The Shinobi and the Priestess


Naruto x Kikyo


Story Start


Dusk was falling when decided it was time to set camp. They were nearing the edge of the forest edge just as the signs of light were fading. Now the only sources of light were that of the moon among peering down the branches.

Their trek was that of chatter. Musings seemed to easily escape the Kami's lips. The trip to the forest was long enough to let exchange tidbits. For one such as Naruto there was a great deal of warmness coming from him. He seemed more like a powerful human than a Lord of Foxes and fertility.

The miko then stood up, brushing dry away dry leaves that had fallen on her hair and garments. She laid her bow and quiver against a tree and she stretched her tired limbs. With ease he downed a tree by forming the sphere about the size of a head. Kikyou watched as the blonde then meticulously began cutting chunks of trees into logs.

He then began gathering stones to make sure the pit of fire wouldn't result in the forest catching on fire. Kikyou decided that she should do something instead of just sitting around. The first thing she would need to do was to summon shinidamachuu. In other to continue living she would need the sustenance of new souls. One thing was sure. She couldn't wait to be free of this burden. Then she would be able to bring Naraku's existence to an end. The sooner that foul died was purified the sooner everyone's life would be.

Naruto continued making the pit until something caught his senses. Suddenly white winged insects resembling eels appeared out of nowhere and began to circle the area. The little demons were avoiding him, obviously feeling his powerful chakra. Rather, they hovered close to Kikyou, who petted a few of them.

"I remember. I remember what it was like to do anything to survive." Naruto began to speak as his gaze fall unto the Priestess. As a Miko, he knew what she was doing was the Antithesis of our calling. He wondered just how much guilt she was going through? He also knew that as an unsent soul that had reason to stay in the living world she was in a conundrum. "You should take the time to watch up. I'm going to hunting." Naruto quickly changed the subject.

Kikyou nodded and decided to follow the blond's suggestion. She soon found a river not too far away that she could bath in peace. Kikyou waded into the waist deep water of a nearby river to cleanse herself while she sought to put her mind at ease. Her kimono stuck to her flesh like a second layer of skin, and the autumn air made the flowing water rather chilly, but the priestess did not mind.

Despite how much ground they covered, they had not sensed any presence of Naraku. Though the half-demon didn't go long without causing trouble. Kikyou took a deep inhale and submerged underneath the cold water and removed the grime that had stuck to her raven locks. When she appeared once more on the water's surface, she made for one of the large boulders scattered around the steely river. Setting herself on it, she let the water drip from her long hair as she sat down and faced the sky. Soon, soon this whole ordeal would be over.

Naruto continued further up the stream. He had stripped himself of his clothing as he entered the chilling waters, searching for any fish. Naruto wasn't much of a fisher so using the application of Kagebunshin made it more than easy for him to catch a nice haul of fish. No matter how fast fish were in the water, they could not avoided hundreds of hands or fight against a technique that deposited the water onto the land.

The fish helpless wriggled on the ground, flopping as they slowly began to lose consciousness. Naruto poked his finger into its gills to stop it from wriggling. It was one of the survival skills Jiraiya had taught him during that training trip, though that was another lifetime ago. When the fish stopped struggling Naruto began skinning some of the sticks he had brought. Then he hollowed out some rocks, filled it with water and heated the water. Once the water was heated he used it to clean the sticks that he then speared through the fish.

Just then, a powerful aura washed over the area. Naruto's skin shuttered as the aura seemed to wash over the area. It was so awfully familiar... and so was the powerful demon aura and scent that suddenly assailed his senses. "Hachimata." The words escaped his lips with a haunting silence.

Kikyou herself was alarmed by the power that seemed to hover through the forest. She quickly got dressed and armed herself with her weapons. Despite the fact that she was with Lord Inari, she did not allow that to be used as an excuse to drop her guard. Though whatever this presence was it was powerful, nearly frightening. Though whatever this dark presence was, it seemed to be flaunting its power.

Whatever this presence was, it didn't seem to be afraid of Inari. The sound of slithering alerted her acute senses. Kikyou pulled out an arrow and readied it. Years of fighting against demons had trained her skills to an almost hypersensitive level. Something that was possible thanks to her vast spiritual power that allowed her to sense things to a super human level.

Kikyou moved when something large swept where she once stood. She fired the arrow and it skinned the side of the creature. Kikyou quickly grabbed another arrow as the large body of the creature came into sight. It was a sixteen foot white snake, one of the few creatures belonging to a greater Yokai clans that hadn't been drawn into this whole conflict. Though that did not deter her, it was merely just another demon. The white snaked poised, ready to strike. As Kikyou released the arrow the demon snake lunged, going for a killing strike.