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One last time, on Dusk.



Three years later

"Mom, how do I look?" Katie asked with a trembling voice, nervousness and anxiety more than clear in her tone.

"Like an angel." Jennifer came from behind her daughter placing a small kiss on her right temple, right next to the white flowers that adorned her curls. "You both look like perfect angels." The older woman turned to face Camille who gave her a shy smile and turned bright red.

"I shouldn't have listened to you..." She told Katie. "White on me looks... ridiculous."

"Nonsesnse." Jennifer quickly dismissed Camille's worry with a simple gesture of her hand. "You desrve white on your wedding day, no matter how many children you have with your husband-to-be." Camille blushed again, a hand covering her slightly pudggy belly.

"I didn't even lose the child weight from the twins... I shouldn't have a dress so clingy..." Katie rolled her eyes with an exasperated gesture. They'd had this conversation for the past two months. Over and over. So many times. But, aparently, the subject was not exhausted.

"Camille. First it is not a dress. It is a GOWN. And second, you have what - two whole pounds extra? You are infurriating, woman! You lost 90% of the baby weight the second the babies were out and Logan loves every bit that was left behind! You DO NOT have extra baby weight!" Katie said, gesturing her arms around herself in quick motions.

Jennifer giggled. She quietly slipped away leaving a babbling Camille to "But... but... but..." her way out of Katie's rant and went to check up on the grooms.

"I can't get this right..." Logan complained. "My... my hands are shaking..." James rolled his eyes.

"Here - I'll help..." He stepped in Logan's space and fixed the knot on Logan's tie, squuezing it a little too much just to get Logan to calm down.

"Not THAT tight!" Logan squealed pulling back at the knot. James grinned as he turned to the mirror to fix his bow tie.

Jennifer stood in the middle of the doorway.

"Don't you, boys, look handsome..." She cooked. A spark lit in James' eyes who turned to her with a grin.

"We are MEN now, momma Knight." He said on his squeaky voice. It came out just like he used to say it back in LA. Back when they really were children playing mansion-sitting for Gustavo and getting in trouble. Both Jennifer and Logan smiled wide at the line. Jennifer stepped forward.

"Yes you are. But you are still my boys." She said with unshed tears clouding her eyes. She quuickly shook them off. "Here, let me help." She turned to Logan who was still fidgetting with his tie.

"I hate these things." He whispered to Jennifer.

"I know, but they look good." Jennifer whipered back. "And Camille loves them." Logan gave an overexagerated sigh as Jennifer finished adjusting the knot. "There, all done." She gently patted Logan's chest.

"Thank you, momma Knight." He placed a small kiss on the woman's forehead. "It's perfect."

"Suuuuure... Momma Knight gets a kiss, but do I get even a thank you - noooo!" James mocked from a few steps away. Jennifer laughed and turned shaking her head. Logan poked his tongue out at James and began working his cufflings on.

"Need help?" Jennifer asked James. He beamed at her through the mirror.

"Yes." He answered happily, like a child that just received his favorite treat. Jennifer pulled out a chair.

"Sit. You're too tall." James obeyed and allowed his almost-mother to fix his tie. "Did Brooke say when her plane would land?" James' eyes clouded over but he quickly shook his sadness off.

"No. I'm guessing tomorrow... But Katie and I will be gone by then..." Jennifer placed a small hand on James' shoulder.

"I'm here for you, honey. You'll soon be my son too." James hugged Jennifer then, resting his head on her belly. Jennifer hugged back.

"Hey, if it makes you feel better, mom and dad aren't here either..." Logan chimed in from the other side of the room. "At least Brooke approves of Katie..."

"Joanna will get a piece of my mind as soon as I get home, Logan, this I promise you. She and that stubborn ass of your father will accept the mother of your children if it's the last thing I do." Jennifer vowed with passion.

"It's ok, momma Knight. You support us. That's enough." Logan smiled wide and kissed the woman's cheek.

"You've been more of a mother to us than our own mothers have been." James added.

