Falling hard for him

Chapter 1 Hating Him

CPOV Caroline's point of view

My life is different now I'm a vampire everything is heightened my emotions and personality, every time I get upset I can't help but cry and when I'm angry I lash out. I don't feel like myself anymore and I can't talked about this to anyone besides the Salvatore brothers who will understand how this feels Elena says she understands but what would she know about being a vampire she was a human girl with her whole life ahead of her. What makes things worse is that it's my birthday today and I'm stuck like this not even aging staying my teenage looking self, I might as well be dead.

There was a knock at my front door and I hesitantly walked to open it, I didn't want to answer it if it was Tyler. Since he has been sired to Klaus he doesn't act on his own terms he can't help but hurt me, so I made sure it wasn't Tyler at the door before even unlocking it. Luckily it was only Elena and Bonnie my two very best friends, I opened the door smiling knowing they come to see me.

"Hey Caroline, happy birthday" they both sang.

"Hey guys come on in" I said weakly not feeling in the mood to be celebrating my birthday because I had lost everything and nothing could cheer me up.

"What's up Caroline? You seem upset. Has something happened?" Elena bombarded me with all these questions I could only answer with,

"Everything is fine"

"Then why the depressed mood? " Bonnie asked looking very sincere.

"Just the same old drama Tyler the fact that my birthday means nothing now and of course the blood lust"

"Oh that's alright we don't have to have a big party if you don't want it's your choice" Bonnie announced obviously thinking I would defiantly want a party, but you know what I don't want a party.

"Ok no party then" their faces were shocked they couldn't believe what I had just said, me Caroline Forbes the party queen said she didn't want a party to celebrate my birthday.

"I can't believe you don't want a party this is so not you"

"Well it's the new me so deal with it" I walked them out the door and locked it after them not wanting to answer any more questions why I didn't want a party it was my business and they had to live with it, I'm not the girl I used to be.

Klaus has ruined my relationship with Tyler that stupid hybrid made my boyfriend one of his sired hybrids and I haven't got a clue how to help him. Well let's just get through today without anything bad happening like it normally does.

2 hours later…

There was a knock at my door, I hadn't been expecting anyone at this time since I told my best friends to get lost I really regret it because I didn't mean it. I jumped out of my bed to rush for the door, I peered through the window and found Elena, Bonnie and Matt, and they had I smile across their faces that I wasn't expecting after today's earlier tantrum that ended with me throwing them out my house. I opened the door with a fake smile trying to convince them I was happy to see them but actually didn't really care if they had just left me alone.

"Hey guys what's up?" I asked.

"Well since you didn't want a birthday party because you think there's no point since you dead an all, so we decided to throw you a funeral instead to say good-bye to your old life and to the old Caroline" Elena announced and I didn't know why but I thought it was a good idea even though Tyler won't be with me because of his sire bond it felt like I could be happy on my birthday. I really hated Klaus.