This story the first part of it is dedicated to Kiki my sweetest BFF, love you so much hun. Anyway she really wanted a oneshot after watching The Good Wife Promo and Sneek peak for 4x13. If you have not watched them this story is spoilerish.

Also the story is split in two parts. This first part is just cute, sweet and romantic. While part two is hardcore smut, and my pervy mind playing tricks, so if you don't want to read smut don't read chapter 2, if you do well then enjoy. No M-rated stuff in chapter 1:D

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She was in a meeting when she got the text from him.

"Eli said you "dropped by", and he had promised to let me know."

She smiled happily, Eli had kept his words and told Peter. She truly hoped he was back in Chicago so she could tell him in person, plus do what she had wanted the moment Diane had told her to do, something she wouldn't normally do.

"Are you back? I have something to tell you. Something big."

She texted back and tried to focus the meeting again, but she couldn't really. She was too focused on her phone and when it would vibrate again, indicating another text from Peter.

"Sorry I won't be back tonight. Is it good or bad? Do you need me to come home?"

She let out a breath she had been holding, suddenly not feeling that happy anymore. She had been looking forward to seeing him and telling him about this, and see how proud he was of her achievements. Plus she knew what would follow because he was proud of her, and that was what she had hoped for when she went to his office earlier. Plus she really needed his advice related to the financial situation and what this would mean for her, what risks she was taking on.

"It is good - just big." She answered back, already planning - if sex and celebration with Peter was ruled out she sure hoped Kalinda would be up for drinks that night.

"I have a break in 10 min. If you want to talk?" He wrote her back. She debated the pro and cons for a short moment before writing "Okay" back, now she just needed to make sure she could take his call in 10 minutes, with a little luck and Cary's help she managed just that and was back in her office just as he called.

"Hey." He sounded tired and stressed out, making her a little worried. She knew the campaign was not going that well at the moment, and this confirmed that he was having a hard day.

"Hey, how is it going?" She asked, the smile back on her face from just be the sound of his voice.

"Not good, I need to stay down here until tomorrow. But what was it that you wanted to tell me?" He focused the conversation back on her, and she knew when he said "not good" that it really was going terribly bad. Maybe she should drive down there, she did want to celebrate and share her happiness with him.

"I've been offered to become an equity partner." She finally said it out loud for the first time, she hadn't even told Kalinda, because she somehow felt it would be right if Peter was the first she told about this.

"Congratulations Alicia, you truly made it. I am happy for you." He sounded like he was smiling.

"Thank you, but Peter it is a big decision, I mean financially they are in a bad place, and if it goes down and I buy in like I will have to..." She hesitated, she really was conflicted. She wanted this so much but what if the firm went down and she had put her money in it? It would possibly destroy her and hurt her children.

"Of course you are gonna take the job Babe. Don't worry, if something happens and the firm goes down we'll find a way - we always do. Take the job, I can't imagine anyone who deserves it more than you. Damn, I'm sorry Alicia, but I need to get back. I'll talk with you later, and take the job and try not to worry too much." he told her.

"Okay thank you Peter. Will you call me tonight?" She asked, hoping he would, hoping he would not be campaigning the whole night so they could talk on the phone instead.

"I'll try, if I am done and it's not too late I will call you." He promised her, before saying goodbye and hanging up. Alicia let out a deep breath and checked her watch. She had to be in court soon anyway, so it was probably good he didn't have the time to chat longer. But still she felt sad again that she had had to tell him over the phone and not being able to celebrate with him.

When she returned from court 3 hours later she was met by a gigantic bouquet of red long steamed roses on her desk. She looked at Cary who was reading up on a case.

"Umm Cary? Do you know where those came from?" She asked as she walked over picking up the card attached to the flowers.

"They came a little while ago, Emily brought them in. I am curious too, but I assumed they were form Peter." he added.

She nodded and took the card.

