I was sitting a room watching as my fate was decided for me. My father sat beside me and I just couldn't bring myself to look at him.

My whole life my father wasn't there. I haven't seen him in 18 years and that's how old I am. He only visited one other time and that's how my sisters were conceived. My mom's room is like a shrine to him. She has jewelry that she only wears on days dedicated to him. My sisters too, believe that he will come back. Personally, if he does some back I wouldn't have any words for him.

We he did about a week ago. He came as if he never left and the others acted the same. I saw his face and went to my room. I didn't want to feel any emptier then I already did.

"Ichigo!" he called. "I came back for you! C'mon out and talk to your dear old dad!"

I came out of my room and he was surrounded my family. I looked at him in a muted expression.

"I came to tell you that I married you off."

I was speechless just this morning I was bringing in groceries and tending to my roses while staring down Grimmjow as he stared back from across the street.

I never like Grimmjow. He was a hostile asshole and conceded as hell. He only helped himself and caused trouble just for a hobby. I dislike him even more after a strange event had happened. He touched one of my roses and then asked me if he could have it.

"This rose is beautiful may I have this one?"

"No, get out of my yard."

"Can I have you in place of it then?"

he stared me down and I stared at him back not willing to look away and lose.

"I'll call the cops." I said sternly and he stepped into the street backward until her was in his own yard. His eyes never left mine until my mother called me and I went to tend to her need.

Everything about Grimmjow didn't suit me at all.

Now, after another one of our episodes my father was sitting the living room telling me that I am now engaged.

"Son, it's for the good of the world. The Devil himself weighted this deal. He said that if his Son got something out of the world then he would cease to destroy it until his son died. God Almighty thought that this would be suited. The son of the Devil picked to be married and by his choice he picked you, an innocent mortal." My father smiled.

"You sold my soul to the devil!"

"NO, your protected by Jesus at all times, nothing sinister can harm you if something of the sort wanted to harm you in any case."

"Who the fuck are you to decide for me?"

"I didn't our God did, I just sent the news."

With that I accepted it. Now I'm standing here right outside of the church. My father stood beside me as to say I was dressed in white like a bride. He offered to hold my arm but I refused. I was still a man.

The time came for me to enter and I did with my father slightly ahead of me because I tried to drag my feet. At the alter at the top over everyone was a white light. Some how just looking at it relaxed me and ebb my anger. I looked back down determined to show how unhappy I was.

I waited as the priest said the things he usually does and then he can to the "I do". Grimmjow went first and he said it. Then the words were repeated for me.

I could almost here everyone lean in to see what I was going to do. When I didn't say anything, I heard someone gasp. My mother.

"My poor baby!" She rushes up to the alter and puts her arms around me. she wipes my face and that's when I realized that I am crying. I take a deep breath and I turn to the priest. My head is down and I'm waiting till I'm sure my voice won't crack.

"I do"

Suddenly everyone breathes. I look at Grimmjow and he's smiling. He leaves and I 'm glad we don't have to do the rest of the ceremony. He tosses a ring over.

"See you when you decide to come home, or when I make you." he says and then he turns and starts talking someone else dressed in black and red.

My mother is holding me, cradling me as if I was a child and I don't care.

"My only son. It's alright. Just remember you're saving the world and bringing peace. I'll miss you."

I just cried silently into her shoulder. Truth is, I was saving her too. I found out from gossip that she suppose to die very soon. I prayed to god he let her live because if he did then who would take care of my little sisters. Not my damn father because if it wasn't for him I or us wouldn't be in this mess. As add for my self sacrifice she would be saved from the upcoming doom that was to befall her.

I wiped my eyes and held my head up. I had to be good. I walked out of the church and started walking home. It was twelve miles away but I didn't care.

I had been walking for about 5 minutes when I noticed that I wasn't alone.

"Tell me am I really that unappealing to you?" Asked Grimmjow.

"You're the fucking devil's son, do you really have to ask that question?"

"True, but you will learn to like me" Grimmjow said as matter-of-factly.

"How the fuck do you know? And why the hell-excuse me- why do you talk like that?"

"Alright I'll cut the damn act, I just thought maybe that is what would make you warm up to me."

"Nothing will make me warm up to you. Consider me that snowball in hell everyone has been talking about"

"I thought my father was in temporary retirement. If there is a snowball in hell a lot of weird terrible things might happen."

"Like what?"

"Like you fuckin me. Somebody, come to think of it one of my friends told me that there would be a snowball in hell before I get you to fall in love with me."

"I could have told you that, but fine there will not be a snowball in hell."

"So when do you wanna go down home?" Grimmjow raised his eyebrows with a wolfish grin and pointed to the ground.

"I was going home right now."

"You can't even walk inside you house anymore."

"Why the fuck not?" Asked Ichigo irritated.

"Because I hex it that you can't stay there for more then an hour unless you were tending to those beautiful roses."

"It's going to take more then an hour to get my stuff and tend my roses everyday."

"I know but I can't help you, your my bitch now and that's just the way it is. By the way your stuff is already in my house. You can do your yard work on our side. To make it more clear-you will do it on our side."

"Your sick"

"No, you are my husband and I am your husband. Don't give me no bullshit about you now swingin' that way. If you are straight, you won't be for long so hold on to you sanity big boy. I refuse to have you run from me. just so you know I'm giving you a grace period before i should what hell really is and then you have to for fill your duties and at least pretend to like me. Until then, i'll be happy to let you spend time with your family."

"Should I show gratitude?"

"That would be nice."

"Too bad I got just enough hate for you to not give a damn."

Grimmjow chuckled.

"You don't give a damn Ichi? You haven't seen what not giving a damn looks like. Let's see if you know after i get through taking your virginity."

"I"m not a virgin."

"You're an ass virgin so you count as virgin in this relationship."

"Who said that i'm the girl."

"I said that your the motherfucking girl. you wil submit to me, sooner or later whether you like it or not."