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Summary: After being turned into a girl, Robin has to deal with the aftermath. Being sent out on a mission doesn't exactly help his process. Especially when some very important friends are sent out with Robin, including his best friend who Robin has been having unclear feelings for.

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I do not own Young Justice or The Justice League because if I did there would be birdflash and Wonderbat all the time.

Note: I've only seen a few episodes of season one, so sorry if I mess anything up.

Takes place in year 2014

Smirking, Kid Flash crouched down on the tree branch next to Superboy, clad in a black version of his normal suit.

"I think that god finally answered my prayers about Robin." He said.

Superboy looked at him, confused. "You wished for Robin to be turned into a girl?"

Kid Flash shook his head. "Nah. I just wanted to see him in a situation where he's not in control."

His mouth forming an perfect O, he nodded and turned away.

The team was spread throughout the forest. They were there on a tip that Bane would be passing by, though so far they seemed to be the only people there.

Like a blur, Kid Flash jumped from tree to tree until he landed next to Miss Martian and Robin; both who nearly fell out the tree with surprise.

"Miss M. I think Superboy wants you back there."

She smiled, turned invisible, and flew away.

Robin looked at him. "S.B. didn't really want her, did he?"

Kid Flash shrugged. "He always does. He's just to chicken to say it."

Shrugging, Robin looked away. "I guess."

Kid Flash nudged him in the shoulder. "Hey, your the girl. Shouldn't you be all sensitive to this love crap?"

Cracking a smile Robin leaned forward, rolling his weight to the balls of his feet.

"What's it like?" Kid Flash asked.

Robin sighed. "Weird. Like my body knows that this is wrong. It is very wrong. I have the mind of a guy with the body of a girl."

They sat in silence for a moment before Kid Flash started laughing.

"What? And be quiet." Robin hissed.

Sobering up, Kid Flash grinned at him. "At least now instead of having to hit on a girl, you can just look in a mirror."

Robin made a face. "You are too messed up, you know that right?"

"Sure, sure. That's what they all say."

Smiling, Robin shook his head. Kid Flash found himself entranced by the way the dim moon light reflected off the inky black strands of Robin's hair.

A hand snapped in front of his face. "Hello? Earth to Kid Mouth."

Kid Flash to look up to see Artemis standing over him. "What do you want?"

She crossed her arms and smirked. "Justice League called. Bane's not coming." Artemis then jumped away to replay the message.

Robin stood up and Kid Flash followed. "Looks like we should be heading back."

Robin looked at Kid Flash then looked away again. "Uh, do you think you could-you know." He gestured with his hands.

Kid Flash nodded and turned around. Robin nimbly climbed onto his back and wrapped his arms around Wally's neck.

Running along, he reached the cave in minutes. They stood there for a moment before Robin cleared his throat. "You can put me down now."

After Kid Flash let go of his legs, Robin slid off. Rubbing a sudden kink in his neck, he awkwardly smiled. "So..."

Robin shrugged. Footsteps were heard coming down the hallway and soon Batman, Captain Marvel, Atom, and Black Canary entered.

The moment Captain Marvel's eyes saw Robin, he doubled over with laughter. Robin scowled and thought of the things he would have done if Billy wasn't in the Justice League.

"You're finally here." Batman said, giving Captain Marvel one of his famous glares. "We brought Atom to run some tests on Robin." He said as the rest of the team started filling in.

"Come on." Black Canary said, inclining her head back down the hallway. "We need to get you to the lab."

Robin never cared much for shopping. Neither as a boy or a girl. So far he just wore his uniform or when he had to wear normal clothes, he just wore the borrowed tops from Zanntana and M'gann's pants as she had the second smallest waist to him. Even though the clothes didn't fit just right, he spent his time burying himself in finding a cure.

That is until M'gann marched up to him one day and snatched his papers from his hand.

"Hey!" He protested, trying to grab them back.

"Today is the day we shop for you." She announced, flying out of his reach.

Robin's eyes widened slightly behind his glasses and he shook his head. "Nope. Sorry, but I'm busy."

Wally leaned over the edge of the couch, chewing on a bag of chips. "Dude. Just go. M'gann's just going to bother you until you do."

She nodded and flew out of his reach.

Robin sighed and stood, crossing his arms. "If I go and let you buy me clothes, will you let me work in peace?"

M'gann nodded; beaming like a child given free rein in a candy factory.

"I think I'll go just to see how this turns out." Artemis said, smirking.

Scowling, Robin let M'gann drag him away while Artemis followed them. As soon as they disappeared down the hallway, Wally burst out laughing.

Aqualad looked at him. "What's so funny?"

"Can you image the damage that they're going to cause?"

Wally then walked out, leaving a faintly smiling Aqualad and a confused Superboy. "I don't get it."

Aqualad patted him on the back. "You may understand after the 4 o'clock news."

It was around 3 when the girls came back.

"Today was wonderful!" M'gann said, smiling and holding about six bags in her hands. She reverted back to her martian form.

"Yeah, just wonderful." Robin muttered, looking really pissed. He was dressed in fitting clothes; a dark blue tank top under a black denim jacket with skinny jeans and black converse. 'Some thing never change.' Wally thought, amused.

"How'd it go?" Aqualad asked.

Robin threw his bags down in disgust and crossed his arms in a huff. "Just wonderful." He growled. "They," He jabbed his finger towards Artemis and M'gann."Decided to drag me into every single store available when I could have been researching." He sat down on the couch with more force than necessary and scowled at the T.V. He looked sharply at Wally. "You game?"

Wally grinned. "Always. Hey, maybe now you're a girl I'm finally beat you!"

It didn't affect how he played.

An hour Wally was sitting on the couch scowling while Robin did a little victory dance in front of him. "You can't beat this hot stuff." Robin sang.

Wally turned a bit red, his mind going to the little bit of him that was attracted to his best friend. Robin turned around saw Wally's face, and burst out laughing. "Dude, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Wally squeaked.

Robin raised an eyebrow but refrained from speaking when Batman entered the room. "Robin."

Robin walked into the hallway with Batman but glanced over his shoulder at Wally with a curious face. Once in the hall Dick turned to Batman."What's wrong?"

To anyone else, Batman would have had on his usual blank expression, but Dick could tell he was a bit concerned.

"Making light of your... condition," Batman started. "The League had decided to use you trail a suspicious character. He's looking out for the League, and even the team, but has no clue what has transpired."

Dick thought for a moment. "Sooo, you want me to go undercover. As a girl." He said slowly.

Batman nodded and noticeably grimaced.

"This just keeps on getting better and better." Dick muttered.

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