Whose Trigger?

"I have just what you need!"

The streetlamp at the end of time was surrounded by the eager group of (mostly) hopeful-eyed heroes, but (most of) their focus was on the Guru of time, who was currently digging through his pockets thoughtfully and mumbling half-words under his breath. "Now where... I put that..."

Magus leaned impatiently against the fence, starting to regret telling the group about him at all.

"So it's true!" Lucca leaned in a little more than the others, her hope in the seemingly hopeless revival of her lifelong friend hinging on his every word. "You DO have something that can revive Crono?"

"Yes, if I can just find where I put that darn-" the Gaspar stopped suddenly and squinted at her. "Wait, who?"

"You know," her hands tossed in impatient circles. "Red spiky hair, strong silent type."

"Ohhh," he smiled strangely. "You mean Chrono!"

The group exchanged dry glances. "Eeeeyeah... that's what I just said."

"No, no, you said Crono. What you meant was Chrono."

Frog blinked confusedly between to two. "Be they not one in the same?"

The Guru laughed, clipping his hands about instructively. "Oh ho ho; not even close! You're missing the H!"

"But Crono never spelt his name with an H," Marle objected suspiciously. Lucca gave an agitated nod of agreement.

"Heh heh, exactly! Because that's how the game spells it. That's how they want you to spell it..." the old man persisted with slowly drawn, suspicious emphasis. He pulled a large oval from under his coat and held it up as if to persuade them. "But they can't fool me! The egg is the Chrono Trigger, not the Crono Trigger."

"The 'game'?" Lucca wavered a skeptical step backwards. "What are you talking about? Come to think of it, why would you have an egg named after Crono, anyway? And why do you keep it in your-"

"Never mind that," Gaspar swatted at her and cleared his throat with something akin to a nervous chuckle. "I'm telling you, I can prove it! Lucca: how many letters are in your name?"

She crossed her arms, unimpressed.

"Five," he answered for her, holding five fingers up for emphasis. "Marle, how many in yours?"

"Well..." the princess looked unsure if she should answer him. "Five."

"Exactly. Glenn?"

Frog gave a leap of surprise. "How-"

"Five! Magus?"

Magus glared at him suspiciously.

"Er, heh heh," Gaspar scratched his nose, feigning innocence. "I mean, tall angry guy over there who I've never met but also has a five letter name... like Glenn... whose name I also guessed..."


"Er, anyway," Gaspar mumbled, trying to regain his train of thought. "The rest of you four-letter-namers don't count. Do you see my point? Not one of you has a name longer than five letters! Why, you ask?"

"Because the five letter name is the most common medium," Lucca guessed sarcastically.

"Because there's no more room! Hah!" The group looked at him blankly.

He sighed. "You see..." His hand gestures were getting more choppy and violent. "They had to cut the H out of Chrono for it to fit in the naming box at the start of the game. But they didn't change the rest of the places where it appears."

Their faces remained blank.

"Poorly planned cover up or suspicious story line? Hmm?"

There was another round of blank stares before Ayla bound forwards with her own educated epiphany. "Cut egg for eat?!"

Slowly, Gaspar put a hand to his temple. "Just... take the stupid thing."

Upon walking away with the egg in hand and a confused crew at her side, Lucca couldn't help but ask, "Conspiracy theorist?"

"Yep," Magus confirmed. "100%"

So then... Did the Chrono come before the egg, or the egg before the Crono? *Queue unsolved mystery music*