draco rolled his eyes at him, but invited Pansy into the room and started to chat with her about the upcoming school year. Hadrian pulled a book out of his luggage, the first year potions text, and started to read.

By the time the train reached its stop, the three had been joined by Crabbe and Goyle, who had given Hadrian a strange look when they first saw him.

The castle was just as amazing as the first time he'd seen it and Hadrian couldn't help but feel as if he'd just come home after a long, hard journey.

Just like his first, first year, the Hogwarts ghosts scared the new students… well, except for Hadrian, who waved "Hello" at them. Then they were led to the Great Hall and the Sorting Hat did his song. While it was singing, Hadrian paid little attention to it and looked around at the teachers. All of them were the same, down to stuttering Professor Quirrell who had his backed turned to Hadrian. A searing pain in his forehead brought Hadrian from his thoughts and a cloud of despair fell over him. This meant that the damn horcrux was back in his head, which meant that he'd have to "die" again.

Hadrian hated his life.


"Now, before we Sort the first years, we have two older students who's… parents have requested a resorting. Messirs Malfoy, would you please come up here?"

Ali and Razz jumped up from the Gryffindor table, surrounded by growling Gryffindors, and sauntered up to Professor McGonagall, their platinum blonde hair sparkling in the candle light.

"Now, I must ask, do you two wish to be resorted?"

"Sorry Professor, you're a…"

"Nice Head of House but…"

"We think we'd do better elsewhere."

McGonagall nodded sadly and picked up the hat.

"Alright… First up is… I believe your name is Altais now?"

"Yes ma'am!"

Altais, formally known as Fred, happily sat down on the stool and let the hat settle on his head. After a few seconds, the seam that made the mouth ripped open.


Ali grinned and practically skipped over to the Slytherin table, shocked eyes following him.

"Alright… Rastaban, you next."

Rastaban, formally known as George, sat down on the chair after performing a grand bow towards the Gryffindor table. Just like his brother, it didn't take long for the hat to call out "SLYTHERIN!" and for Razz to join his twin. Over at the Gryffindor table, Oliver Wood could be heard crying about the loss of his Beaters.

Soon enough, Professor McGonagall was calling out names and placing the hat on the head's of first years.


Hadrian smiled as he looked around his new common room. It was cool and dark, green and black, with tasteful touches of silver around the room. It was very different from the Gryffindor common room which, while comfortable, was full of bright loud colors.

"Hadrian, you coming? I've already picked our room for us."

"Picked our room…?"

"Yes, didn't you know? While Hufflepuff and Gryffindor have a dorm room for everyone in their year, Slytherin and Ravenclaw students are separated, two people to a room."

Blinking in surprise, Hadrian followed Draco down the stairs to the boy's dorm. They stopped at a door labeled 'First Years' and Hadrian's eyebrow rose. But Draco walked into the room which turned out to be a miniature common room. Around the room were three different doors, each with two names on them. To the right was Crabbe and Goyle's room, to the left was Nott and Zabini's room, and directly across the room was Draco and Hadrian's room.

"This is the first year boy's common room. As you can see, it's a smaller version of the common room upstairs. Each year gets their own common room, in case they find it difficult to study in the general common room. Of course… we're also able to study in our bedrooms."

Draco led the way across the room to their door and stepped inside. Fairy lights cast a soft glow on the room and small windows looked out into the lake. On the right side of the room, Hadrian could see Draco's trunk already at the foot of the bed, his quills and parchment already on his desk with his books.

On the left side, Hadrian's trunk was still packed, but sitting at the end of his bed as well. The bed itself had silver sheets and pillows, with a thick green blanket made from the same velvet as the curtains. The curtains were green with silver embroidery, and as Hadrian looked closer he could see that the embroidery were snakes that slithered along the fabric.


The snakes all hissed "Hello" back and happily started to chat with him. Out of the corner of his eye, Hadrian could see Draco staring at him in shock. Oh, right, he hadn't revealed this to them yet.

Oh well, they'd find out anyway.

"Hadrian… you're a parselmouth?!"

"Yeah… so? It's not that big of a deal. It's like being a metamorphmagus, it's just an ability I have that most people don't."

Draco blinked in surprise, as he'd never heard it explained that way.

"Oh… well… Let's go to bed then. The Prefect said she'd show us around the castle if we got up early enough."

Hadrian nodded and changed into his pajamas, a purple ensemble made of satin. Draco, however, changed into silver acromantula silk pajamas. Both wished the other a good night and crawled into bed, quickly falling asleep.