"Mom sandwich!" Logan announced. James grinned. He stood up in a second wrapping his arms around Jennifer, squeezing her to his chest as Logan crash in from behind. "We love you, momma Knight." They both chorused in one voice. Jennifer laughed in between her sons.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Carlos' voice came from the doorway. James shrugged.

"Mom sandwich."

"I want in!" Carlos jumped in and crushed into Jennifer's side, both Logan and James wrapping an arm around the Latino's back as he hugged their waists.

"Hey! That's MY mom!" Kendall added a second later when he too came up to check on the progressof the grooms. He didn't hesitate to hug James and Logan, keeping a giggling Jennifer in the middle of their bodies.

"You, boys are crazy!" She said from someplace in the middle.

"Take us here and FAST!" Brooke ordered to the cab driver handing him a piece of paper with the farm's address. "STEP ON IT!" She yelled when the man seemed to be as fast as a slug pulling out of the airport driveway.

The man jumped up a little, his foot stepping on the gas a little more. Brooke shook her head and turned to her companions.

"I'm nervous..." Camille bit her thumb nail.

"Stop that - you're beautiful and Logan can't wait to see you." Carlos whispered as he took her small white hand in his and placed it on his arm. Camille nodded nervously, still nibbling at her nail. "You'll ruin your mani..." Carlos teased. Camille made a face at him, but otherwise took her finger out of her mouth. "Back straight." Camille once again followed the Latino's instructions. "And breathe Cammy... breathe." He added with a smile and Camille realized she was unknowingly holding her breath.

"I'm just..."

"Nervous. I know." Carlos chuckled understandingly. "Now, let's get this done. Ready?" Camille looked him in the eyes and nodded her head. Carlos patted her hand on his arm and turned to the Knight sibblings behind him. "Ready, guys?"

"Yes." Katie answered with certainty and smiled brightly. Carlos beamed back at her. He turned back around and took a small step forward to the doors of the back yard where evryone and their mother made sure that the double wedding ceremony would be held in a fairy-tale setting. White flowing flowers adorned every edge of the house and the back of the chairs. Sparkling christmas lights were hung about onto the trees and the canopy that would serve as an altar for the couples. Apple blossoms scented the air with their sweet aroma. It felt like faires were about to start flying around, sprinkling their dust all over the small gathering of people. Friends and family waiting for love to be proclaimed.

Nicole smiled at Camille as soon as she saw her mother entering the living room at Carlos' arm. She nodded her head, her dark curls bouncing on her shoulders as she opened the sliding door and the wedding march started to play. Camille began shaking.

"This is really happening..."

"Feel like running?" Carlos asked.

"Yes... but forward... to Logan..."

"Then we're ok." Carlos moved in with the cadence of the song, forcing Camille to slow down, just a bit.

"This is it, baby sister." Kendall whispered behind them as Katie clutched onto Kendall's arm.

"I'm finally doing this..." Katie shivered a little with nerves, anticipation and something a little more. A little more that she held for herself for a week now. Longest week of her life! Even longer than the time she'd spent apart from James. But, as always, Katherine Knight had a plan, and, by God!, she'd stick with it to the dire end. Katie smiled at the random thought. Today wasn't an end. It was a begining.

"You're finally making him my actual brother..." Kendall whispered in Katie's ear. She looked up at er brother, a little stunned. "Thank you." Katie giggled at Kendall's silliness, but was grateful for it, as it took her out of her own mind.

Kendall took Katie just a couple of steps behind the door that separated her from her fiancee and waited for Carlos and Camille to reach the altar. They watched as Carlos handed Camille over to Logan. Both bride and groom were shaking visibly and Carlos was being a little bitch and giggling about it. James was fidgetting on the spot, waiting for his own bride to exit their home, nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Knowing him, Kendall wouldn't have been surprised if James was sweatting worse than Midnight after their daily run.

"Shall we?" Kendall looked down at his fairy of a sister. She beamed up at him.

"I think he's been waiting long enough." Katie grinned and moved forward, literally pulling her brother after her. Kendall stood his ground and made Katie walk in time with the music.

