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Much later they were resting against each other once more with her head pillowed on his chest, listing to the sound of his heartbeat. His hands were stroking her back, it was like he couldn't stop touching and stroking her skin tonight, like he really was trying to touch every single spot on her body, rediscovering her completely. Not that she minded at all, tonight she enjoyed it, she wanted him to continue, to keep touching her.

"Are you hungry?" He asked her, finding her ear and pushing her hair out of the way so he could nibble on the lobe.

She looked up at him almost disbelieving. She was pretty sure she needed to rest a little before yet another round.

"Really? Again?" She mumbled softly.

"I meant for food Alicia. We still have the dessert." He whispered, his voice on the edge of laughter.

"Oh..." She considered the offer, she could eat, as long as she didn't have to get dressed or move, in that case she would rather do without. "I could eat, but don't you dare make me get up." She mumbled against his skin.

"Sure dear." He carefully lifted her body off his, making her groan a little as he got up from the couch, picked up a blanket and wrapped it around her. Before waking over the to the mini fridge. Alicia smiled at herself that he had not even bothered getting dressed again this time or putting his boxers back on. He came back with two plates. She sat up and held the blanket up so he could slip in under with her. He smiled and leaned in for a gentle kiss before placing one of the plates in her lap. She smiled when she saw what it was, strawberries with whipped-cream and chocolate sauce. He really was thoughtful tonight getting her favorite dessert, knowing that she always had a thing for the delicious fruit. She picked up the plate and started to eat the a berry, dipping it in the sauce and cream and enjoying the flavor.

"Is it good?" He asked her teasingly.

She looked back at him.

"Very good. Thank you." She smiled at him then looked at the plate and picked up another of the strawberries. She bit into it slowly and licked her lips after every bite, savoring the sweet taste while keeping her eyes locked at his. Peter tried to hide a groan while he was watching her.

"You are walking a fine line Alicia." He groaned while looking at her, as she licked the juice off her lips and placed the steam back down.

"Well maybe I like that..." Her eyes were teasing him. She licked her lips slowly once more before picking up yet another strawberry, this time she turned to him and lifted it to his lips and ran it along his bottom lip. As he opened his mouth to bite into it, she pulled it back quickly and popped it into her own mouth.

"Oh Alicia, what should I do with you being such a tease?" he whispered placing his own plate beside him, and leaning in started placing kisses in a line from her shoulder up her throat to her ear, biting gently on the lobe.

She moaned softly. "Nothing. I am not a tease." She whimpered as he sucked on the tender spot behind her ear."I am not" She laughed, and pulled back, reaching over him.

"What are you doing?" he asked confused over her movement.

"Showing you I am not a tease!" She stuck out her tongue at him, before she held up another berry to his lips.

"You are feeding me one of my own ones not yours..." He teased her.

"Nope, because you would have given me all of yours just because you know I love them so much."

He shook his head at her response but she could read the laughter and truth in his eyes, he would have fed her all of his if she wanted it. Suddenly something in his eyes changed and he caught a hold on her wrist. Alicia felt like the air had gotten knocked out of her lungs as well as the air around them had changed completely, had grown thinner like they were on the top of a mountain where it was hard to breathe and get enough oxygen. It did not help at all when he slowly lifted her hand so he could eat the strawberry directly from between her fingers.

It was like he spend an hour eating the one single strawberry. As he took the last bite she started to relax, thinking he would let go of her hand. She knew that she could have pulled away anytime if she had wanted to, but she was too shocked to move, as well as liked it far more than she could ever had dreamt of, but it felt so intense and intimate.

Peter however didn't let go of her hand like she had expected, instead she found herself gasping as she felt his tongue slowly licking up the juice that had run down her fingers. He suck the pad of her thumb inside his mouth licking it clean. Alicia felt like she could not breath. She was not sure where the air in her lungs had gone. His tongue ran down her thumb trying to catch the last traces of juice on it. All the time he kept his eyes locked with hers so she could see the heat in them. She started to feel lightheaded, maybe from the lack of breath. It felt like an eternity had passed then he finally pulled back.