The first few weeks of school went by quickly. Lucius and Narcissa sent a letter to all three of the Malfoy boys to congratulate them on making Slytherin. Ali and Razz were each gifted with a Nimbus 2000 and Draco was promised one, but since he was a first year he wasn't allowed to have it at school.

The first flying lesson went by smoothly, this time Neville didn't break anything and there were no altercations between the Gryffindors and Slytherins. Of course, Hadrian was sure the class wouldn't have been so pleasant if Ron had been sorted into Gryffindor.

Luckily, the red-head was placed in Hufflepuff. He'd actually received a Howler from his mother for that, which turned all of Hufflepuff house against Mrs. Weasley.

Potions also went by wonderfully, mostly because Hadrian had been staying with Snape for the past two years, but also because he was a Slytherin this time around.

The schedule was fairly easy to remember. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays he had Potions in the mornings with Gryffindor and he had it again on Friday afternoons. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, he had Charms with the Ravenclaws. On Tuesday mornings he had Transfiguration with the Hufflepuffs, on Tuesday afternoons he had History of Magic with the Ravenclaws, on Thursday mornings he had Defense against the Dark Arts with Hufflepuff, and Thursday afternoons were spent in Herbology with the Ravenclaws.

Currently, Hadrian was in History of Magic and was doodling on a sheet of parchment. Since he'd gotten into drawing after his kids had been born in his previous life and he'd had plenty of time to practice since then, he was actually pretty good at it. When he had first started he could barely draw a stick figure. Now he was trying to draw Professor Binns and still make him look "ghostly".

Glancing around, Hadrian noticed that all the Slytherins and half the Ravenclaws were sleeping. Huh… he'd thought it was just Hermione who could avoid becoming comatose when listening to Binns. Grinning, Hadrian took his quill and started to tickle Draco's nose with it.

The boy stirred in his sleep but didn't wake up, so for the next few minutes Hadrian increased his antics. Finally, Hadrian stuck the feather in the other boy's ear, which caused Draco to jump up and screech. All around the room, students jerked awake and Hadrian tried to stifle his laughter.

"Mr. Malfoy? Is something wrong?"

"Ah… no… I … I just… I was so into your lecture that I started feeling as if I was part of the Goblin Rebellion!"

Hadrian tried not to choke on his laughter as Malfoy turned bright red. But Professor Binns beamed at the blonde, his ghostly form seeming to take on a glow.

"Really? My teaching… my teaching did that?"

"…um… yes?"

A happy peaceful expression came over Binns' face and Hadrian started to realize that Binns actually WAS glowing.

"Aaaahhh… I am so… so happy."

And in a shower of what looked like fairy lights, Professor Binns faded away. For a minute there was silence… and then students started screaming. Some in horror, some in excitement. Hadrian looked at Draco in shock.

"You just… you sent Binns to the afterlife?!"


The Exorcism of Professor Binns quickly became the top piece of gossip in the school. Some students worshiped Draco for his "wonderful" plan and others, like Hermione, cursed him for "killing" a teacher. Within a week, the Daily Prophet was speculating about the "Murder of the Ghost Teacher" and Dumbledore was frantically trying to play the "Light Leader" and protect Draco while also shooting the boy nasty glares when he thought no one was looking.

Hadrian was kind of surprised that he'd never noticed this side of Dumbledore in his previous life.

It was the beginning of October when Hadrian was slipped a note by Severus about Lucius' lawyer, who wanted to meet him about his legal battle with Dumbledore. Severus had scheduled it for that Saturday at the Three Broomsticks.

It took two days to figure out how to get down to Hogsmead without getting caught, as he was still only a first year and not allowed, but Ali and Razz were happy to help. A small black candy turned Hadrian into a raven, whom Razz was happy to carry around on his shoulder as they went to Hogsmead. It wasn't until Razz and Ali had taken him into the private meeting room at the Three Broomsticks when they gave him a white seed to counter the effects of the candy.

"Well, that was an interesting bit of magic."

Hadrian, Ali, and Razz spun around and had their wands pointed before they took in the wizard standing in the door way. He was tall, with short dark hair and blue eyes. He wore smart robes that made him appear even taller then he was and showed off his lean body well.

"Well… excuse me, but I'm looking for Hadrian? I'm Sebastian Lestrange, Mr. Malfoy's lawyer."

Hadrian blinked in surprise.

"Lestrange? I thought there was only-"

"Yes, most overlook me because I'm not much more powerful than a squib. Now, if you are Hadrian Potter, are we going to sit down and discuss this, or are you going to hex me? Because, if so, I'd like to get it over with as soon as possible and make it back to the office."

