Summary: After being turned into a girl, Robin has to deal with the aftermath. Being sent out on a mission doesn't exactly help his process. Especially when some very important friends are sent out with Robin, including his best friend who Robin has been having unclear feelings for.

Rated: T

Pairing: Robin/Kid Flash

Disclaimer: I do not own Young Justice or The Justice League because if I did there would be birdflash and Wonderbat all the time.

Takes place in year 2014

There was complete silence. Not a single sound was heard or was there any figure to be seen by the guarding henchmen in the moonlight. Suddenly there was a swoop of black and a few grunts and thuds later the henchmen were seen again laying on the ground. A soft laugh rang through the air. A thin young male figure appeared outlined in the moonlight as he stood onto of the roof.

"Nice one Bats."

A growl was heard and a larger,more muscled figure was seen next to him. "Keep your mind on the mission."

The young one nodded and flipped back off the roof, landing softly on the ground two stories below. Pulling out a grappling gun, he shot it at a beam hanging over head, backed a couple feet before running forward while pulling himself up and crashing through a window as Batman dropped down through the roof.

The men inside looked up in fear and a few even ran away with pure terror on their faces. But one man with chalk while skin, green hair, and ruby red lips pulled into a sinister grin just opened his arms invitingly. "We've been waiting for you Batman." The Joker sang.

He noticed Robin standing behind him. "And you brought the Boy Wonder. Very nice."

"We know your plan Joker." Robin said, holding a batarang ready in his hand. "Might as well give it up."

He started to laugh insanely. "You see, I knew this would happen. So, I prepared myself." He held up his hands. In between each of his fingers on his left hand was a bomb while his right hand had a single tiny, dark purple bomb.

He threw two at Batman, who easily covered himself with his cape. The next two were aimed at Robin who flipped away, landing gracefully on the balls of his feet. He ended up in the center of the room, back to back with Batman. All the men surrounded them in a circle and pointed their guns at them. The Joker walked up to them slowly, holding the remaining purple bomb.

"This is my special bomb." He said, holding it up. "It has a special effect. It doesn't explode but releases a gas that- well you'll find out." He said before throwing it at their feet. They covered themselves with their capes, trying to block the gas but not before Robin got a lung-full Coughing, he waved away the gas until it had thinned out. Red faced, he glared at the Joker who for once wasn't smiling.

"It failed." He frowned for a second before grinning again and grabbed a gun from the man nearest to him.

As he aimed, a batarang knocked it out of his hand. Joker laughed insanely again and held up his hands. "You've got me!"

The henchmen all dropped their guns and held up their hands. Robin's head started to spin and he staggered as the world spun.

Batman shot him a look. "You go. I've got this covered." He said in his deep, rusty voice.

Robin nodded, shot his grappling hook to the opening in the ceiling and pulled himself up. When he got on the roof he fell to his knees for a moment, feeling breathless. He pushed himself up and hoped onto his motorcycle Weaving in and out of traffic, he somehow made it back to the cave without getting into an accident. Stumbling up to his room, Robin passed out on his bed.

Throughout the night a transformation took place that no one was prepared for.

Robin didn't get a great start to his morning. He tried to roll over in bed but just ended up going right over the edge and landing on the floor with a dull thud. Groaning, he untangled himself from his sheets and stood up.

He felt weird, awkward. Pushing the thought away, he ripped off his uniform and mask and replaced them with a t-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses; too tired to notice how ill fitting they suddenly were.

Walking down the empty hallway Robin began to give the Joker some thought. That special bomb that didn't work? That would be the first thing he did after breakfast. The doors slid open and Robin walked into the kitchen. Wally was of course already there stuffing his face and he turned to greet Robin, but his eyes popped open and his mouth dropped.

"What?" Robin frowned and touched his throat. His voice was different.

"You- you're- oh my god." Wally couldn't speak.

Robin started at get alarmed. Whatever could shut up Kid Mouth was not good.

"Seriously, what is it?"

Wally just made a gurgling sound and pointed to a mirror in the room. Raising an eyebrow, Robin walked over to it and looked, totally unprepared for what he saw.

