Jane woke up in the morning after several hours of solid sleep, void of all nightmares and any memories of that day. Allowing her to be filled with the memories of last night instead, a smile washed over her as she rolled over, expecting to find a still sleeping Maura, however she was greeted with nothing more than half a made bed. Although she was disappointed she wasn't worried and so instead decided to get up and see where Maura was at.

Jane managed to get up with ease, although there was still pain she was doing better than was expected, after two weeks they believed that she would still be on complete bed rest, however she knew that she was no longer in danger and she knew that Maura wouldn't let her push herself to hard. And so Jane felt great, the only times that she caused herself too much pain was if she moved too quickly or laughed but it was nothing compared to what it had been. And all thanks went to Maura for not making her stay in hospital but allowing her to recover…the Rizzoli way.

Jane entered the main room of the apartment where she found Maura dashing about tidying up, well what little there was to clean up, which in Maura's kitchen and living room was always minimal anyway

"Morning" Jane beamed as she spoke, in her mind she would stroll in to the living room, kiss Maura hello and then ask what was for breakfast. However the stunned expression on Maura's face upon her speaking brought home the realization that this wasn't going to happen.

"Oh morning, I hope you slept ok, I was just about to head out to the shops, we…I am out of croissants…I don't even know how it happened usually I always have enough for breakfast" Maura's ramble had hit a speed that Jane had never witnessed before

"Hey its ok I'm happy with anything"

"No, no its fine you need a suitable breakfast, ill just head out to get some" worry was now growing within Jane, was Maura freaking out?! The one thing that Jane couldn't handle would be if Maura freaked out over last night and distanced herself from Jane, especially now. And so Jane walked straight over to Maura placing her hand under Maura's chin just as she had done last night to gain eye contact.

"Maura, talk to me, what's going on in that brain of yours" the fact that Maura was still avoiding eye contact caused Jane's stomach to flip with fear, until finally she spoke

"I…we…last night was wrong…I mean no not wrong but…I was wrong… I'm meant to be protecting you….looking after you…you're vulnerable and I took advantage of that…of you" Maura's words sent relief throughout Jane's body in waves. So much so that she began to chuckle. Of course leaving Maura confused but the unexpected response

"Maura you didn't take advantage, and I may be vulnerable in so many ways but the last two weeks have shown me just how much I need you…how much I want you, and if I've learnt anything its that life is unstable, anything can take it all away and so you need to grab what you want and hold on to it" Jane knew she wasn't very good at these emotional heart to heart conversations but she had a whole speech buzzing around her head. Thankfully she didn't need to continue as Maura leant in capturing Jane's lips.

This kiss was less gentle than last night, but the passion was greater, both of them kissing the other one intensely after the fear that they thought the other one may have rejected them. Maura pushed Jane against the work surface, causing a deep groan from Jane. Passion rising between them. Jane pushed back against Maura and forced her against the fridge/ freezer. Smiling as she did in a way that Maura could feel while they were still kissing.

Maura grabbed hold of the bottom of Jane's pj top and pulling it up, breaking the kiss for a moment as she pulled it over Jane's head, revealing a completely naked chest, and that perfectly toned stomach, her side still padded, but with minimal bruising around it. Maura knew that it would be a scar that would bother Jane, a memory of a day she would rather forget but Maura knew that to her, it would be a beautiful scar of an awful day, but that sent things into motion. She slid her arms round the bare waist and leant back in to kiss Jane just as passionately as before, as her hands explored the smoothness of Jane's back.

Both women now moving together towards the bedroom neither of them breaking the kiss. Jane found the zip on the back of Maura's dress, slowly she unzipped it knowing that as soon as the dress was gone both of them would have gone far beyond the line of friendship. But this didn't stop Jane, in fact it encouraged her, and so she slipped the shoulder straps of the dress from Maura and let the dress fall effortlessly from her body, revealing a white lace bra that hugged the perfectly pale chest of the women before her, and a pair of matching laced panties.

Maura gently pushed Jane back onto the bed, she blushed slightly as her bare back met the cold sheets of the bed. a bed that had been a place of support and safety was now becoming a place of love. Maura crawled seductively on top of Jane her right knee between Jane's legs. Their kiss deepened, allowing their tongues to dance around one another.

