Chapter 1- Squad Four's bad day

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It started in squad four. At the time it was a shock; no-one had ever imagined the meek and gentle healers of squad four would be capable of causing so much mayhem. In retrospect it was inevitable.

It all began in a bar; it had been a particularly bad day for squad four. It was the day after Kenpachi Zaraki's birthday, so not only had they been forced to spend the entire morning treating the hangovers of less than appreciative squad eleven members, but squad eleven barracks as well as all other buildings in the vicinity had been trashed and guess who had to clean it all up. That's right squad four. It's not like they had nothing better to do, with a whole load of seriously injured squad six members to treat for hollow poisoning and emergency surgery for a couple of squad twelve's more unfortunate experimental subjects. No-one ever seemed to appreciate the fact that squad four was one of the hardest working squads in the Seretei. Instead all anyone seemed to do was mock them and call them weaklings who were too afraid to fight. It had been a particularly bad day and so, at the end of their shift, a number of squad four members found themselves in a bar trying to blow off steam.

"F*cking squad eleven. If they can't deal with their own f*cking hangovers they should f*cking well join the AA"

"Do you know that one of them actually said to my face that I don't do any useful work in the Seiretei?"

"He did NOT!"

"His exact words were "Ahh now I know why we keep useless weaklings like you around in the seiretei. If we didn't we'd have to go to squad twelve for our hangover cures"

"Bastard. We do a damn sight more work than they do around here, they basically just lounge around drinking and causing trouble most of the time until they get bored and go on a massive hollow killing spree that impresses the head captain. They don't have a clue what it's like to pull an all nighter watching critically injured patients and then just as you're trying to drag yourself back to bed be shanghaied by a bunch of squad eleven members who want you to clean their toilets. We do all the menial chores in the Seiretei, on top of our medical duties and what's more we get constantly harassed and verbally abused while doing it. Without us the whole Seiretei would fall apart and I for one have had enough" There was a rumble of agreement from everyone present. Then the nervous voice of seventh seat Hanataro Yamada piped up

"I have an idea"

There was a brief silence, then an unseated female shinigami, said cautiously "Go on"

"Well, I was thinking, that if we formed a union and went on strike, we might be able to teach the rest of Seiretei a lesson."

"What's a union, and what do you mean by strike?" the female shinigami who had spoken up before asked.

"Well…" he paused, unable to remember her name "Rika" she reminded him, "I just graduated from the academy a couple of months ago"

"Thank you Rika, basically a union is an association of workers, that supports its members when their superiors treat them unfairly and uses collective bargaining to get better pay and conditions. A strike is basically when all members of the union agree to refuse to work until their demands are met" His normally timid expression was altered by an evil looking grin. "If we're really that useless then they shouldn't mind if we take a few days off, if not, well then, they can start being properly appreciative of the work we do." The assembled shinigami shuddered slightly at this new side of their Seventh seat.

"How do you know all this stuff?" the Fifth seat asked curiously, "no-one ever told us about any of this in the academy"

"You remember when I was posted in the world of the living? Well while I was there I got a job, and I picked up on some stuff." There was a pause.

"Well I'm in" ninth seat Ryuu Kurotsuchi (definitely no relation) said, quickly followed by a flurry of agreements.

"Well if tomorrow we sound out the rest of the squad about forming a union, and then meet back here to elect a strike committee, then we should be able to go on strike by Monday." Hanataro declared with new found confidence. "Meeting adjourned"

A/N this is just the beginning, watch how it escalates