Title: F*ck off

Summary: Hinata Hyuuga was an outstanding beauty, whom guys always fantasized of. But opposite to her angelic appearance, she was actually a woman with a devilish attitude. On her new high school, she expected all guys to fawn over her but meeting the popular boy; Uchiha, proved her wrong.

Rating: M for Mature content, foul mouthed language,

Genres: Romance, high school,

Warning: Some OOC-ness

Parings: Road to ninja Hinata H/ Normal Sasuke U (in AU version), RTN Hinata H/ Normal Neji H, RTN Hinata/ normal Kiba I, RTN Hinata/ Normal Naruto U.

Their age: 17 years old.

Author Note: Enjoy your reading!:) and this is a late Christmas present to a very dear friend of mine , I hope you like it! :D (If you're not a fan of this couple, then please do not read this, thank you :))

Chapter 1; New student

It was a nice morning day, a bit too nice actually... The birds were chirping their melody of the day, sitting on trees outside of the dark blue haired sleeping girl's window. Her hands and feet moved sluggishly in bed, she had kicked the bed sheets down to the wooden floor, letting her creamy legs, and chest be visible. Over the years her chest has grown into two large melons, people have already stared at her chest, though she didn't care, but would snap at them if they stared too much.

Hinata Hyuuga wasn't any normal girl, oh no she was far from ordinary. She had a short temper, she was honest even if the truth hurts the most, she didn't have any friends since they annoyed the hell out of her. She just wanted to be left alone and of course steal girls' boyfriends from them, it was always fun to piss someone off after all. Oh how she enjoyed to see the stupid girls run around crying when their boyfriends would dump them for her.

Even though Hinata had a really bad temper and would yell, hit the boys for staring at her too much, they would still come back. Whatever she did, she would still have fans of her enormous beauty. She just stopped caring, but when they started touching her they went way too far so she just had to give them a cruel lesson. Though it seemed like they enjoyed getting hit by her... Stupid M.

The girl's violet eyes bursted open, as she decided the birds had sung too long in her eardrums, waking her up from a pleasant slumber. She sat cross-legged on the bed, her head resting on her arm lightly while she turned to the birds with a deadly glare, and an evil grin tilting her lips slightly.

The birds stared back at the girl before flying of to somewhere else, Hinata smirked, and brushed through her long, smooth hair with her fingers, feeling its softness. She then decided that her hair wouldn't need a shower before going to school and well... She was a bit lazy to take one too.

Bare feet met with the wooden floor and flinched, bouncing right back up to the bed. It was summer, but yet so cold, especially her floor. It was basically freezing, she just need to remember to do something about it soon.

She placed down them once again, and got up from bed, shivering.

"So damn cold..." she muttered below her breath, as she hugged herself, walking out of her room in only her white bra, and panties.

She stared at the hallway and glanced down the stairs, seeing no one. She was probably the only one home if she hadn't guessed wrong, oh well she was used to it so she didn't bother with it. That's why she could walk around in a pair of underwear, most of the time anyway.

"Where's my stupid school uniform? Ugh... who cares, maybe I should just walk in my underwear..." she wondered, if she didn't had to find the uniform she might just have done that.

Her violet eyes stopped and widened when they came up on a package that resided in front of the door. She hurried down the stairs, halted, and unwrapped the package finding her school uniform. It was pretty plain, even her underwear looked better then... That!

She shook her head rapidly and just put it on, the black skirt ending at her hips, and the white shirt being a bit small for her breasts. It looked as if her breasts wanted to jump out from the shirt, making her growl to self.

Her head turned around to face the clock, noticing how late she had already become. She just sighed, an evil smirk covering her face as she made her way towards her new high school.


"Class, listen up, we got a new student today, and her name is Hinata Hyuuga. Be nice to her everyone," Kurenai, the biology teacher announced, getting everyones attention for once.

This was class 2-B, the rowdiest, messiest, and loudest class there ever existed. They barely listened, the boys were talking about random things, while the girls were talking about boys, and other girly stuffs. They happen to listen once in a lifetime, when either its about getting together/parties, and stuffs, or new students.

"New student!?" one of the boy's exclaimed loudly, every other students in the class flinching at the loudness of his voice.

The boy earned himself a hit on the head, making him turn to glare at the boy beside him. "Why did you do that for Kiba?" he asked, pouting while he rubbed the sour spot on his head.

"You're too loud, Naruto, geez, keep it down you idiot," he mumbled, and shut his eyes before opening them again, and staring at the beautiful girl that just entered. He just couldn't take her eyes off of her. Damn, she was just so beautiful, her long straight hair, and gosh those breasts... A blush crept up on his face, as he looked immediately away from the girl that had caught him staring.

Naruto was like his friend, fawning of the new girl's beauty, salvia dripping from the corners of his mouth as he gaped. He felt himself wanting her, having her to himself, he would protect that cute, and innocent girl. Though Naruto didn't know that she wasn't that innocent.

Two other boys sat behind them, one of them just staring at the very familiar face of his cousin. He wasn't surprised at all that she was late, since she's always late to school, especially on the first day. And of course he noticed every guy in the room look at her cleavage closely, well expect for one which just ignored her completely. The boy next to her cousin didn't even gave her a glance, which her cousin wasn't surprised off. He was an ice-cold Uchiha after all.

While the whole classroom was being quiet, Kurenai-sensei cleared her throat, gaining all of their attention. "Well, let's have the new student introduce herself, shall we?"

