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Chapter 2

I went blank for a full five seconds, before I acted on impulse. I pulled out my wand and fired an Experlliarmus and then a Stupefy. After a second I looked at Jack, he was staring blankly at the man. I turned my wand to Obliviate him, but his eyes grew wide, as if he feared me.

"Jack I am not going to hurt you I promise, I am just going to remove this memory. I can't let you keep it, I am sorry," I said softly looking into his eyes. Which still held fear but he nodded slowly.

"Okay Mr. Prince," he said, his voice quiet and fearful. I had the spell on the tip of my tongue ready to say it, but as I looked at him I couldn't do it. What if I hurt him? What if I damaged his mind? I lowered my wand and put it in my pocket, then I crouched down to the small boys' level and kept eye contact the whole time.

"Jack I will not erase your memory if you can promise me you will never tell ANYONE of what happen today, not even your dad," I said staring down at him. He thought about it for a second.

"Okay Mr. Prince I promise not to tell anyone, not even daddy," he said. I studied him for a second longer, and his eyes held truth. I nodded at him smiling a little.

"Thank you Jack," I said and ruffled his hair a little. I stood up and looked at the unconscious man, he fell flat on his face when I stunned him. I briefly wondered if I should Obliviate him, but decided against it. The muggles would just thing him mad when he was arrested. I looked at the gun, which ended up on my desk, what do I do with it? Hmmm. I picked it up and walked over to the other guy and placed it back in his hands. Then I used a silent cleaning charm to wash off my hand prints. I walked back to my desk, got out my phone and dialed 911. It rang twice before a female voice answered with a "hello what's your emergence?

"There is a guy here, at Red Flag Elementary School, he came in here with a gun, and then he passed out…" I said.

"Okay, I will send an ambulance and a police offers," she said. I nodded forgetting that she couldn't see me.

"Yes ma'am, thank you," I said. I put down my phone and looked at Jack, he looked a little shooken up from the whole ordeal, but not yet in shock.

"Jack what happen today?" I asked him, making sure our stories were the same.

"Mr. Prince we were waiting for my daddy to come and get me when a man walked in, he pointed a gun at me and then for a strange reason he passed out?" Jack finished uncertain. I smiled at him, hopefully if the police questioned him, he would stick with the story.

"Yes Jack, thanks for this," I told the boy, he didn't know how much trouble he will save me by lying. He nodded and studied his shoes.

Mr. Prince, what was that you did with the stick?" he asked quietly. I looked at him surprised, I didn't think he would have the courage to ask.

"That little one is a secret," I say hopping he would leave it for now, lucky he nodded his head and didn't demand I tell him the answer. We stood there, in silence till the police finally got there. They were armed with guns, and hard looks on their faces.

"What happen here?" one of them asked after the guy was loaded into the ambulance. I opened my mouth to answer when a man came running in. He looked around and his eyes rested on Jack. I knew instantly he was the dad because they had similar features. The same dark brown, almost black eyes, the same nose, the same smile…

"What happen." He demanded looking at an officer. The officer repeated my story then pointed to me. The man's eyes turned to me and I felt a rush of heat run up my body. As I stared into his eyes, I felt safe and wanted. I wanted to jump in his arms and kiss him. Then all of the sudden he was standing next to me.

"You must be Harry Prince, I am Aaron Hotchner, Jack's father." He said holding out his hand. I quickly shook my feelings aside, I would worry about them when I got home, and shook his hand. Sparks ran up my hand through my arm and to my heart.

"Hello Mr. Hotchner," I said quietly, still staring into his eyes.

"Daddy, can we go home?" a childish voice asked, and I broke my gaze away from the beautiful man to look at his son. Jack looked tired and I knew the day had finally caught up with him. He swayed on his feet and Aaron turned to pick him up.

"Thank you for watching him while I got here. His nanny quite I think and before you ask why he has a nanny, his mother is dead and I needed help to care for him," he said, well more like mutter softly. I nodded.

"Anytime, really if you want me to watch him just give me a call," I said to him. He gave me a small smile and nodded, then went back to say something to the officer, then walked out with Jack. I started after them. About ten minutes later a principle comes running in, she takes a look at me then goes over to talk with the officer.

"Harry you can go home," she says after a few minutes. I nod and get my stuff then walk away without a backwards glance.