"I am sorry I had to rush off Alicia. No one deserves this more than you. You have truly made it, and I am so proud of you. Will you meet me at Morgan Park tonight at 8? Love Peter." She stared at the card not understanding a word. Wasn't he supposed to be away until tomorrow? Why was he suddenly coming back? Well she was not going to let this pass he was the one she had wanted to share her happiness with in the first place, and now she had the chance. There was still some hours left before she would have to meet him, which was good as she still had to finished up some paperwork.

Four hours later she parked her car at Morgan's Park, surprised to see Peter's campaign trailer there. What was he up to? She got out of the car and walked over carefully for the ground was lightly covered by newly fallen snow. She knocked on the door before opening it and walking up the stairs and stepping inside. The trailer was only covered in the soft glow of candlelight, from the table Peter was setting up. She stepped further inside, closing the door behind her.

"Peter?" She asked softly announcing she was there. He turned around to face her, smiling.

"You came." He sounded both surprised and happy.

"Of course I did. But I don't understand, I thought you said you had to stay away overnight?" She asked confused, as she started to undo her coat, taking it off and handing it over to Peter. She heard him let out a small gasp when he took in the sight of what she was wearing. She felt pleased that she had taken the time to go home and change, making herself look nice for him. She was wearing a silver white sheath dress with a deep cleavage and next to no back. She smiled at him seductively.

He gulped, forcing his eyes away from her cleavage, instead he took her and lead her a few steps further in.

"I was supposed to. But I have already let you down too many times in the past, where I should have celebrated with you and been there for you, I wasn't about to let another such moment pass. So I told them something had come up and I was needed back home. I was tempted to take you out, but also knew you would not really appreciate it, as the press might catch it. So I decided on dinner here. I thought of having you come over to the house, but lately this has been our place so I thought it was fitting to celebrate your big promotion here too." He explained, a bit hesitantly and nervous. Alicia however smiled, this was incredible thoughtful and sweet and so very romantic.

"So you arranged dinner here?" She asked smilingly.

"I did. I have to be honest I didn't cook. If I had more time to get back here and set it up I would have. But I did order the city's best Spaghetti Alla Diavola, since I know it is your favorite." He told her, his eyes shining at her.

"Oh I am sure Prosecco's cooking is much better than yours would be, so I appreciate it!" She teased him.

He rolled his eyes at her, but was still smiling.

"Are you hungry?" he asked her, still holding her hand he guided her over the table. He pulled out the chair for her, letting her take a seat.

"Starving. I had to skip lunch, because of a meeting." She explained, while he walked over and got the food for them, placing it in front of her. It smelled delicious and he really had gotten it from Prosecco's just for her. He took a seat opposite her, and poured her a glass of champagne, and then one for himself. He held his glass up in a toast for her.


She smiled and nodded thank you before taking a sip of the bubbly drink.

"Well then, I hope you enjoy it." He nodded against the dish as they placed their glasses back down. He waited for her to take the first bite before following her. She did enjoy the first taste of the delicious dish, it was exactly like she wanted it.

She looked up at him and smiled.

"It is perfect, thank you for this Peter!" He nodded softly.

"I am glad. I just wanted to celebrate this with you. Like I said, no one deserved it more than you." He reached over the table and placed his hand on top hers, caressing it gently.

"Thank you. You were the first I told. I left right after having been told and wanted to see you. I didn't tell anyone else, just you." She admitted, enjoy the warmth of his hand upon hers.

"Thank you, for wanting to share this with me Alicia. I can't tell you how much that means."

She pulled her palm away from under his, suddenly a little scared of the whole thing, the romantic candlelight dinner, soft romantic music playing in the background, she realized as she focused on the tones to "I love you for sentimental reasons."

They were in a dangerous territory. One that scared her to death and yet she didn't want to leave this moment at all. She had wished he would be there to celebrate with her, and he'd come back home to do just that. He had created a incredible personal and sweet celebration for her, in a place that was strictly theirs and with no bad memories only precious ones connected to it, unlike the house. This was where she kissed him for the first time in years, it was where they were growing a little closer all the time, yes it was their place. The rest of the dinner was peaceful, she talked the job through with him, and the economy issue, and what it would mean for her if she accepted. He was encouraging her, telling her to take it and let nothing stop her, that whatever happened it could be dealt with.