Naruto nodded eagerly in respond, waiting excitedly for the gorgeous girl to speak, his eyes glued to her red plump lips.

The Hyuuga girl's eyes looked over every living person in the room and stopped on black spiky hair, the only boy that didn't turn to look at her. 'How interesting...' she thought with a devious smirk dancing on her lips, a dark aura leaking out from her, of course no one expect her cousin sensing it.

She threw her head back to the side, smiling sweetly to everyone before she bowed down in greeting. "My name is Hinata Hyuuga, nice meeting you."

Her cousin flinched at once for her being overly-sweet, he shook hear head with a small sigh. 'This will be a long and tiring first day...'

Rest of the boys stared, tons of drools leaving their mouths, she was just perfect! They would have her even if they would need to fight the whole school for her hand.

One blond boy whispered to his brunette friend. "Kiba, let's talk with her after class!"

The brown haired blushed and hit him hardly on the head, leaving another bump on Naruo's head. "Shut up idiot! I can't focus on class!"

"Since when do you ever listen to Kurenai-sensei's classes..." Naruto mumbled, and rubbed his head once more, before letting it rest on the bench while sulking.

Kiba just shrugged in respond, ignoring the blonde, while glancing at the new student in the corner of his eyes. He really couldn't stop staring at her and something about her sweet face just felt off to him.

Another Hyuuga in the room noticed the brunette staring at his cousin and he could only shut his eyes tightly, getting back to why Hinata had to start at his high school again, from a girls school …


Neji, Hinata, and her dad were sitting comfortable at the dinning table. All of them ate their food silently, like how it's usually in their house. Hinata's dad looked kind of angry, the Hyuuga boy noticed at the man's obviously frowning, and clenched face. Neji glanced over Hinata's eating form, getting a feeling that she did something bad yet again...

Her dad would probably say something soon enough. As Neji thought, as soon as all of them finished their food, the man slammed down both of his hands on the table while watching his daughter.

"Hinata, what have I told you about stealing other girls' boyfriends? And then dumping them, so their angered parents will never leave me alone?! What do you have to say child!" he snapped at her angrily, his eyes flaring, though Hinata didn't change her position nor shift in the chair.

"Father, there's no reason to get so angry, now is it? I didn't do anything, they just...Fell for my beauty," she said, a small smirk tugging at her lips, as she closed her eyes shut.

Neji glanced between the two and was just happy that Hanabi was at their grandma's house back in Kyoto. Who knows what would happen with another girl here. It would get even greater out of hand.

"Now you listen to me! Your changing school to Tokyo Konoha high school! Then your cousin can keep an close eye on you missy!" he did a final yell and stomped out of the kitchen, growling to himself.

Neji's eyes widened briefly. 'Keep an eye on her... Is he serious? How should I control that! She wouldn't even budge by a cold shoulder! Shit!'

Hinata sighed and looked at her cousin with a glare. "You're school better be entertaining for me, or I'll take it out on you, Neji-nisan~" she rose up from the chair and left him to himself.

Neji face palmed with a long, drifty sigh. 'Ugh, not that you scare me Hinata... but you're still a pain in the ass sometimes, oh well, I guess I should take care of you then...' he thought, laughing evilly in the deepest parts of his mind.


Neji got back to class, but it seemed like the lesson was about to end, not that he minded it though. It didn't care so much. His eyes glanced over at the Uchiha boy who was currently standing up, holding his back with right hand, having it over his shoulder.

"Let's go Hyuuga," Sasuke's rough voice said, making the girls in his class squeal happily, and one of the girls even snapped a picture of him.

Neji nodded and stood up as well, taking a hold of his bag, the girls taking shots of him too. Neji was after all the second most loved guy after Sasuke in this school. They walked between the tables and then left the classroom. Hinata just made it to their last lesson of the day, though, Neji wasn't surprised at all. He did try to wake her up, but got kicked in the stomach, so after that he kinda didn't want to try again, who knows, he could have died if he did.

The Hyuuga heiress watched the two step out of the room, her eyes clenching with darkness. She had no idea that the cousin of hers was popular, or that his friend would totally ignore her, though he did that to every girl, apparently. Wouldn't it be interesting if he fell for her and begged for her hand, making every girl's dream shatter that like the black haired boy.

She couldn't help herself but to laugh inside of her mind. 'It would be hilarious!' she thought, getting up from the chair slowly, feeling eyes from every corner on her. Some eyes were drooling over her, while some others were glaring, making a tiny smirk appear on her lips, as she accidentally dropped her pen. She looked at the pen with a pondering gaze, as she tilted her head to the side, making Naruto almost faint at the sight. Then she decided that she had to bend down and take it back, which she did. As she was bended over, her skirt curved upwards, letting the horny boys see her white panties, while they stared at her stunning butt, some even came closer, wanting to touch that piece of hot meat.

The loud mouthed Naruto reached out with his hand, reaching for her butt really slowly, blushing , and shuddering at the sight. He got closer to touch her, but stopped by a hand slapping away from her gorgeous butt-cheeks. Naruto turned to glare at the boy lover, but Kiba only gave him a sigh, and hooked his arm with Naruto so he wouldn't get away as he dragged him out of the classroom.

Hinata straightened herself as she found her pen and put it down in her bag, walking out of the classroom quietly, her feet tapping hollowly on the floor as she strolled.

One red haired girl watched the Hyuuga girl with a total death glare, she was mad, and she would give that oh so innocent girl a total hell in this school.

Chapter 1: new student end

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