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I stormed round my room for a short while. To scared to go downstairs and face the moronic dog that I could hear pacing down there, ranting very loudly.

As far as prision cells went, mine was nice I realised as I took time to look arround it. It was clearly the guest bedroom, large with pale brown walls. It had a similar charm to it that most homes on the Rez had. There was a large photo of a woolf on one wall, that made me crack a small smile. There was a large double bed taking up mot the bedroom with a few fluffy throws over it, and scatter pillows... ALOT of scatter pillows... this did look like quite a feminine room. There must be a girl who decorated it.

Why had Jake done this? He must know that I would hate him for doing somthing like this. I would kill him, and that was if I was in a nice mood! Or a merciful mood. Yeh, I know I couldn't really kick the crap out of werewolf but it really was an entertaining thought.

After the worst of the ranting had stopped and it was quitet (Jake had clearly left) I decided to go explore this house, I would have tried to make a run for it but there was probably a guard dog hanging round here somewhere. The house was beautiful, quite small and quaint. It smelled beautiful, someone was baking, I could tell.

I quickly found the source of the smell, in the small kitchen there was a small quillute girl, flitting round from surface to surface adding ingredients into a giant mixing bowl. Having heard me she turned to look at me. Her face was the most shocking thing abotu her. One side of her face was covered in long scars, pulling her face down in a grimace. She would have been so beautiful without those scars. Even with those scars marring her face she had a sort of unreal beauty.

"Hi!" she chirped, "You're bella right? I'm Emily, Sam's fiancee, I know we haven't met each other but I've heard so much about you from the boys and Sam that I feel like I already know you!" she gently hugged me. Oh, Sam was engaged, I had heard about her. Did she know what her fiancee was?

"Do you know what they've done?" I asked quietly, almost afraid to talk.

"They're trying to help you," Emily frowned slightly "I may not agree with their methods but they just want to help you Bella, all of them,"

"But they took me from my family!" tears welled in my eyes and Emily looked a bit startled, before calming herself down.

"Bella," she started "What future do you have with them? Sure you love the Vampire," Well tghat made it clear she knew Everything "but he'll never age and you'll get old and grey!"

"But he could change me!"

Emily looked furious "You really want to be one of them? A monster, It doesn't matter if you eat animals, you'll always crave the blood, no human will be safe arround you. You could never have your own children... Grandchildren! Thats a life, not being frozen in place," her face softened again. "Bella, We're tring to make sure you live, if you stay with them... you'll die. Now! Off such morbid topics, wanna help me make some cupcakes?" She indicated toward the masses of ingredient splattered round the kitchen.

"I-I think im gonna go upstairs," I stuttered before making a run for it.

Sure Emily seemed nice, I though to myself as I fell onto my bed, But she was on their side, she was keeping me from Edward. A small pian riped through my chest just thinking his name. I slowly started to cry, not loud sobs like I thought I would but small quiet tears that leaked from the corners of my eyes. I stayed like that until I drifted into an uneasy sleep.

"Bella, we've got a pack meeting and I have to go and seeing as I'm not letting you out of mine or any of the others sight, you're coming with us."

Jacob had barged into my room and was now looming over me as I lay on the bed, he had woken me up... the mutt.

I scowled at Jacob. How dare he! He was trying to drag me to the stupid pack meeting. Jakes face suddenly looked concerned. "Have you been crying Bells?" he asked.

I didn't even dignify him with an answer.

"I hate you Jacob Black, I'm not moving one inch! What happens to me is none of your bizznezz" I was sat crossed legged on the bed. I wouldn't move, why should I? Unless the destination was home or the Cullen's I wasn't interested.

"Bella" Jacob said in a warning tone, "We'll just make you come anyway, willingly or not."

I knew that he meant what he said but I didn't care; I was going to be so difficult they would practically throw me back over the line toward the Cullens.

"Nope." I popped my lips on the "p". Without warning Jacob quickly grabbed me and carried me bridal style. I kicked and screamed at him. I think I called him all the bad names I knew. Which I was very surprised to learn... was alot.

"Woah! Sailor mouth Bella!" It was Quil, he was standing on the porch as Jacob carried me out.

He continued to carry me all the way down the road. Idiotic dog. I was kicking and screaming the entire way. He went all the way to his house. I continued pointlessly fighting and yelling at him until he plopped me down on the sofa. All the rest of the pack was there. I glared at them.

