Beads of sweat where forming on Maura's forehead, she could feel her heart beating in her throat, fear ringing in her ears, as she fought back the tears. And yet Jane appeared so calm, she still sounded authoritive even though her brother was dying on the table in front of her as rogue cop pointed a gun at her. Maura admired that the whole time Jane managed to stall Bobby by talking calmly to him while staying stood firmly between him and herself.

However, although Jane appeared calm, this couldn't be further from the truth, she didn't know who to worry for more, her brother had now stopped mumbling the little bit of sense that he had been making before and was now lying completely silently, or Maura who had already been threatened by Bobby. And if Jane lost either of them she would lose everything, Frankie: her brother, and Maura not only her colleague but her best friend who she loved. Maura was one of the only people outside the family that Jane trusted with her life, that's when Jane realized that wasn't true, because Maura had become family! And it was this need to protect two people who she truly loved that made this situation so hard

Bobby's voice brought Jane out of her thoughts and back to reality, as he was explaining his plan, the downfall of most criminals, because they get cocky and feel the need to explain to people just how intelligent they really are. Jane knew this all too well. He told Jane how he was going to claim that he was the in the building trying to help save the officers trapped inside but how only he got out alive

'so im just going to sit tight, and wait to be rescued' he smiled smugly, not lowering his hand gun from Jane at any point he bent down and picked up the rapid fire machine gun that one of his accomplices had been using before taking fire himself.

'that is, after I shoot the three of you' he shrugged showing no guilt for what he was about to do

Jane moved even closer to Maura taking hold of her arm as a sign of support as well as giving Jane the ability to push or move Maura at any moment if needed. Jane squeezed Maura's arm, only for a moment but it was enough that Maura could tell Jane was truly worried, bringing tears to Maura's eyes forcing her to try harder to repress them.

He knew he had to kill them, because they knew the truth, and even watching as Jane stood protecting her friend who was finding it harder and harder to fight back the tears he felt surprisingly little guilt.

Then another males voice filled the room, causing Bobby to take his eyes off Jane for the first time

'Give it up Bobby' Korsak's voice was the best thing Jane had ever heard at this moment as she realized that Maura had been secretly transmitting the whole conversation via walky talky ensuring that Bobby wouldn't be allowed to get away with his plan. Jane had a moment of pure pride in Maura, 'that's why shes the brains of the team' Jane thought

Bobby however was less proud as panic began to set in, he realized that he needed to adapt his plan and so he strapped the machine gun to his back and pointed the hand gun back towards Jane. He grabbed Jane by the arm turning her so that his arm was around her neck with the pistol aimed point blank at her head. Jane still had hold of Maura's arm, Maura trying her hardest to keep Jane with her, until she was pulled from her.

'NO!' Maura shouted as she watched Bobby violently removed Jane from the room, the look of fear flooded Jane's face, a sight that not many saw often, as she looked helplessly into Maura's eyes begging over and over in her mind that Maura would make it out of this. Then there was silence as Maura was left completely useless to help Jane, however still she managed to fight back the tears, because as soon as she was sure that they were out of sight she made a run for the exit, either to get help or at least to keep a distant eye on Jane.

'Bobby please, its over, you're never going to get away with it so just give it up' Jane tried to sound as calm as possible but was fully aware that her voice was breaking from fear, as she was forced out of the police building in front of Korsak, Frost and a whole team of people all with their eyes fixed on Bobby weapons drawn, knowing that none of them could take the shot because he was holding Jane too tight.

And so they all watched both Bobby and Jane unable to rescue their colleague and more importantly their friend.

'please Bobby, just let me go, please, please' Jane continued to beg him to let her go, for the first time since Hoyt she didn't mind appearing weak, or like she needed saving, because as much as she hated to admit it she was scared.

Jane's panic became more apparent as she started to shout to her team

'shoot him! Just shoot him! Or Frankie isn't going to make it!' even in a moment of life and death Jane was worried about her brother's safety over hers, and although she was safe when Jane had been taken from her, the fear that Maura could still get hurt was like a weight in her stomach.