The second James' eyes landed on his finacee - whom he hadn't been allowed to see for the past two days - thank you "SO much", Momma Knight! - his heart stopped, his body froze. The only thing that moved were his lips that parted in a huge smile filled with love, happiness and, maybe, a touch of anticipation over being able to call Katie his wife. Katherine Diamond had such a nice ring to it, too!

Katie's dress flowed like a cloud around her, leaving her shoulders bare to the warm sprin evening. Dusk was slowly coming in and the lights he'd helped put up were now sending playful beams of light into Katie's auburn locks. She was more beautiful than James imagined angels were.

Kendall and Katie stopped in front of him. James was blinded by the beauty of Katie's smile. He forgot his part. Kendall cleared his throat. A little loudly.

"Oh... oh, yeah..." James whispered and took Katie's hand from her brother as Logan and Camille giggled at their side.

"Who gives these women to be wed to these men?" The minister asked.

"We do." Carlos and Kendall chorused behind their respective bride, ceremoniously handing the brides' hands to their grooms.

"Thank you, you may be seated." The ministed added and everyone took their seat. Carlos moved behind Camille next to Nicole while Kendall joined his oldest son behind James.

Somewhere in the audience Momma Knight sniffled letting her head rest on her husband's arm.

"Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today..."

"There! That's the gate!" Brooke pointed out the cab window. "If I've missed my son's wedding, I will have your head!" She yelled as the cab sped like a bat out of hell down the path, stirring up dust in its wake.

Brooke watched in awe as James' stallion came to meet the car, whinning happily when Brooke poked her hand out the window to acknowledge the gorgeous animal.

The cab screeched to a halt in front of the main house. Brooke threw the oney for teh fair on the front seat.

"Dylan, take care of the bags. Joanna, come on!" Brooke ordered as she dragged the woman out the car and rushed through the front door.

"If anyone knows of any reason these two couples should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." The minister said.

"We do!" A yell came from the back of the aisle, at the door to the house.

Both James and Logan froze on the spot recognizing their mothers' voices.

"We obect." Brooke said. She was winded, but her words were clear as crystal. James turned red and began to let go of Katie's hand to go face his mother off as she stepped forward, closely followed by Joanna. One quick glance at Logan - it was clear that his brother was in the same state of annoyance.

"Brooke!" Jennifer stood up from her seat. Brooke lifted one hand and effectively quieted her friend down.

"We will not allow this to go on." Joanna added with the same level of certainty, back straight, chin held high. "Not until we're allowed to give our sons to their loved ones." Joanna beamed behind Brooke, looking right into Logan's chocolate eyes.

Logan released a huff of breath he hadn't realized he was holding in. Camille did the same. But James and Katie remained tense. Mrs. Mitchell's acceptance did not mean Brooke She-Devil Diamond would agree with that statement.

Brooke locked eyes with her son.

"You did not think I would allow my only son to be married without my blessing, now, did you?" She asked him seriously as a large smile enlightened her features. And just like that the tension in the athmosphere was defused. James beamed at his mother, letting go of Katie's hands to cross the distance between him and his mother in two long strides and crush her in his arms.

"Mom." He whispered in Brooke's hair. Brooke hugged her son back.

"I'm proud of you, honey." She detached herself a little, just enough to look her handsome son in the eyes. "Come on, let's make an honest man out fof you." James laughed and went back to his place next to his very-very-very-soon-to-be wife. Brooke stood at his side, next to Kendall and his son, Jake.

Meanwhile Logan was also hugging his mother. Rather awkwardly and shyly, as he always did. Camille smiled at Joanna.

"You take good care of my son, you hear me?" She addressed her. Camille smiled with her whole being.

"Every day of my life, misses..."

"Please... call me "Mom"... we're family now." Joanna smiled, taking Camille's small hand in her own.

"Is there room for one more?" Dylan Mitchell's voice came from the back. Logan's head snapped to him.

"Dad?" Everyone grinned like mad seeing Dylan almost run down the aisle to hug his son in a bear hug. "You came..."

Camille wipped away a stray tear watching the father of her three children hug his father.

"You're my only child. Of course I came... Brooke wouldn't have it any other way..."