Jane's hands wandering all over Maura's back until it reached her bra clasp, with minimal effort Jane managed to unhook the lace bra, sliding the straps down over Maura's shoulders before Maura removed it completely, throwing it on the floor and allowing her bare chest to be exposed. Maura leant back in to kiss Jane, lips to lips, chest to chest, skin to skin. Maura took hold of the waistband to Jane's pj bottoms and pulled them down to her knees, Jane's stomach tensed immediately with the movement, her whole body was throbbing, She kicked off the bottoms as quickly as she could. Jane couldn't deny that she needed as much as she wanted Maura to touch her, the throbbing between her legs was catching up with the speed of her heart beat.

Maura kissed down Jane's jaw line to the pulse point on Jane's neck

"Oh god, Maura" Jane moaned under her breath, of course encouraging Maura to continue with a smile to kiss and nibble the same point. Her hand traced its way down Jane's perfect abs. Before slipping under Jane's underwear band until it had completely disappeared under the material, her soft slender fingers found their way to Jane's wetness, for a moment Jane was embarrassed about just how wet she had become, however all thoughts were thrown from her mind when Maura slid deep into her. Her whole stomach tensed, and the pain in her side didn't even register with her at the moment, tiny groans encouraged Maura to quicken and deepen her motions. Jane began to rock her hips with the motions.

The building pleasure from Jane's lower abdominal radiated all over her body. Jane slid her right hand into Maura's lace panties where she traced her middle finger all the way down the other woman's silky smooth skin. Much to her delight Maura was also dripping with wetness, clear now to Jane just how much desire there was between them.

Jane couldn't deny that she was slightly nervous as she was new at this whole experience but took lead from Marua's movements and so ran her finger in a circular motion over Maura's pleasure spot.

Both women now rocking their hips while the other woman brought them closer and closer to the edge, their breathing becoming deeper and more erratic as groans and moans filled the room.

Jane reached up with her left hand and pulled Maura in for one last deep passionate kiss before she reached boiling point, Maura not far behind her.

Jane's moan came first as her body began to spasm in pleasure, "oh god, Maura, yes! Oh god yes!" it was this sight of Jane coming that pushed Maura over the edge too, "Jane ohhh Jane!" both women felt the pressure release as they both succumbed to the pleasure, groaning and shaking as the heat in the room began to increase

With a deep exhale Maura rolled off Jane and cuddled into her left side. There was complete silence, as they both tried to regain their regular breathing.

"wow...Maura that was….wow" Jane kissed Maura on the top of the head. Maura cuddled in even closer, but Jane could tell that there was something she wanted to say.

"Maura? What's going on in that amazing mind of yours?" in normal circumstances Jane knew that Maura would ramble off on a random tangent that usually left Jane stood admiring her enthusiasm although left her completely lost on the topic. But this time was different, Maura was hesitant.

"I just… I need to know…" Maura couldn't get out her words and look at Jane, it was illogical but she knew she could get it out if she wasn't looking into Jane's eyes. And so she nuzzled into Jane's bare neck, knowing that this was she wouldn't have to be disappointed if Jane looked worried at all after Maura had spoken.

"I'm still worried that this is just because you're vulnerable, that I've taken advantage of the situation and you're going along with it because you have been needing comfort, and support" Maura could feel tears rushing to her eyes, all she could ask herself in her mind was 'how could I have been so stupid to think Jane could actually want me, and now I've thrown everything away'

she forced herself to look Jane in the eye after a Moment of silence only to find the beautiful woman smiling softly at her

"I have been vulnerable, and I do want support, but that's not why this happened Maura, you always make me feel safe, and you always treat me like you have been recently, like I'm worth all of your efforts. You couldn't be more wrong from thinking you've taken advantage of me, you saved my life, and then dropped everything to look after me. I think I've known it for a while, but just didn't realize what it was I was feeling because I haven't had a best friend like you before, but…Maura I love you' and with these three words completely washing away all of Maura's fears Jane kissed her on the forehead.

" I love you too Jane" Jane moved from Maura's forehead and down to capture her lips, as they embraced in a passionate kiss Maura could feel Jane smiling.

Both women cuddled in closer to one another, hand in hand, the whole situation feeling completely natural.

"So…what's for breakfast" Jane chuckled

causing a playful smile from Maura, as she leant in to kiss Jane again.


Really hope you enjoyed this piece, I'm currently writing another Rizzles fic and so will hopefully upload it soon :) x