It was thinking about both Maura and Frankie and how she could possibly insure their safety that Jane decided to act, she knew that she had to stop Bobby and so in a moment of surprising calmness Jane knew what she must do. She took hold of Bobby's hand and pulled it as hard as she could down into her stomach until she could feel the barrel of the gun dig into her, and before Bobby had a chance to realize what she was doing and fight back against her she pulled the trigger. The bullet tearing through her body causing agonizing pain, but only for a moment as then everything went numb.

The next moments unraveled in slow motion, as Maura, who had made it outside only to see her best friend get shot as a spray of blood burst from Bobby's back, Frost and Korsak all seemed to freeze in disbelief at what had happened.

It was Maura that moved first, as she ran to Jane watching as she fell to the floor, it was now that Maura couldn't fight back the tears anymore, as they streamed down her cheeks. Korsak and Frost knew now that they had to act fast.

And so they pulled Bobby away from Jane as they checked him for life signs knowing that even thought they hated it they could do nothing for Jane, and so should allow Maura to lead, and do only as instructed

'Korsak I need you to keep pressure on the exit wound' she demanded in the most authoritive voice that she could, trying to stay as professional as possible so that she didn't simply break down when she was needed most. Maura used a towel that was passed to her and placed it over the entry wound on Janes stomach.

'Jane can you hear me? you're going to be ok? You hear me! Jane I need you to stay with me, oh god please stay with me' she begged. Jane's ears were ringing from the noise of the gun shot however even though all else was muffled to her she could hear Maura's voice clear as always, she wished for more than anything to apologize to her but coudnt find the words, and so as tears escaped from her eyes as she placed her hand on Maura's and squeezed it as tightly as she could, before her eyes closed and her hand went limp, the last conscious thought she had was that at least Maura was safe.


'no no no no! Jane listen to me, you need to open your eyes, Jane please! Please just do this for me' Maura pleaded and begged, the sight of her keeping pressure on Jane and not giving in as tears flowed from her, broke Frost's heart as he stood lost in the chaos of the moment, until the flickering blue lights of the ambulance arrived and he kicked into a professional mind yet again

'over here' he gestured to the two paramedics that exited the van, as he led them to Jane. Together they moved her to a stretcher and into the back of the van, Maura got in without any hesitation, she knew that she would be help to them, however her main reason was that no one could make her leave Jane. No one.


Maura jolted herself awake, beads of sweat pouring from her as she panted trying to work out where she was. She realized that she was in a hospital chair, the same one she had spent most of the last week in, the soft humming and beeping of various medical machines filling the room. She rubbed her eyes to try and leave her nightmare behind.

Maura slowly pulled herself out of the very thinly padded chair and pulled it closer to the bed in which Jane was asleep. Maura settled herself back in the chair and took Jane's hand in her own for support and comfort. She had been so lonely the past week, even when Jane was awake she wasn't her usual stubborn, sarcastic self, Maura couldn't wait for when Jane was able to leave the hospital so that she could be back in her own house, because it was evident to Maura that Jane hated being here more than she did, she missed her own bed, her own sofa, Jo Friday and as much as she hated to admit it she missed Bass.

but neither Maura nor Jane could complain at being in the hospital room over the last week because at least Jane was alive, she had been lucky, other than serious healing time, she would be mostly unaffected after her healing time was up, although she would carry the scars for ever. Tears fell from Maura's eyes as she stroked Jane's hand, running her fingers over the scars she already wore,

'she already has so many scars' Maura thought to herself, more tears rolled down her cheeks. She wanted to be able to fix this, she would give anything to have Jane wake up healthy and happy, making some sarcastic comment, and never having to remember any of this, not the shooting, or fear Maura wanted so badly to erase Bobby and the fear that Hoyt had already instilled. But she knew this was not possible and so she would have to support her friend the best she could and help her back to being her usual self.

Maura, settler herself back into the chair before drifting off into what she wished was a far better dream than the memories of that day. Jane's hand still in hers.