Brittany Lopez –Pierce is married to her high school sweetheart Santana Lopez-Pierce together, Brittany works with her good friend Mike Chang at their dance studio they opened it when they first left college, it took a long time for it to be up an running seeing as the studio was once an old warehouse, they completely renovated it themselves with the help of their glee club friends and their family and now the studio is the best known dance studio in New York City, Santana is a well-known Lawyer she has represented the biggest names in history including her rock star friend the one and only Noah Puckerman who is really big in the Rock "n" Roll world but she hasn't given up on her singing she is also a vocal coach for some of the biggest known singers including Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones.

The couple married 1 year out of college and had their first baby at the age of 24, Santana carried their first child, but they made sure to get some of Brittany's traits, so who other than, Brittany's 3rd cousin John, the family never see him because he lives all the way out in Asia and he promised the couple that the child will only referred to him as Uncle John, so there it was 9 months later and a broken hand later was their first child Elijah Mike Lopez-Pierce, he looked so much like Santana his tan skin jet black hair but his eyes, they were blue and they looked like Brittany's, and he had the famous Lopez fire to him, when Elijah was two years old, They tried for another baby this time Brittany carried the baby and they used Santana's older brother, Brittany ended up pregnant with twins two baby girls, when the babies were born they named their two little princesses baby A was named Kaylee Quinn Lopez-Pierce and baby B was named Sophia Tina Lopez-Pierce the twins were spitting images of Brittany blonde hair pale skin but their eyes were dark chocolate brown much like their Mami's, When the twins grew their personality's started to grow Kaylee was such an innocent Naïve kid who was kind to everybody wasn't the smartest kid in the world but she was like her mum her heart was made of gold, as for Sophia she was like Santana, her mission was to make her twin cry she was a sneaky kid and she spent a lot of the time on the naughty chair but when one day a Santana took 7 year old Elijah and 5 year old Kaylee and Sophia to the park and the twins were in the sandbox with another little boy and he was making fun of Kaylee and Sophia for have two mummy's and called Kaylee stupide, Kaylee ran to her mother's crying but Sophia stood her ground and kicked sand in the kids face and made him go crying which meant that the little boys mothers was getting angry at Sophia which made Santana go into full blown mama bear mode making a struggling to get free of her wife's grip to go grip this woman's head off and shove It up her ass a year later when the twins turn 6 and Elijah was 8 they decided to have another baby, 9 months later baby Mason Noah Lopez-Pierceand looked the exact same as Santana except for the blue eyes was born and one month later Santana's brother was over in Asia with Brittany's cousin John the twins biological father, they were killed in a gas leak which lead to an explosion, it took the couple several months to get over that

Present day, Elijah is 17 and in his junior year they twins are in their freshman year and mason is in his seventh year, it is 6:00am in the morning and all Santana can hear from her master bedroom was yelling and a lot of bustling around so groaned and got out of bed she opened her bedroom door to be nearly run over by mason who was running towards his room just as she was about to take another step when she was nearly knocked over again she caught glimpse of a blonde head and she shouted at the blonde child and she called after them "SOPHIA TINA LOPEZ-PIERCE, MASON NOAH LOPEZ-PIERCE, no corriendo en la casa que se cae y se rompe el cuello ahora volver aquí los dos, no te atrevas a tratar de escabullirse señorita Lopez-Pierce, ven y dime por qué está huyendo de su hermana mirando asustada y me dices lo que ha hecho para hacerle huir de ti buscando tanto miedo" her children came walking back to their mother "mami mason went in my room and put his stupide gross frog on my bed and when I came out of the shower it was on my pillow and I found him hiding in my closet said Sophia "THAT'S NOT TRUE" screamed mason "dios hijo, indisde voices" winced Santana " sorry anyway I didn't put him on your bed he hopped out of my room and I went to go and get him before you noticed and then I heard you coming out of the shower and I got scared so I hid in your closet said mason " alright say sorry both of you" they both mumbled a sorry and walked off into different directions, Santana walked down the stairs she walked into the kitchen where Kaylee was texting and Elijah was eating his breakfast she kissed the top of Kaylee's head and ruffled Elijah's hair and went and stood behind her wife's and wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her neck "good morning" said Santana Brittany smiled and said good morning back, she unwrapped herself from her wife's grip and kissed her forehead, she continued packing the kids lunches, she sat down near her son and he got up put his breakfast in the sink and came back and stood near his Mami, and she looked up at him and he stared down at her, he placed himself into her lap and pulled them back so that they landed on the floor and they were both laughing, and Santana got Elijah in to a head lock, but he squirmed out of it and lifted his mother on his shoulder and walked to the living room and dumped her on the couch, and jumped on top of her " god Hijo why are you so strong I remember when you were just a little fella and would always get mad when I beat him at wrestling said a laughing Santana, " I just wanted to prove that I am stronger no- he was cut off by Santana he grabbed him and him down on to the couch and started prepping kiss all over his cheeks and forehead "Mami' he whined " what you are never too old or cool to get kisses from your Mami she said pinching his cheeks Brittany walked to the living room and leaned against the wall laughing at her wife and son, " okay Elijah go and get ready for school, Elijah got off the couch and walked to his room, Santana walked over to her wife and wrapped her arms around Brittany's neck and kissed her on the lips, Brittany responded by putting one hand on the small of her back and the other hand was going down Santana side and she made it to Santana's ass and gave it a little squeeze, just when Sophia came walking down the stairs and groaned " guys keep it for the bedroom other people live her also" whined Sophia " don't worry baby we will winked Santana which made another groan coming from sophia