Santana shifted in her seat, glancing around, surveying the scene before her. Flashing fluorescent lights, reflecting off wide eyes and shiny table tops, occasionally landing on her and highlighting her mocha brown eyes and plump, pouty lips, ensconced in a frame of tan skin and hair so dark, it was almost black. She picked up her drink and took a small sip, relishing the slight burning sensation on her tongue before languishing and swallowing it down. She sensed a pair of eyes on her, and turned to find a middle-aged man leering at her, staring unashamedly at her ample cleavage. She smirked, before shaking her head slowly at him. He soon got the message, huffing before moving to set his sights on new prey. Santana sighed heavily; although she enjoyed the attention she received on a daily basis, for once she would like it if someone would notice her for more than just her physical appearance.

She was currently sat on a stool at the bar of her favourite club, which was owned by Quinn, her best friend from high school. She loved the thriving music, the pounding bass, the electric buzz that always seemed to be swimming in the atmosphere. She also really loved the fact that she got free drinks whenever Puck was on bartending duty; the guy had an obvious crush on her, which he didn't bother hiding, but his cocky attitude was rather endearing and so Santana had grown to like him after a while. But they both knew that nothing more than friendship would ever happen between them, for one glaring reason; Santana was gay. The initial struggle she had experienced when coming to terms with her sexuality hadn't been pretty, but in time, with the help of Quinn and Rachel, Quinn's long-term girlfriend, she had eventually accepted who she was and embraced it.

That was another reason why Santana was sitting alone at a bar on a Friday night. Although she had been out for a while, she had yet to enter into a serious, committed relationship with a woman. While she had enjoyed many nights filled with drunken slurs and meaningless sex, a part of her ached for the comfort, the love, and the joy that seemed to come from being in a relationship with someone you care about. And being around Quinn and Rachel really didn't help. They acted like deprived puppies every time they were reunited; and while this was cute for the first few weeks, Santana quickly began to resent the squeals of joy and the tender embraces, instead choosing to zone out whenever she was in a room with the couple.

Quinn had eventually noticed Santana's melancholia, and had encouraged her to put herself out there more and try to find her perfect woman. At first, Santana had scoffed at the idea, but eventually the loneliness became almost unbearable, so she had relented and allowed Quinn to plan a few nights out for them all. However, this night didn't seem to be going to plan. Well, she was in Quinn's club, which was part one of the plan, but that was the only part that seemed to have happened successfully, for instead of being swarmed by beautiful women all desperate for some Santana love (as Quinn has said would happen), she found herself perched at the bar, ordering drink after drink, and the only attention she was receiving was from pervy old men.

She sighed in exasperation, debating whether she should just leave. She glanced around for Quinn, intent on telling the blonde that she was going home, but was suddenly distracted by a different blonde who was currently in the middle of the dance floor. Santana found herself mesmerised by the blonde's movements, and could do nothing but watch as the mystery girl swung her hair around, grinding her body sensually before spinning and letting out a laugh that had Santana unwillingly smiling with her. Her eyes raked down the girl's form, taking in her toned thighs, her firm-looking arms, and the intricate tattoo that swept across her collarbone; Santana was mesmerised. The girl suddenly turned, as if she could feel Santana's lingering gaze, and their eyes met across the room.

Santana felt chills zap through her body as she stared into crystal-blue orbs.

But she soon found their eye contact too intense and broke it, looking down meekly and toying with her straw. She risked a glance back up again, but saw that the girl had disappeared. She let out a sad sigh; she expected something like this to happen, yet that didn't make the painful sting she felt any less prominent.

She swung back around on her chair, intent on ordering one more drink then leaving, but almost tumbled backwards off her stool when she found those same blue eyes staring at her, close enough now for Santana to reach out and touch the shimmery material of the girl's tight black dress.

Santana gulped, transfixed on the girl's face, taking in her soft, pink lips, the way they were upturned into a smirk, the cocky tilt of her eyebrow, the gleam in her eyes.

"Hey." The girl husked, her voice low and sultry.

"H-hey." Santana replied, cursing herself inwardly for being so jilted and awkward.

"I'm Brittany." The girl spoke once more, smiling a little, relieving some of the nervousness swirling and coiling in Santana's stomach.

"Santana." She smiled back.

"Such a pretty name for such a pretty woman." Brittany said softly, leaning down to whisper in Santana's ear.

The dark-haired girl felt herself flush, tingles running up her spine as Brittany's warm breath caressed the outer shell of her ear, her heart rate increasing rapidly.

"So, Santana," Brittany spoke, a little louder this time, "Would you like to dance?"

