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Festival day one

As the sun rose on the first day of the festival, and squads one and two took up defensive positions in their barracks, the festival organisers were preparing to open the gates.

Squad eleven was initially put in charge of guarding the gates but after a few instances of congestion caused by squad eleven members insisting on challenging all would be festival-goers to fights in exchange for entry, squad ten took over, and things seemed to be going a lot more smoothly.

Over in the main tent Rukia was giving a speech on why the central 46 should be abolished.

"…and so you see our current system of government is fundamentally a reactionary force designed to maintain the status quo at the expense of ordinary hard working citizens of the soul society. Not only is the central 46 an outmoded and illegitimate form of government, it is my firm belief that their inability to move with the times and listen to the wishes of the population will inevitably lead to ruin for the whole soul society…"

Ichigo was frantically trying to take notes. After getting hold of a copy of the newspaper he was meant to be writing for he figured this seemed like something he should mention. Not to mention the fact that if Rukia knew he'd ignored her speech she would beat him to death with a Chappy toy.

"… This is why squad thirteen has made the dissolution of central 46 one of our central demands, so long as central 46 exists we will continue to see sickening miscarriages of justice and ridiculous levels of inequality. That's why we are calling for change! For the future! Viva la revolucion!"

Ichigo was surprised at the level of support. Who knew Rukia was such a good public speaker? Then again maybe it wasn't so surprising, she'd always been good at motivating him after all. Ichigo was definitely shocked at the banner that dropped down behind her as the speech ended. Where the hell had she found a picture of Chappy throwing a Molotov? Who creates stuff like that (Renji later confessed).

Meanwhile in the main campsite Momo and Toshiro were putting on a show. They had both released their Zanpaktos and were creating a fairly dramatic visual display involving fireballs and snow. Rangiku was impressed, who would have thought her normally uptight, straight laced captain would have such a gift for performance. Karin decided that there was no way she was going to be outdone and started doing trick shots with her reiatsu charged football. Of course it was just as things started to get out of hand that Yachiru charged into the middle of it. After that everything seemed to happen in slow motion, like dominoes falling. Afterwards no-one was sure of the exact sequence of events but somehow all the different spirit energies and elemental forces crashed into each other and reacted resulting in a minor explosion that destroyed most of the tents in their general vicinity and left a big smoking crater in the ground. At that point everyone looked around and silently agreed that they were never there, then quickly sidled away, before anyone could get confused and thing that they were there even when they weren't at all, in anyway, anywhere near there. Smoking crater? What smoking crater? Who would do such a thing? Not us!

At midday Ichigo was greeted by an unexpected sight at the far end of the campsite. He blinked a few times not sure if he was hallucinating. Nope that was definitely Uryu giving archery lessons to soul reaper kids. Dressed up as Robin Hood, and giving every indication of enjoying it. There was something very wrong with this picture. Ichigo smirked, Uryu hadn't noticed him yet, He quickly snapped a picture, before moving in closer.

"Greetings Brave Sir Robin." Ichigo called out pompously. Uryu froze.

"What are you doing here?" Ichigo snapped another photo, and grinned.

"Just taking a few pictures to go with my article"

Oh shit oh shit oh shit "What do you mean your article." He asked slowly.

Ichigo grinned some more. "Haven't you heard? I'm an official reporter for the union newspaper. I've got a badge and a camera and everything. So Robin Hood babysits for soul reapers?" Oh god this was humiliating. Who the hell gave that idiot a camera and a license to publish anyway? Uryu briefly considered bribing Ichigo not to publish those pictures but one look at his expression put paid to that idea. There was no way Ichigo was going to let this go, his best bet was to style it out.

"I like the kids, they haven't been brainwashed into drones by the soul reaper authorities yet. I'm hoping to teach them the value of harmony between the mind and body through archery." Ichigo was impressed, that was some pretty effective bullshitting, but he couldn't resist asking."

"And what about the Robin Hood costume?"

"Robin Hood is one of the original symbols of rebellion against a corrupt authority. It helps children understand the importance of the work that is being done here." Ichigo gave in, that was a pretty impressive justification to come up with on the spot. Uryu deserved to get away with that one. Besides to be perfectly honest if it had been him he didn't think he could have said no to those kids. They were extremely cute. Almost as if they could read his thoughts one of the younger ones looked at up at him with sad pleading eyes.

"Will you come and play with us too? Pleeaasee." Ichigo scratched his head trying to think of a way out before surrendering to the inevitable. Not even Aizen could have said no to those faces.

"Okay, but only for a little while."

Uryu grinned at his chance to turn the tables, "You can be Little John."