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Chapter 1

" , are you ready for your first day?" Maggy Lea asked sweetly smiling at me. I smiled back and nodded.

"Yes ma'am, I'm kind of nervous but ready," I say and walk back into my kindergarten class. A few minutes later the bell rings and the kids come rush into my class. I look at the new faces as they find their seats. Once all of my 15 kids are inside, I smile warmly at them, and began.

"Hello kids, I'm Mr. Prince, welcome to kindergarten," I say in a cheery voice.

"Hello Mr. Prince," they echo. I smile.

"Okay I am going to go around and everyone is going to say their name, favorite color, and their hero," I say and point to a small blond girl.

"I'm Anna Bell, my favorite color is orange, and my hero is my mom," she says slowly and finishes with a smile. I point to the boy next to her.

"I'm Lee Nean, my favorite color is blue and my hero is spider men," he says shyly. I nodded and look at the boy beside him.

"I'm Adam Rice, my favorite color is blue, and my hero is my older brother," he says and I for a second he kind of reminds me of Draco when we first met. The next girl begins without me pointing or looking at her.

"I'm Jenna, my favorite color is pink of course and my hero is my mommy," she turns her head and sticks up her nose once he finished. I want to laugh, and look at the girl next to her.

"Hi, I'm Ashley Brook, my favorite color is prink and my hero is Jenna," she says looking down. I raise my eyebrow at her and nod once. The boy next to her looked up at me, smiling.

"I'm Jackson Calven", my favorite color is red, and my hero is umm, is Lane," he says pausing to think for a second. The boy next to Jackson looks around and then sighs.

"I'm Mike, my favorite color is purple and my hero is my mommy," he says shyly. I look at him for a second then the boy next to him begins.

"I'm Sam Strum, my favorite color is purple and my hero is Mike," he says nodding to Mike. I smile a little then the girl next to Mike sits up straighter and begins slowly.

"I'm Angle, my favorite color is purple, and my hero is my aunt Leo," she said looking at her hands. I nod and the boy next to her starts bouncing in his seat, I pointed at him smiling at his excitement.

"I'm Draco Willson, my favorite color is green, and my hero is my daddy!" he bounces as he finished.

"I'm Chris, my favorite color is green to, and my hero is Mr. Crowle, he lives next door," he says not looking at anymore. His clothes were baggy and he looked 3 instead of 5-6. I nodded, I'll keep an eye on him. I look at the boy beside him.

"I'm Ryan Jumper, my favorite color is yellow, my hero is lighting," he staring me down. I smile at him, and nod.

"I'm Rice, Eric Rice, my favorite color is blue, and my hero is my SpongeBob, "he says and I have to close my mouth to stop from laughing. I nod and look at the brunette.

"I'm Willow Page my favorite color is gray, and my hero is batmen," she says. I nod at her and notice that unlike the other kids her clothes where gray. Jeans, shirt, shoes, and even her head band. The small boy next to her looks at me, waiting his turn, I smile at him and nod.

"Hi, I'm Jack Hotchner my favorite color is blue and my dad is my hero," he says almost quietly. I nod and smile at the shy boy.

"Okay very good kids, it might take me a couple of days to learn all of your names but it will happen. Today we are going to color, I would like for you to draw something that has meaning to you, such as your family, friends, pets, toys. Okay let me hand out the paper…" I said as I grab it and started giving the kids a couple of sheets. After I had handed it out, the kids got out their coloring boxes out and started to draw. Not a minute of silence passed; the kids started to chatter with their friends. Well almost all the children. The boy named Chris, Willow and Jack did not talk. I started to walk around, looking at what they had colored. I saw what looked like toys, maybe pets and family. Chris's picture was of a park, with a man standing next to him, holding his hand. I met his eyes, and smiled.

"That's a nice picture Chris," I say and walked away. I saw more pictures of the same things. The one picture that impressed me the most is Jack's picture. It was of a man in a super hero suit, smiling at him.

"Is that your dad?" I ask him. He nods and then goes back to drawing.

~page break~

The rest of the day was slow but good. Well that was until the kids had to go home. They left alright. I stayed till 4:30 p.m. cleaning up the mess, once I got out of the school and started heading for my car, I was one of my students sitting on the curve. I paused and started towards him.

"Hey Jack, " I say sitting down next to him. He looks at me strangely.

"Mr. Prince? What are you doing here," he asks looking up at me.

"Well I am about to go home, how about you?" I ask him studying him closely.

"Well dad's on a case and my nanny was supposed to pick me up…" he trailed off. I nodded understanding.

"Do you want to use my telly phone to call someone?" I ask him, he looks at me stangely but nodded. I handed him my new iphone and showed him how to work it. After explaining it to him, I handed it over. I watched as he typed the numbers. A second later he put it up to his ear and I could hear the ringing.

" Hotchner," a tired male voice answered.

"Hi daddy, umm I'm sitting here with Mr. Prince, my new teacher and Miss. May hasn't showed up to get me," the boy said after thinking about his words very carefully. I could almost here the tired sigh.

"Jack, can I talk to your teacher?" I could hear through the phone, I opened my hand and Jack handed it back to me.

"Yes Mr. Hotchner?" I ask as soon as the phone was up to my ear.

"Mr. Prince?" He started but I stopped him.

"Call me Harry please," I said.

"Okay Harry, can you wait with Jack till I get there? I just got off the plane and I will be there in about two hours," he said. I looked at my watch, 4:35 pm.

"Umm, sure, I will be here," I said and hung up. After slipping my phone back into my pocket I looked at Jack.

"So Jack, do you want to go back inside so you won't be too cold?" I asked, he nodded and stood up, shivering. I took of my jacket and handed it to the small boy, I was not about to let the little guy freeze or get a cold from being cold. He took it and put his small arms threw it. I let a small laugh escape but opened the door as we went inside. We made our way back to the classroom and I got out more paper for the boy to draw on.

"Here you go," I said to him getting a tall chair and putting it down next to my desk. He jumped up and got out his colors. I got out my phone and texted Draco.

Draco, how is everyone?"

After I sent the message I looked at Jack.

"Do you mind?" I asked pointing at my phone. He shook his head and kept drawing.

"good, we miss you…"

I smile, and sigh. I really miss them, it feels like a part of my heart is missing.

"Are you okay Mr. Prince," a soft voice interrupting my thinking.

"I looked up at him and smiled sadly, I felt tears rolling down my face.

"Yes I just miss my family," I said. And went to my pictures to show him a picture of Severus, Draco, and Lucius.

"That's them? Where is your mommy?" he asked. I sadly smiled at him.

"My mom died and my real dad died when I was a baby, this man, I showed him a picture of Severus, adopted me when I was 15…" I said giving him a small and simple version of my heart breaking story. Jack got up and the next thing I know, he was hugging me. I patted his back.

"It's okay Jack, go back to drawing," I said and for the next two hours we sat there. I was texting and Jack was drawing. Then I heard a knock I saw someone standing by the door way. I was about to ask if he was Jack's dad, when he got a gun out and pointed it towards the boy.