"You should have just came Bells," Jacob grinned.

"I hate you Jacob! Let me go!" I turned to look at all the other wolves, "you cannot be supporting him in this!" I half yelled at them.

"Hell yeah! We're with Jake all the way, we really like you and don't want you to go get yourself killed!" Jared answered. I had to resist rolling my eyes, dumb dogs.

"You know I could just as easily get killed here, via a certain pack of wolves! This is just as dangerous!" I argued.

Sam walked in at that minute. All the rest of the pack stopped talking. I glared at him and was met with a look of seriousness and anger that I didn't understand, he also looked…upset, like I had betrayed him. Well in a sense I had, I had ran back off to the Cullen's when they left me, when I should have stayed with the pack. Though, how could I not go back to the Cullen's? It was impossible not to.

"Yeah, but we wouldn't drain you dry or turn you into a filthy, disgusting, blood sucking parasite" I flinched at Quil's harsh words.

"yeh?" I was suddenly into rant mode, "I met Emily! I can pretty much guess what heppened to her! Which one of you got a little bit pissed off? How the fuck am I safe with things that can do that to a person!"

I shot a pleading look at Billy Black, who only shook his head; he was obviously siding with the others.

"Okay! Okay!" Sam's voice reverberated round the room; all the wolves stopped their conversations and turned to look at their Alpha. "I've called this pack meeting because we successfully got Bella while the blood suckers were "hunting" and we've brought her back to the reservation. The question is what now?" Sams face was cold. I must have hit a nerve with my Emily rant.

Jacob was the first to speak up.

"She'll be able to go to school on the reservation, no vampires here"

"And one of us will always be round her" Jared chimed in. I gave him a glare but all that happened was he gave me a glare that was twice as bad back. Let me just say this, werewolves can give evil looks.

Pure evil looks.

I quickly quieted down. A thought drifted to my mind,

"But what about Charlie? He'll be heart-broken when he finds me gone! He's all I got! Please don't do this to him! I'm his only family! Just think what it will do to him!"

Sam looked taken aback by my words, then smiled pleasantly, almost snidely.

"He knows Bella, he thinks you're here for your own safety, that's it, he will be able to speak to you on the phone, that was his one condition. You're stuck here Bella, we all care about you, all of us. We got close to you when we had to protect you from that Victoria, who's still out there might I add."

I was agape. Stupid dogs! They had thought of everything! I found it hard trying to find a way out of this.

"But, my stuff, my clothes!" I tried.

"We brought it here" Jared laughed.

"No you didn't because the psychic pixie kidnapped my wardrobe and has it at the Cullen's!" I retorted. Okay I'm grasping straws here, but if they got me out of here it was worth it right?

There was a few raised eyebrows at my use of the term "Psychic Pixie" I looked at them.

"Alice Cullen, she has most my stuff," I finished lamely.

"Well, the girls will take you shopping for new clothes." Sam simply replied. Ugh! Werewolves!

"We've already got you into La Push high. So no worries," Quil said. I remember seeing that school when I was a La Push last time. The big wooden log shack which was poorly funded, had holes in the roof and everyone coming out of there with a bog-standard education.

"You'll go by the name Bella Uley, but we'll all call you Bells." Jacob said.

"Jake you've lost it! All of you have! Let me go home! Now!" I yelled at them jumping up onto my feet, throwing my hands in the air. Jacob got up and grabbed my wrists to stop them flailing roung, I was pitifully weak compared to jake, so I had to go back to my usual glaring at him. Sam just shook his head. "I'm sorry Bella, but we're doing this for your own good."

"My own good? How the HELL would you know what's best for me! You don't know me, you know the girl Charlie has told you about. That's not me. And who the hell is Bella Uley?" I asked totally going off topic, why would they be giving me a new name?

"Sam's sister. One who's been with his dad god knows where, her dad left her so she tried to find her family and came and found her brother Sam and Emily who took her in." Jake said. Wow he had thought his through. I scoffed.

"Don't you think this might just anger the Cullen's a little bit? Or Charlie? His daughter taking a new name!?"

"Why should it,the Cullens, they left you before." I felt the old would in my chest rip open at the memory. "and Charlie is aware and supports us."

I was on my own here, I knew they couldn't cross the border, and I had no chance of getting cross it because of the hell-bent-loony wolves keeping me here.

I was trapped.

I was alone.

Very alone.

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