A girl. A girl stared back at him in the mirror and for a second Robin just looked at his reflection in horror. Then he let out a strangled yell that woke up the rest of the residents. He didn't care if he had just screamed like a terrified little girl. He was a terrified girl.

The rest of the team burst in but they all stopped dead when they saw Robin, who was pulling at his face like he thought it was a mask.

"What happened to you?" Artemis asked, holding back laughter.

"It's not funny!" He yelled, rubbing his face.

But it was to everyone else. If Wally hadn't been so stunned he would been doubled over laughing. His best friend had been turned into a girl.

Robin's ebony hair was now a couple inches longer and a bit curlier to frame his female face. His complexion had lighten a few shades with pink tinged cheeks. He was still shorter than anyone but had become even slimmer. His pink lips were fuller and his cheekbones higher below his glasses. Crossing his arms just seemed to draw Wally's eyes to his chest. While maintaining his slight figure, Robin didn't seem to fall short in that category In short, he was the most beautiful girl Wally had ever seen.

"Well, this is an interesting change." Aqualad said slowly.

If looks could kill, Robin would have killed Aqualad in 0.01 seconds flat. "Interesting? Interesting! I'm a girl! The opposite gender than I was born!"

M'gann flew over to the computers. "I'm sending an urgent message to the Justice League. They should be here soon." Her fingers flew over the keyboard.

Groaning, Robin fell into the nearest chair. "Batman's going to kill me."

Robin scowled at his voice. It was soft and breathy so the effect was seductive, which was the opposite of what he was going for.

After while everyone had woken up and were have breakfast before a familiar robotic female voice spoke out.

Recognized: Superman. Batman. Wonder-Woman. Martian Manhunter.

The Team hurried to the Zeta Beam as the four members of the Justice League stepped out; Superman in the lead.

"We received a message asking for assistance. What do you need?" Superman asked.

"Well, Batman's not going to like this, but-" Superboy yanked Robin into view from where he had been trying to hide behind Aqualad. "Here's Robin."

The four heroes reactions were almost comical. Superman's eyes widened to their limits while Wonder Woman's mouth fell open and she just blinked at Robin. Martian Manhunter blushed and looked away. Batman just looked at his protege with no expression.

"What on Earth happened?" The Martian Manhunter asked, getting over his shock.

Robin looked at the ground. "I don't know. I just woke up and I was a girl."

Though no one could tell behind his mask, Batman was dealing with many emotions. The person he had treated like his son, had somehow been transfigured. He felt sad, angry, worried, and the one he was battling with the most, attracted.

"We will fix this. No matter what." Batman stated, daring the others to disagree.

Robin's face broke out into a relieved grin. "Thank god." He sighed.

Clearing her throat, Wonder Woman stepped forward. "Come on Robin. We should fix you up."

Looking curious, Robin followed her down the hallway. The rest of the team and the remaining Leaguers wandered around the cave; Superman and Superboy wandering off to talk in hushed tones and Miss Martian and the Martian Manhunter discussing something in rapid martian in the corner.

Soon later, Wonder Woman re-enter the room. "May I present the new Robin." She announced, holding out her arms to where Robin was slowly and nervously walking in.

He was wearing a new suit the was redesigned to fit his new... assets. The top was mostly the same design though the top hook of the vest and the t-shirt underneath were gone, showing a good amount of cleavage. His long, shapely legs were clad in tight black pants like his usual uniform with a red stripe going down the sides and shoes with a slight feminine heel. The only things that were exactly the same were his cape and mask.

"I'm not so sure about this." Robin said, fingering the end of the vest.

Batman scowled and he gave Wonder Woman his famous bat glare. "No." He growled.

Wonder Woman put her hands on Robin's shoulders. "It's not that bad." She said. "You have to admit that he's a good looking girl, so why not put that to advantage."

Though looking at him completely dressed in the outfit, Diana had to admit it would bring Robin some unwanted attention but it was too late to back down. Robin could take care of himself.

Pursing his lips, Robin crossed his arms. "I guess."

Smirking, Wonder Woman stepped away. As she passed the still scowling Batman she leaned close to his ear and whispered "Wonder Woman one, Batman zero."

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