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Normality is Overrated

Chapter One

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Clint Barton; member of the Avengers, recruited by Agent Nick Fury, an expert archer and ferociously trained in hand-to-hand combat, was brainwashed by an evil Norse God, and fought off an alien invasion.

But it all really came down to the question: crunchy, smooth or two in one peanut butter?

They were lined up at eye level as Clint slowly debated on which one to choose from.

"Need help there?" a soft but lightly accented voice cut through his thoughts. "I've passed by this aisle four times already and kept seeing you with the same deep in thought face."

He blinked, surprised that someone had snuck up on him and turned to only see a petite female, looking at him with amusement in her eyes.

"Choose." He simply said, gesturing towards the jars.

She hummed under her breath as a small smile appeared on her lips. "Well… If I were to choose, I would pick crunchy."

Clint was about to grab her choice when she continued, "But it all depends on you, wouldn't it? Crunchy would get stuck in your teeth and the two in one jar comes with only one flavored jam instead of choosing another flavor or if you decide to mix it up. The smooth is somewhat plain and not much adventurous."

She stated and watched him contemplate for a second, only to see him reach for her suggested jar.

Clint gave her a smirk and placed the jar in his basket only to freeze at the insane amount of food in her cart. Several of different kinds of meat were stacked on the bottom, which caused him to raise his eyebrow higher than he ever would imagine, then in the middle were different kinds of junk food that ranged from all kinds of candies that dentists would run away to variety of chips. On top of that layer was the healthy choices; fruit and vegetables.

"Feeding starving people?" he couldn't help but ask and his eyes landed on her now rosy cheeks.

"More like hungry and starving boys who go out and play all the time." She chirped

He was slightly put off at the mention of boys but he pushed the feeling aside. "Will you need help carrying them all?"

"If you wouldn't mind." She asked, sheepishly, and then looked at his basket. "Was peanut butter all you were going to buy?"

"I'm man; all we know how to make are sandwiches." He simply replied as he pushed her from the cart, leaving her behind him, giggling.


"Shouldn't these boys of yours help you with their groceries?" Clint asked, as he adjusted his hands.

Kagome simply shrugged and danced around him with only the light bags in her hands. "Having trouble there, Clint?"

"No." He gruffly muttered, his man pride was on the line here.

They continued down the sidewalk as his mind wandered over the female beside him. The total amount of food that she had brought was ridiculously insane, plus the sleek solid black card she handed towards the cashier was also an eyebrow rising. If she was currently the holder of a black card, where was her vehicle?

His train of thought was once again interrupted as a group of twenty or more motorcyclists suddenly surrounded them and he pushed her behind him, squaring his shoulders. "Stay behind me, Kagome."

He felt his invisible hackles rose up as the leader, from the stance the stranger was giving off, turned off his bike and settled it on the kickstand. He was then brought out of his battle stance as Kagome touched his arm.

"It's okay, Clint," She smiled reassuring at him, "These are the boys I've mentioned earlier."

He watched the leader look at his lackeys and tilted his head towards him. He saw the others repeat the leader, making their bike lean on their kickstand and came towards him.

"You gonna hand them over, or what?" one asked, when he didn't relinquish his hold on the food.

He handed over the groceries and watched the men secure them on their bikes while some nodded or simply waved at Kagome. Just three remained as the others left to her house to drop them off and placed them respectively where they belong in her kitchen, which Kagome taught them to do after coming home to melted ice cream.

"Clint, this is Kouga." She stated towards the man with his arms crossed in the middle, as she brought him over to the three. "That's Hakkaku with the Mohawk helmet and that's Ginta, in the grey lining on his jacket."

"Guys, this is my new friend, Clint, who I met in the store."

He watched the three take off their helmets and came to face with tanned men, each with their own expression. Ginta's hair was slick back while Hakkaku's hair was flat against his head, the sides shaved off. Kouga, who he noticed, had his hair in a high pony tail and shockingly sky blue eyes, gave him a look over only to soften his expression when he faced Kagome.

"Where's your car, Kagome?"

"It's in the shop." She replied, smiling at him, "Inu wanted to give it a look over. Besides, todays a lovely day and I thought of walking it."

"But that was a lot of food, sis." Ginta pointed out.

"And why didn't you call us to help you?" Hakkaku asked.

"Good thing I met Clint, huh? Besides, I didn't want to interrupt you guys with your run through the new city."

The three sighed, unable to get annoyed at her.

"Anyways, thanks but I'll be taking Kagome home now." Kouga said, as he tossed an extra helmet, which he stored under his bike, at her.

Kagome simply waved at him as Kouga took off on his bike as Ginta and Hakkaku flanked his side.