"Alright, what is it you want, Madam Mayor?" Emma asked, strolling into the aforementioned woman's office. She looked over at the slightly older woman. "Oh my God… You look terrible!"

"Miss Swan, I would prefer it if you didn't-" Regina cut herself off with a loud sneeze. "If you weren't rude to me."

"Regina… You really don't look too good."

Regina was sick. And not just 'cold virus' sick, really sick. For a naturally tan woman, her skin was pallid. The woman looked entirely fragile.

"I'm-" Sneeze. "Perfectly-" Sneeze. "Fine." Cough.

"No you are not. Get up, you're going home."

"Miss Swan, I would prefer if you didn't dictate what I do. I'm perfectly fine."

"Regina, get up. I'm going to drive you home."

"I don't need-" Two sneezes. "You to look after-" Sneeze. "Me!" She got up to prove her strength.

Emma stepped forward, sighing. "You may not want my help, you may think you don't need it, but you do. There's no way I'm letting you drive yourself home."

Regina narrowed her eyes at the blonde woman, the gesture making her eyes fall completely close and her body start to gently sway. Before she could fall, Emma caught her.

She sighed into the embrace, giving in to her unwell state and nodding against Emma's shoulder. "I'll go home." She muttered.

Not only had Emma managed to convince Regina to go home, she'd so far got her to change and get into her bed.

The blonde brought up some soup for the sick woman, only to find that she was soundly asleep.

"Emma?" Regina muttered as she awoke, bringing herself up into a sitting position.

Just a few moments later her bedroom door opened. "You called?"

"How did you hear that?" The brunette looked at the Sheriff, confused.

Emma pointed to a device on the bedside table. "I found a baby monitor set in a drawer in Henry's room." She said sheepishly.

"Why were you in Henry's room?"

"Looking for a baby monitor set."

Regina shrugged, yawning and hearing her stomach growl. Before she could ask, Emma interrupted. "I'll bring you some food."

"Th-thank you. For looking after me." Regina whispered to Emma, who was seated on the edge of her bed.

"Hey, it's no trouble. We wouldn't want Henry getting sick either now, would we?"

Regina looked down at her restless hands, toying with the edge of her bed sheet. "Of course."

"Or you getting any worse." Emma leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on Regina's temple. The action had the brunette looking at her, confused. "I'm going to run you a nice bath, and then once you're in I'll go pick Henry up from school. Okay?"

The Mayor just nodded dumbly, still a little in shock from the soft kiss.