"Would you like dessert right now?" he asked her smilingly after finishing the pasta, but she shook her head. She was completely full at the moment, and felt very relaxed having kicked off her heels under the table, tired from walking in the a whole day and then putting on a even higher pair just for him tonight. But seeing as it was just them in a private place she no longer had the desire to have them on, her feet thanking her for that decision.

Peter stood up and held his hand out to her, she looked at it strangely not exactly sure what he meant.

"In that case may I have this dance?" He asked her carefully.

"A dance Peter?" She was not sure this was the best of ideas, the music was soft and romantic and a dance to this would mean being completely in his arms.

"It is a celebration Alicia, dancing is fitting." He argued with her. She was unable to disrupt that logic and neither did she really want to. She placed her hand in his and standing up, stepping into his embrace, his arms coming around her waist as her head rested on his chest while they moved slowly to the music.

"In case I forget to say it later, this was exactly what I wanted. Thank you Peter." She whispered sweetly, feeling the briefest and lightest of kisses on her hair, making her sigh contentedly and happily against him.

"All you wanted?" He asked, his voice suddenly having an edge to it.

She pulled back a little, enough to look at him, before shaking her head. He was right, she wanted more than a slow dance and dinner with him, no matter how good this felt. He pulled her closer again, his lips finding hers, kissing her softly. She opened her mouth, letting his tongue in and meeting it with her own, and letting them mate in a slow dance like their bodies had been only mere seconds before. She wrapped her arms around his neck, enjoy the feeling of his hands caressing her sides and back. She was happy she wore this dress with no back now that she felt his hands caress her bare skin.

The most of their others encounters lately had been hurried and quick, this time there was nothing hurried about it as she pushed the jacket off his shoulders or untied his tie.

His hands found the side zipper in her dress, pulling it down carefully, as she unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders and pulling away from him long enough to let him slide the dress down and off her, leaving her only wearing her lace panties. He pulled her close again, her bare breasts molding against his chest, making her sigh in pleasure. He bend down so he could pick her up, and carried her over to the couch where he lowered her gently and followed her down. Every move they made this time was slow, caressing, memorizing the other all over again. He placed kisses all over her body where he could reach, his fingers softly brushing her skin for a while before he finally entered her, making her sigh in pleasure, this was all she had wanted, to be with him.

Once they were done, she rested in his arms peacefully, half asleep already and completely spent.

He placed a soft kiss on her shoulder.

"I wish we could stay here forever." He finally admitted, making her smile lightly.

"Might prove difficult." She said as she moved around so she could look at him.

"I still wish we could. When will the kids expect you home?" He asked as his fingers slid through her hair.

"Not soon. I technicality don't need to be home until tomorrow morning when they wake up. I told them I was going out for drinks, and they should go to bed and not wait up." She ran her fingers over his chest.

"Does this mean you will stay a while longer?" His voice was hopeful.

"If you put your alarm on I will stay until 5 am." She reached up and kissed him softly.

"You will? It won't be the most comfortable sleeping arrangement." He mumbled apologizing.

"Well it is better than the bed I had to sleep on while visiting you in prison, but it might be nice if you had some blankets." She teased him. He nodded, and moved around her picking up his boxers.

"Are you really gonna bother put them back on?" She asked him lifting an eyebrow skeptically.

"Well I thought you stayed for some sleep." He locked eyes with her.

"Peter, blow out the candles, set your alarm and find us some blankets, then I will show you what I am staying for." He shook his head while smirking at her, but did as she had asked before returning to her covering her with a blanket and laying down beside her. Few moments later the blanket was on the floor beside them completely forgotten again as he covered her body in kisses once more, making them forget everything else around them.