Okay guys, I'm really sorry for all this unnecessary stuff, but I HAD to do this; there was a hater on my story! :D

Yes, that was a smiley face. I've never had a hater before! :D

From: no (Guest)

no:I find it very disrespectful and selfish on your part to be fishing for
reviews and holding the story hostage, only updating when you have a certain amount of reviews. Are you serious? That is just incredibly rude and annoying.
How could you call yourself a writer when your that greedy for reviews? Is
that the only reason you write stories? The moment I saw that note on the
bottom of the chapter asking for 10one notes, all my respect for the story and for you were lost.

My response (after I finished smiling): Well, sorry for liking reviews. And tell that to the other million writers that do stories this way; I just wanted to, uh, what's the term... "Jump on the bandwagon"? I think you'd like to know that I stopped doing that, but what really pissed me off was "how can you call yourself a writer". For all I care, my opinion is that ANYONE can call themselves a writer, as long as they've written SOMETHING. Heck, you're a guest, so I don't know what you write, but I'm pretty sure it's great! And you can lose all the respect; does it look like I care? As long as someone wants to read this, hater or not, I'm happy because someone gets something to read. I don't care.

Have a nice day and keep writing! Sorry that I've offended you; no sarcasm included. Bye! :)