Author's notes: so this is the last action-less chapter before stuff really start happening. hihihi

I just like this story - feels warm on the inside while I write it. Anyway - enough ranting from me - just go ahead and read now :)

Love, Emy

Kendall woke up at 4 am, on the couch, with a stiff neck. He groaned quietly as his naked feet touched the fluffy carpet of the living room. Jo has put him in the dreaded proverbial dog house for simply pointing out to Carlos that saying "I love you" for the first time over the phone was not romantic or even a thing that normal people did.

Kendall groaned and got up from the couch, cracking his back a little then, with a sigh, made his way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. He saw Jo sleep peacefully as he crept his way to the main bathroom. He almost jumped out his skin when he heard Jo's voice calling him as his foot stepped on the bathroom tile.


Kendall slowly turned, clutching his heart, swallowing back a curse.

"Yes, honey?" Kendall smiled at the sight of his wife stretching out, much like a little kitten would, over more than half of the bed, her big baby bump showing beautifully from under the fluffy covers she loved so much.

"How's your back?"

"It's ok."

"Good. Now…" Jo opened her arms inviting him in, letting him know she had forgiven him for making fun of Carlos. Kendall went to her arms gladly, maneuvering carefully around her body, not to sit on top of their baby, his head resting on her bare shoulder.

Jo smiled and ran her fingers through Kendall's long honey colored bangs before gently kissing his forehead. Kendall smiled wider. He just loved these moments, watching the sun rise from his wife's arms.

Jo shifted a bit under him and Kendall lifted his head, looking deep in Jo's brown eyes placing one single loving kiss upon her lips. Jo smiled and moved a bit lower to hide her face in her husband's chest. Kendall wrapped his arms around her and spent a bit of time just cuddling before getting up to really start his day.

A while later Kendall unwillingly trudged his way to the bathroom to start his morning grooming process, leaving Jo to enjoy a bit of a lazy moment under the crispy warm covers. Soon enough, though, Jo got up from the bed, got dressed and went into the bathroom to push her husband out of the way and brush her teeth. Kendall smirked, still shaving.

It was their normal morning routine from before Jake had been born.

Jo relished the fact that this little aspect of their lives hadn't changed with the passing of time and coming of children.

She finished her morning routine and went to get Jake up and ready for the day. Kendall left for the main house and Jo watched her husband walk the short way there from her son's bedroom window.

Not even 20 minutes later she and Jake were joining Kendall for their morning tea. Oh, how Jo missed her coffee! But pregnancy meant that some sacrifices had to be made - coffee among them.

Kendall kissed Jake "good morning" on the top of his head.

"Morning, dada." Jake grabbed his tea and very carefully took it to the breakfast nook. Kendall watched with loving eyes. His baby was growing.

As the morning hours grew, Logan, Carlos and James began showing their sleepy faces in the kitchen, where Jo's cooking smelled like pure heaven.

Kendall spent a bit of time with his family before heading out to see to his mares and their needs, leaving Jo to take care of feeding the lot of them. He'd learned by now not to try to stop his wife from anything she wanted to do. It had taken all four of them and the doctor to make her stop doing physical work around the ranch.

Kendall sighed and jumped right into the mindless work of cleaning out the mares' stables and proving them with fresh water and straws.

By the time he was done the sun was high in the sky.

Kendall wiped the sweat off his brow and literally fished his phone from his back pocket to see a message from Katie.

Call me when you get some reception in the middle of nowhere :)

Kendall smiled and shook his head. Katie had never supported them actually settling in Texas. He sighed and called his younger sister, leaning against the stable door, a ray of sun warming up his skin. She picked up by the fourth ring.

"Yeah?" Katie's voice rang clear in Kendall's ear making him miss her deeply.

"Hey, baby sister."

"Kendall?" Katie's tone switched to almost crying.

"Katie? Katie - what's wrong?"

"Big brother…" Katie began to cry without solace and Kendall's heart broke in a million little pieces. He wished he would have been there by her side, holding her close and making whatever problem she had go away.

"Katie…" Kendall whispered. "What's wrong? Tell me…" He gently asked.


"Your boyfriend?" Kendall saw black in front of his eyes. Oh, the bastard that hurt his little sister was luck he was so far away! He would be more than dead right now!

"We broke up…" Katie sobbed.


"Last night…"


"It just wasn't working…" Katie trailed off and Kendall knew she was lying, hiding something from him. He sighed. He couldn't get anything from her now, not over the phone.

"Wanna fly down here and spend a bit of time with me and Jake and Jo and the guys? Maybe ride a bit… Take your mind off things?" Kendall offered while holding back a groan of frustration. He needed to bang Brandon's head into some wall…any wall! Lucky bastard!

"Yeah… Actually I do." Kendall hadn't expected that answer. Every single time he had made that offer Katie had turned him down for whatever reason. It made Kendall's heart take flight with happiness over seeing his baby sister again.

"Ok, I'll get you a ticket and…"

"Big brother, I can get my own ticket." Katie chuckled, though her voice was still heavy with tears. "I'm a big girl now, have my own money…"

Kendall bit on his inner cheek to keep from sighing. "Ok, Katie… then just tell me when you land so I can come pick you up, ok?"

"Ok, big brother…"

"See you soon, baby sister." Kendall smiled.

"See you…" Kendall took the phone from his ear with a happy grin and was about to end the conversation when he heard Katie call his name. "Oh, and, Kendall… I love you, big brother."

Before Kendall could even reply Katie ended the phone call. Kendall smiled and shook his head, heading for the main house, for lunch and to give his family the good news.

Later that night Kendall got another text from Katie.

Saturday. 10:00 Texas time. Flight 4875

He squealed like a child reading the text, now holding actual proof in front of his whole family. The only one that had believed him that Katie was coming to visit had been Jake. And he was only a child! Now Kendall felt triumphant as he shoved the phone in all of their faces with a grin as big as his face.

"Dude! You're serious!" Carlos yanked the phone from Kendall's grip. "Katie's coming!" He jumped off his seat and ran out.

"Where are you going?" Jo yelled after him.

Carlos popped his head back in the door. "To get the room next to mine ready for her, of course." He replied with a smile before running up the stairs.

"Hey! What? NO!" Kendall yelled after Carlos but Carlos was out of earshot already. Kendall pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. "I wanted Katie to stay with us, in the guest room…" He slumped back on his seat.

Jo chuckled and kissed his temple. "You big baby."

"Dude, she'll be not even a minute away." James suppressed a little laugh while Logan shook his head with a stupid grin on his face.

Kendall huffed and looked out the window as Jo set their dinner up. James got up to help her while Logan decided to finish up some paper work and leave Kendall to sulk in peace and play trucks with Jake.