The minister cleared his voice. "Do any of you have any reason why..."

"NO!" Everyone in attendence chorused, from friends to family and parents and children.

The minister smiled. "Well then, I guess it's time for these four to say their vows?"

"Yes, yes of course..." Joanna said, stepping aside, pulling Dylan from his son's arms to allow Logan to move back next to Camille.

"Happy?" She outhed at him. Logan nodded answered a whispered "very" before focusing back on the ceremony.

The party was in full swing, everyone drinking, laughing, dancing under the lights and the clear moon light. Everyone but Katie. Though she was laughing and dancing and having a blast, just as everyone else, Katie was not touching a drop of her champagne.

It took a while for someone to notice. And, of course, the one that did notice was her mother. Katie asked her mother to keep it quiet. It wasn't time yet. It wasn't the right moment to have that conversation. Jennifer raised one eyebrow, but did not challenge her daughter on her wedding day. Katie pecked her mother's cheek and went to join her new husband on the dance floor.

That moment Jennifer knew. She squealed to herself, covering her mouth with her hand to keep the noise down as her eyes began to light with kowledge. She watched her daughter like a hawk throughout the night.

Cakes got cut at midnight. Logan got a nice face-full of cheese cake from his mischievous wife but James dodged that bullet by kissing his wife before she got bad ideas from Camille.

Camille threw her bouchet. Logan threw Camille's garter. James threw Katie's garter and Katie followed throwing her own bouchet. Oddly enough Jeannie caught Katie's flowers. James turned bright red for half a second then stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his new wife and began to dance.

"I have something to tell you..." Katie whispered in his ear.

"Mmm yeah... can it wait till we get up to our room or...?" James nibbled on Katie's earlobe eliciting a small giggle.

"Nope." She pushed at James' chest and ran to the stage. "Emm.. excuse me..." Katie said into the microphone. "I have a little something to say..." Everyone quieted down, grabbing the nearest glass of alcohol available to them, expecting Katie to make a sappy speach about her undying love for James - which, in all honestl, was undying, but it was not what was on Katie's mind. "James, honey, can you come here?" She beckoned gently. Everyone in attendence cooed. Carlos even hollored. James shot him a dead glare but stepped up on stage with his new wife. "Em.. ok... I'm nervous..." Katie whispered into the mic and everyone giggled.

"More nervous than a few hours ago, saying "yes" to me?" James asked into the mic.

"Yes. Actually."

"Why?" James asked, not into the mic, worry in his furrowed brows.

"Well, because..." Katie swallowed. "It's time I gave you your wedding present." Katie smiled and turned to the side as James' heart stopped in its tracks. What kind of present could have made Katie nervous? Especially since she was ok with giving it to him in the middle of their wedding... crowd! Katie turned back to him with a small white envelope that she'd taken from only God knows where, cause James surely did not notice it. "Here." She said into the mic. James frowned deeper and looked the envelope over. Seemed harmless enough. "Open it." Katie beckoned. Her smile more sure this time. James nodded and did as she told him.

Inside the envelope was a small paper with a tiny picture of what looked like a cone of light and three little blobs of white. James looked up at Katie.

"I'm pregnant." Katie finally said looking James in the eyes. The crowd cheered in happiness. James swallowed. "With triplets." Katie added.

Time slowed down. Things happened fast one after the other.

The crowd quieted down.

James fainted.

"What? That's no fair!" Carlos burst out standing like lightning. "Wife! Let's go! We got catching up to do! We only have one!"

Kendall began to laugh and yell "Way to go, Katie!".

Logan rushed to James' side and Camille's to Katie's.

James woke up slowly.

"You ok?" Logan asked him at the very same time as his wife asked Katie the exact same question in the exact same tone of voice.

James' eyes met Katie's. "Triplets?" Katie nodded.


James shot up from the floor, swept his wife off her feet, kissing her soundly. When he had his fill of his wife's lips James turned to the crowd. His eyes searched for Carlos.

"Ha! Take that little man! Three at once! Who the man?"

The whole room began to laugh as Katie facepalmed and shook her head.

"What have I gotten myself into?"