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But then again, she never really understood artists and their paintings, 'Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder.' She mused, staring at the picture of a ship of some sort.

She unconsciously tapped her foot, not even noticing the sound of her heel clicking on the marble floor until a calloused hand landed on her knee just below her pencil skirt, "Foot tapping is closely associated with anxiety," A low accented voice said in her ear, "Are you nervous?"

Kagome glanced over, seeing an older man who had sat down on the bench beside her, though she hadn't paid him much attention until now, "Just impatient," She decided to humour him, eyeing the hand still on her knee with ambivalence, "I don't like to wait."

"Who could possibly leave such a beautiful woman like you waiting?" The man said and she had to admit he was pretty charming with his good looks and enticing accent, but she knew not to fall under the spell.

After all, to her, no one could be more charming than Miroku.

"Someone who doesn't appreciate me," Kagome sighed dramatically, thinking of Sesshoumaru and how he forced her to meet him here for some business meeting with his British colleagues just so she could be eye-candy, "He really is a bastard," She said with a smile and glanced over at the man, "You looked just as uninterested to be here as I am, Mr. ...?" She noticed that and it certainly wasn't the only thing she noticed about him.

He possessed the body of a killer.

And possibly that of a womanizer.

"Bond. James Bond." The man said smoothly and looked like he was about to ask her something, probably for her name, but he seemed a bit befuddled when a young male suddenly sat very closely to his side on his right.

She was relieved that his hand finally and quickly left its place from her knee and kind of enjoyed the slightly awkward silence that proceeded to unfold.

"I don't mean to interrupt," The man, who held boyishly cute looks, seemed amused, "But it always makes me a little melancholy," Bond, as she now knew him as, stared at him and so did she, as best as she could from the other side of James, "A grand old warship being hauled away to scrap. The inevitably of time, don't you think?" He glanced back to the painting, "What do you two see?"

"A bloody big ship." James anwered, a bit of irritation coating his tone.

"A bunch of colours being put together for others to gawk at for no real reason," Kagome shrugged and the black-haired male seemed interested in her answer, "Such a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Bond, but I'll leave you alone now that your... companion is here," It was obvious to all that companion meant boyfriend, "Have fun playing assassin." With that, she walked away with an amused smile.

"Intriguing little bird, isn't she?" The younger male asked and James attempted to excuse himself to go after her because he needed to know what exactly she meant by that last statement; she could be a spy for all he knew, "007, I'm your new Quartermaster." He revealed.

Well, it seemed the woman would have to wait...

For now.