Hello everyone ! I'm french, so if my english is not really rich and perfect, I apologise. This story is not mine, and all the characters neither. I don't reach anything for writing this. Hope you're gonna like it. There is a French version of it. (same title)

:) xx

The rain continued to fall on Greendale. Jeff stood under the porch, his hands buried in the pockets of his pleated trousers, staring into the void. He was thinking about what Andre told him. "The love of a good woman makes anything's possible", it hit him. He felt that Andre was right, and that all his superstitions, his ideas about love came to be questioned. Jeff knew he had made a mistake, even many mistakes. He felt bad about it. But it was already too late. Jeff heard that someone was opening the doors of the hall. He cast a glance back and turned his head, while continuing to look at the building in front of him. Abed was standing next to him.

— Hey !

— Hi. They looked the rain.

— Annie just texted me. She asked Rich out. Jeff frowned. He nodded, and said for only answer "cool". Abed looked at him, puzzled by his sulk pout.

— He said no. Winger set his eyes on Abed, wide-eyed, the answer seemed surprising. Before he could say anything, his friend continued:

— He said she's great, but too young.

While Jeff was running in the pouring rain, Abed remained motionless under the porch, the phone still in hand. He looked quietly the lawyer leaving.

He was running, running in the middle of honking cars, that lights dazzled his eyes, and despite his wet clothes, his shoes filled with water, and the cold air which traversed his body, it did not stop him. Nothing and nobody could stop him in his run.

The door opened on Jeff, he took a deep breath, and began his tirade.

— Don't say anything until I've said what I gotta say. I've known you for almost two years now, and I've never taken you as seriously as I should have. You are the… strangest, coolest, most genuine person I've ever met. And the thing that scares me about you is… how good you make me which I was.

He stood at the door in this small hall. He was still trying to catch his breath after the distance he had traveled.

He sought an answer in her eyes, he was only expecting that. The time seemed to stop, as if he were the only one living in this moment.