"Who is the tease now?" She whimpered softly, he smiled at her and leaned in kissing her on the lips again. She sucked on his tongue enjoying the traces of strawberry juice left on his lips and tongue.

"Oh you are..." he mumbled as he pulled back enough to pick up another berry, dipping it in the chocolate sauce and whip cream on the plate and running it over her throat before feeding her the berry, and licking of the sauce and cream from her neck, and finally kissing her lips again while his hands found her bare breasts and started to caress them softly, teasing her already hardened peaks with soft brushes of his thumbs.

"Dessert over." She mumbled as she removed the plate she had in her lap, and Peter pulled back enough to place his own on the floor like she had. Before kissing her again, and pushing her gently down on the couch once more, the blanket sliding to the floor again.

"Agreed." he whispered against her lips. But then pulled back and looked at her, a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"Actually maybe not. This is just a better kind of dessert." he kissed her again before pulling back and reaching down beside them on the floor. The next moment she gasped in surprise, as Peter drew his fingers now covered in whipped cream over her sensitive breasts, before leaning back down and letting his tongue circle her nipples lapping the cream off her.

"Tastes better on you than on the berries." He whispered as he reached back up kissing her lips.

"This will be such a mess." She whispered in between kisses.

"Want me to stop?" he asked smilingly.

"Oh no I don't, but..." She suddenly caught him by surprise as she had managed to slip out under him, making him moan in surprise.

"Alicia." He sounded like a child, making her laugh.

"Oh don't worry I am not leaving I just don't want to be the only one having a hard time looking at that couch on your next campaigning trip. So I decided I wanted a treat." She looked at him, bottom lip pulled between her teeth and her best puppy dog eyes. As she kneeled beside the couch.

"Alicia what are you doing?" he asked nervously.

"Sit up Peter..." her eyes were shining.

"Alicia..." he started again.

"Sit up Peter, I am just working your campaign. After all isn't that what you called it, a campaign minute?" She smiled at him, as she found the plate and picked up some whipped-cream and licked it off her fingers slowly, sucking on the pads.

"Alicia..." He whispered as he sat up.

"Good, this works so much better." She smiled at him.

"What are you doing?" He asked her as he sat up holding his hand out to her, clearly thinking she just wanted to sit on his lap. She smiled to herself.

"Well you made me in need of a shower by having a special dessert you clearly enjoyed. Why should I not have mine?" She smirked at him as she dipped her fingers in the whipped cream once more before reaching forward and wrapping her hand around his prominent erection making him gasp in surprise. She started to stroke him slowly before leaning forward and licking the cream that was now mixed with his pre-cum. She continued this dipping her fingers in the cream and sauce and stroked him slowly with her hand before licking the mixture of him. Peter was groaning and moaning in pleasure under her hands, she liked that, it made her feel powerful that she still had the abilities to make him this hot for her, even though she imagined she was nowhere as talented at this as both Amber and probably Kalinda had been.

With that thought she took him fully into her mouth. She felt his hands in her hair, not pushing her further down but rather trying to pull her off. She smiled and took him a bit further in while relaxing her throat. She brushed her fingers over his balls making him moan loud as his hips jerked upwards.

"Alicia you need to stop... I am so close." he groaned, as she took him a bit further yet, but she didn't pull back instead she kept up the steady pace she had been holding, taking him fully in when she felt his balls tighten under her fingers, and his moaning growing deeper.

She swallowed all of his hot juices, before she pulled back and licked her lips slowly while looking him in the eyes.

The next moment his hands were on her sides, and he had pulled her back up and into his lap, his lips covering hers in kisses.

"Damn, you are incredible." he mumbled as he moved them to place her back on the couch, as he started to kiss her all over again, but this time going after her most sensitive spot, as he placed her legs over his shoulders.

"Peter..." She moaned as his tongue started to lap at her wet folds.

"I am just returning you generous treatment." He whispered as he parted her folds taking a long lick of her wetness. The next she gasped as she felt his cold fingers move over her clit. She was in no doubt his fingers were covered in whipped-cream once more, taking up what she started as he licked the cream off her once more, making her moan out loudly.

Yes this was perfect. This was what she had wanted. To celebrate with him, this and what the whole night had been, just their moment.