All three boys lowered their wands and moved to sit down. Sebastian sighed and sat down as well, placing his suitcase on the table. With a few flicks of his wand, papers started to fly out and make piles.

"These are the documents from the goblin Ragnuk. These are all the documents proving which laws were breached by Albus Dumbledore. These are the documents you need to read over and sign for us to work together. These are the documents that you need to sign so that I may continue this course of action while you are at school. And this is the document you need to sign to prove to the court that you are of sound mind when you sign the rest of these documents."

Hadrian blinked at the piles and sighed as Sebastian held up a quill with a smirk. Next to him, Ali and Razz chuckled.

This was going to be a long meeting.


It wasn't until Halloween that the news made it into the Daily Prophet that Hadrian Potter was suing Albus Dumbledore for theft. Hadrian was eating a nice, quiet breakfast when the owls arrived and the shocked whispers started. Hadrian just leaned over and started to read Ali's copy.

Leader of Light, a Thief?!

By Rita Skeeter

Today I had the great opportunity to hear from secret sources, that Hadrian Potter, whose recently been seen in the company of Lucius Malfoy and his family, was using the Malfoy Family's lawyer to sue the Great Albus Dumbledore. According to Sebastian Lestrange, the lawyer, Professor Dumbledore stole hundreds of billions of dollars from the Potter account. Now, most would believe that this money would be used to raise the Potter heir in the lap of luxury. However, sources confirm that until Potter's first year at muggle primary school, he was abused and treated like a house-elf by his guardians. Gaurdians that Albus Dumbledore had chosen. More on Mr. Potter's childhood on Pg 2.

Gringotts Head Goblin was able to confirm that the amount of money that Albus Dumbledore took from the Potter accounts were well over 270 billion galleons. More on the expenses on Pg 3.

Hadrian smiled and continued his breakfast before leaving to head to DADA, where Ron Weasley scowled at him the entire time.

At lunch, Hadrian received a Howler.


Hissed exclamations of anger filled the Slytherin table as Hadrian looked at the red envelope in surprise as Mrs. Weasley's voice filled the hall.


The Howler then burst into flames and left ashes all over his plate. Blinking lazely, Hadrian vanished the contents on his plate before he reached for a new slice of toast. Next to him, Draco was growling.

"I can't believe that woman! Thinking she can order you around! She's not even related to you!"

"Actually, I believe Mrs. Weasley is my… eighth or ninth cousin?"

"… You do realize I'm closer related to you, right? I'm your fifth cousin from my mother's side of the family. And even I don't consider you closely enough related to boss you around."

"The Blacks? Oh yeah, Dorea Black did marry my grandpa, so we would be fairly closely related…"

"And, an eighth or ninth cousin is so distantly related that it doesn't even count anymore. Besides, she's only that closely related because she married Mr. Weasley. If she was still a Prewett, she'd be an eleventh or twelfth cousin to you."

Hadrian nodded and finished slathering his toast in marmalade and took a bite. He'd have to look over his family tree to see who he was related to and how close. He was fairly certain he didn't have any living relatives that were closer then fourth cousin, but better be safe then sorry.


Over the next few days, Hadrian and Draco were both surprised as the Hufflepuffs went to great lengths to befriend the Slytherins and talk about Mrs. Weasley's prejudiced ways. Seeing the benefits of getting on the Hufflepuffs good side, even the worst tempered Slytherins found themselves being polite to even the muggleborns of the house of badgers.

Even Severus Snape found himself being kinder to the general population of Hufflepuffs, though he still treated Ron Weasley like the impossibly dumb dunderhead that he was.

Soon enough it even made it into the fifth page of the Daily Prophet that Mrs. Weasley had made an enemy out of two houses at Hogwarts for her prejudiced mind and loud mouth. They even had an interview from Mrs. Weasley as she ranted about how useless Hufflepuffs were and how evil Slytherins were. After that article came out, even the Ravenclaws were starting to hang out with the Slytherins more. Gryffindor house found themselves in a civil war as some students sided with Mrs. Weasley and other students found that Slytherins weren't so bad when they went to hang out with their Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff friends.

Hexes were soon being sent through the halls on a daily basis by the Gryffindors as they fought with eachother. Hadrian was sort of glad that he was in Slytherin. Ali and Razz found that it was fun to sneak pranks to their friend Lee Jordan who used them on his fellow Gryffindors.

For an entire week, many of the Gryffindors found themselves singing lewd songs as they got within twenty feet of Professor McGonagall.