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To say that E. Aster Bunnymund hated the sleigh was a huge understatement. But as much as he would have liked to think that he could have been faster, the tunnels were not really a fast or safe way to travel when bringing an injured spirit along for the ride. And so he had taken one of his egglets, painted a message on it, and sent it down a tunnel to the North Pole.

It would have been fine for Jack to just stay here, at first. But then weeks passed and Bunny was getting worried; winter was not as cold as it used to be in December, and Jack was in what now qualified as a comatose state rather than tired sleeping.

And then one day Jack's forehead had begun to burn up.


Tooth flittered around the room nervously, shooting out directions to her mini fairies at an even more rapid pace than usual, if that was even possible. Sandy had yet to arrive, and North had all called them into the globe room at the North Pole with only three words.

"Jack's in trouble."

Just then, Sanderson ManSnoozie floated in through the window, looking very confused and worried. He noticed Toothiana and began to form a picture of Jack and a question mark, but the half-formed images dissolved when the Tooth Fairy shook her head. "I don't know either, Sandy. What do you think happe-"

They were cut off as North strode into the room, slipping out last-minute orders to the yetis outside. Tooth and Sandy were upon him like hawks on prey, one spouting questions non-stop and the other with rapidly changing figures overhead. North put up his hands in surrender. "Sandy! Tooth! Calm down! Jack is here! I do not know full story! Bunny brought him!" That calmed them a bit, but as soon as the Guardian of Hope brought Jack in, limp in his arms, they were all in full panic mode.

"Jack! Oh, sweet tooth!"

Jack - sand - Pitch - ? - nightmare

"Bunny, vhat happened-"

"Calm down!" The voice of the Pooka brought them all to a stop. "Jack is sick righ' now. Our Jack. Jack Frost. An' he's still sick. Time fer askin' questions later, he needs help, mate!"

The last four words seemed to break some invisible spell on the entire group, and they all hastily gathered wet towels and cleared out a bed. "Tooth, catch!" Tooth wasn't sure who that was, either Bunny or North, but she raised her hand to neatly catch a pillow and slide it on the bed just seconds before Jack's head was lowered onto it. The only times they could work together in perfect sync before was when in times of battle or emergencies, but now they found themselves silently in tandem with each other in a routine not spoken but thoroughly understood.

Jack being sick ranked extremely high in their level of emergencies.

Somewhere in the middle of trying to cool his fever, Jack woke up halfway. "Mmm... Mom?" he mumbled, weakly raising a hand in an attempt to grab her hand. "Shh, sweet tooth, don't worry. Everything's fine," she whispered, running a hand through his snowy white hair. The teen whimpered. "Mom, it hurts." "Don't worry, honey, it'll go away soon," Tooth assured, looking back to throw the others a panicked look, mouthing 'We need painkillers'. North nodded and rushed out of the room.

He returned a few cruelly long minutes later, an assortment of pills in his hands. "Sandy, help," he said as he spread them out on a desk. The Sandman floated over to help him find the right pills, as Bunny hopped over to the bed. "Yer goin' ta be okay, Fros'bite. Don' worry." Sandy squinted at the label on a green container, and then pushed it into Tooth's arms, putting up two fingers. Tooth understood immediately, grabbing a nearby cup, filling it with water, and turned to Jack. "Sweet tooth, we need you to swallow some pills. Do you think you can do that?" "Mmhmm..," Jack moaned, nodding his head. "Alright, honey. Water," Tooth said, guiding the cup to Jack's lips. After helping him swallow the pills, they carefully laid him back on the pillow. Bunny read the back of the container, seeing the words 'May cause sleepiness.', and asked, "Jack, are ya feelin' sleepy?"

Jack tried to answer, but his eyelids struggled to stay open. The fatigue and fever won and he slipped back into unconsciousness.

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