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"Ah, Severus I am glad you could make it on such short notice." Albus nodded in his direction as he paced in front of his desk.

"Of course." Severus replied as he closed the door behind him. He began walking towards Albus when he noticed they were not alone in the headmasters' office. Minerva was seated next to Sybil. "Good evening."

"Good evening Severus." Minerva looked worried as she was patting Sybil's hand. Severus raised an eyebrow. Sybil was trembling.

"She has seen something that has unnerved her, my boy, and that is why I sent for you." Albus stopped pacing.

"Indeed." Replied Severus.

"Minerva, would you escort Sybil back to her quarters?"Albus looked over his spectacles. Minerva nodded and helped Sybil to stand. She faltered as she stood up, and instinctively Severus reached out and took her hand to steady her. She stood up and her eyes seemed to glaze over as if she was looking through him instead of at him. Albus took a step closer to them, and Severus furrowed his brow.

"An unexpected flame will ignite within the darkness. The fog shall lift, the beacon lit. What was set in stone is not as it seems. It shall come on the wings of spring, Me…me." Sybil blinked. Albus, Minerva and Severus exchanged a look. "Did you say something?" Sybil asked Severus.

"No." Replied Severus.

"Come along Sybil, let's get you back to your rooms, and I will make us some hot tea." Minerva was guiding her to the door.

"Yes, yes that would be lovely." Sybil nodded absentmindedly. Albus waited for the door to shut before he began to speak.

"That was most unusual." Albus was tapping his temple.

"She is always making nonsense predictions Albus." Severus sat down.

"Perhaps, but I find it odd that she predicted that for you, after telling us what she did. I must think on that." Albus sat down on the edge of his desk. "I called you here because we, that is the Order is in need of your assistance." Severus sighed and rolled his eyes.

"An assignment concerning Potter no doubt?" Severus huffed. Albus smiled a twinkle in his eye.

"No, not Harry. This assignment has to with Miss Granger." Albus stood up and made his way over to a small table where two glasses and a rather large bottle of firewhiskey sat. Severus was hard pressed to wipe the shocked look off of his face. Albus turned and handed him a glass. "We must ask you to sacrifice your summer holiday I'm afraid." Severus snorted.

"Obviously I had no plans for skiing or frolicking on the beach." Severus drank down his firewhiskey. Albus laughed.

"I'm afraid you will be spending your summer holiday with the Grangers, and as a seventeen year old boy." Severus raised his eyebrow. "Mr. and Mrs. Granger believe they will be hosting an exchange student for the summer."

"What about Miss Granger? What does she believe?" Severus was unsure if he wanted to know the answer.

"She knows it will be you. It is better for her to know, and for her parents to remain unaware." Albus sat his glass down. "You must stay with her, go where she goes Severus. I know this is not something you want to do, but she needs to be protected."

"Indeed, she knows not to say anything correct? There is still more than a week left before they go home for their holiday." Severus sat his glass down.

"She knows, I have already spoken with her. I will leave you to make the preparations for your summer. I suggest using a de-aging potion. Also please take a tuxedo with you; the Grangers are to attend a wedding of a member of the royal court." Severus raised his eyebrow again. "the bride is a cousin of a cousin I believe. The wedding will be the day you arrive actually; you will be there the day after the students leave."

"Is that all?" Severus asked as he stood.

"Yes, for now. We will speak again before you leave." Albus made his way back around his desk to sit, and Severus strode out of the office. He decided to head to the great hall for dinner rather than back to his rooms. He really wanted another drink, but knew he should have more than that in his stomach. He made his way past the noisy students as they sat cramming food in their mouths. Severus made a disgusted look. He glanced over at the Gryffindor table as he passed it, and his gaze met Hermione's. She shyly half smirked at him, her cheeks turned red, and she averted her gaze. He furrowed his brow at her curious behavior. It had been awhile but he was sure that's what flirting looked like. He shook his head as he sat down and prepared to eat. Severus caught himself occasionally looking at her as she ate and spoke. She ate like a lady, not like a starving troll like her class mates. She spoke in an animated manner, and even struck the Weasley boy twice.

Perhaps spending the summer holiday with her would not be so bad. After all she spent all of her free time reading and working on assignments. He imagined that's what she did on her holiday as well; she did always come to class the first day having read the text books more than once. He stood up upon finishing his meal, and made his way back past the tables of students.

There was a loud commotion coming from his houses table, and he looked to see Draco fighting Crabbe over an apple. Severus rolled his eyes, that boy and apples. He made a quick movement and ran into a student who he had almost knocked over. He reached down to grab the student, to realize he had almost run over Miss Granger. She was awkwardly trying to straighten her robe as he released her arm and shoulder.

"I'm sorry sir." She looked up at him with her doe eyes.

"The fault is entirely my own Miss Granger." He replied. She looked shocked, he knew she was expecting him to take house points, but he thought better of it. He did not want her to make his holiday unbearable after all. She was doing that half smirk again.

"Good evening, sir." She quickly looked away and walked out of the great hall, Potter and Weasley in tow. This summer holiday would be most interesting.

Her heart was racing as she made her way to the stairs. She was aching to tell someone, anyone that Professor Snape was going to be staying with her over the summer holiday. She desperately wanted back up from Ron and Harry, but they never cared about what was going on with her. They only wanted to talk about Quidditch. She was walking behind the boys as they were arguing over some Quidditch rule. She wondered how Professor Snape would react when he saw how she was outside of Hogwarts. None of them knew muggle Hermione, and she preferred it that way.

She was eager to go to bed, she bid the boys goodnight and made her way up to her private room. She loved that most of all. She pulled off her robes, and stripped down to her under garments. Reaching into the top of her trunk she pulled out her old sleep t-shirt. Pulling it over head she plopped down on her bed. She managed to pull the blanket over her and she settled down on her pillow. As she fell asleep she wondered why Professor Snape had kept looking at her during dinner.