Santana couldn't seem to formulate a coherent reply, so she merely nodded her head and moved to stand. However, she had underestimated the strength of the drinks she had consumed earlier, and found herself unable to balance as she stood up. She stumbled forwards, feeling herself losing her battle with gravity and closed her eyes, anticipating a rather painful meeting with the floor in a few seconds. However, the pain never came, and she opened her eyes to find herself tangled in Brittany's arms. She raised her head, and let out a tiny gasp as the blonde's face was only centimetres away from her own, her lips parted, eyes wide.

"Are you okay?" Brittany asked, her forehead furrowed slightly.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." Mumbled Santana, feeling her face turn even more red as Brittany ran her hands along her arms, helping her stand upright.

Brittany watched Santana, obviously not convinced, but she didn't push the matter any further.

"So, how about that dance?"

They had been dancing for more than two hours when Quinn finally reappeared, scanning the room for her friend. When her eyes settled on the image of Santana and Brittany, giggling flirtatiously while spinning each other in twirls and grasping onto each other's hands, she smiled to herself, happy that Santana finally seemed to be coming out of her shell.

Meanwhile, on the dance floor, the air was thick with tension. While the women were giggling and smiling at each other, both could detect the hint of desire that lingered below their innocent touches and risqué dance moves. One thing Santana hadn't expected was how good of a dancer Brittany was. She wasn't a terrible dancer herself, but when the blonde took to the floor, it was like the whole world had to stop and watch; she was captivating. They danced like that for a while, fingers whispering secrets across wrists, hands lingering on waists for a heartbeat, until a certain song began seeping through the speakers, a song that seemed to provide the spark needed to ignite the unlit tension that had settled between them throughout the night.

"Oh my god, I love this song!" gasped Brittany ecstatically.

"Yeah, Kevin Lyttle is awesome!" Santana replied.

As the bass beat of Turn Me On began to resonate through them, Brittany seemed to undergo a transformation. Her eyes became darker, hooded, and she darted her tongue out to wet her lips, dragging it along her top lip for a second longer, holding Santana's gaze, her own pupils blown with craving.

Brittany grabbed Santana's arm, spinning her around and pulling her up against her body. Santana moaned, arching into Brittany's touch, feeling the blonde's breasts press up against her back, a jolt of arousal shooting straight down to her core. Brittany was panting in her ear, rotating her hips and sighing every time they came into contact with Santana's ass. She placed her hands firmly on the tan girl's hips, Santana shivering slightly as Brittany grasped onto her.

The song finished soon after that, and Santana turned, face flushed, meeting Brittany's sheepish gaze.

"Sorry." Brittany mumbled, looking slightly discomfited as she realised how intense things had just gotten.

"No, it's okay." Santana smiled, finding Brittany's embarrassment rather adorable.

The blonde smiled, her face awash with relief. They then noticed that most of the patrons had left, and Santana glanced at her watch, letting out a gasp when she registered the time.

"Damn! I have to leave or I'm going to miss my train home!" she panicked.

"Hey, hey, calm down." Brittany soothed, rubbing her arm gently. "Look, my car is just outside. How about we stay a little longer, then I'll drive you home?"

"Oh, I couldn't possibly-"

"I'm not asking for your permission." Brittany smirked, enjoying the way Santana ducked her head, smiling shyly.

"Sure, okay." Santana nodded. "But I have to go check my make-up in the bathroom real quick."

"I'll come with you." Brittany said brightly, so Santana nodded once again then made her way over to the ladies room, hyper-aware of Brittany's presence behind her.

Santana puckered her lips, applying a thin layer of lip gloss, letting out a small noise of appreciation as a sliver of the delicious flavoured gloss seeped onto her tongue. Brittany watched her in the mirror curiously, quirking her eyebrow as if to ask what on earth caused Santana to make such a noise.

"Edible gloss. Strawberry flavour." She giggled as she turned to face Brittany. "I like it because the moment I get tired of it or want to eat something, I can just lick it off."

Brittany found her eyes transfixed on Santana's lips, and the words were out of her mouth before she even had a chance to think about them.

"Can I taste it?"

Santana nodded, getting ready to place a drop on Brittany's finger. She was looking down, and so she not prepared for what happened next.

Brittany crossed the small bathroom in a few strides, placing her hands on either side of Santana's face and crashing their lips together. Santana dropped the lip gloss, frozen with shock for a few seconds. But she quickly found herself melting into Brittany's embrace, kissing her back passionately.

They parted moments later, Santana gasping and Brittany smiling self-consciously once again.

"Sorry, again. You just… there's something about you Santana, something that makes me do reckless things and act without thinking."

Santana ducked her head, clearing her throat and trying to hide the blush that was once again creeping up her cheeks. But Brittany saw, smirking as she reached down to lace their fingers together.

"So, how about we get back out there and dance until we collapse?"

Santana nodded breathlessly, gripping Brittany's hand as her heart skipped a beat. Maybe this was it. Maybe she had found the woman of her dreams.