~Page break~

Once I got home, I set down my stuff and went to the computer, Lucius got it for me, making it magically work so I can face chat them anytime I want." I turned it on, and went on Skype then called Severus. (I didn't even know how they got Skype there, or how they knew how to work a computer…) After five rings, I was about to give up when suddenly I hear "Draco how do you work this stupid device?" I almost laughed so Draco was the one who knew about… Haha blackmail!

"Sev, you do this." Came an annoyed reply. A second later Severus, Lucius and Draco appeared on my screen. (I didn't know how they all fit on the screen but I really didn't care right now…)

"Hey guys!" I said turning my camera on and then waving.

"Hey Harry, how is everything going? Why have you not called until now? You have been gone for 3 months!" Severus demanded glaring at me. I have to admit even though this muggle screen he looked scary.

"I'm sorry dad, but this is the first time which I have been able to. For the last three months I have been looking for a place to stay, unpacking, finding a job, and learning everything I can about muggles again, even though before I didn't really know much about them. You know cause of the Dursleys?" I asked. Severus eyes gentled a little and he sighed.

"I was just worried little one, I haven't heard from you. Draco has, and I haven't…" he said. I nodded tears welling up in my eyes. How could I not spare a second to say hi to the man that saved my life and gave me his care and love.

"I'm sorry," I said and traitor tears ran down my face.

"Harry… don't cry, it is okay you called me now." He said smoothly. I nodded but did not stop crying.

"Harry don't cry," Draco whined and I had to laugh. Oh how I missed my brother.

"What?" he demanded laughing a little as well. I smiled and looked up, I felt a little better now, but I could still fear my sorrow rolling down my face.

"I miss you guys. You are the only family I have, and it just hurts. Even you Lucy!" I said sniffing a little.

"Don't call me Lucy, Harry and I didn't think I counted as family?" he asked. I giggled at the face he made. He looked surprised and a little stuck up. "What so funny you little brat?" he asked most likely knowing why I was laughing.

"HAHAH, your face! It's so funny Lucy!" I said giggling again. I could see Draco rolling his eyes at me but chuckling lightly himself, well until Lucius smacked him.

"You boys are mean," he glared at me then at Draco. We busted out laughing, even Severus! Then Lucius did something with made me want to pee my pants. The great Malfoy was POUTING! HAHAH

"Okay, laugh it up," he muttered. We laughed at him expense for about 5 good minutes before we all calmed down.

"Okay so Harry, how is everything?" Draco asked. The other two man looked very interested now.

"Good, I miss you guys, but I finally feel free. I am learning a lot, and I kind of love it!" I said, not wanting to drag anything.

"Okay so are you good little bro?" he asked and I nodded. Draco yawned and I suddenly realized it was like 1 am there.

"Sorry Dray, go get some sleep I will text you tomorrow," I said. I still needed to talk to Sev and Lucy. He nodded and mumbled a night before getting up and walking out.

"So what do you wish to tell us Harry?" Severus asked as soon as Draco left.

"Umm I really don't know how to begin but, I am confused…" I muttered, wondering how he knew I wanted to discuss something.

"Well little one start from the beginning and just tell us." Lucius said. I took a deep breath and started my story from when I was asked to watch Jack Hotchners to the leading of a man with a gun (had to describe the muggle weapon and what it was used for) to using my magic on that muggle; to the police officers coming (had to explain that they were like the Aurors and then had to explain what the ambulance was and what they did) to first seeing him, Aaron Hotchner and what if felt like when I looked in his eyes. What I felt when we shook hands. After I was finished Severus looked happy and surprised while Lucius just looked surprised.

"Well son, I would have never guessed that you would have that much creature blood in you. But I guess I should have known… I mean you were always stranger then the common wizard and your scenes are better than any werewolf I have ever known." Severus said looking proud. I smiled a little confused, I mean how in the world did he know? Only one person knew my scenes where better than werewolves, Remus, he was the only one I have ever told that to. Besides I had thought that all wizards had a little creature blood in them, veela, elf, vampire etc. even muggleborns.

"What he means Harry, is that you have enough creature blood to have a mate," I felt frozen, surely not? I have only heard of full creatures or half creatures have mates… I'm not a full creature that's for sure… And surly I could not be a half creature... Mom was a muggleborn which meant she had close to 3-10% creature blood and when people talked about my dad, they never said anything about him being a full creature, he was mostly human … Right?

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