Chapter 4

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Eric sat and listened to the Undertaker, there was no way. Alan never had a chance, he knew that but yet hearing it made things harder, more unbearable then they already were.
"I had told him of a cure, the only one in existence. Though it had never been tested. it was merely folklore. Legend has it that if one was to collect a thousand pure souls, from only young women then one could cast away the thorns. Alan never desired to pursue it. He never wanted to even think about. All because it would cost others their lives. He came to me as soon as he realized something was wrong. Telling him he was going to die wasn't easy. I liked Alan, he was interesting when it came to reapers."
"Stop. I don't want to hear your fantasies about Alan. But, he knew it wouldn't be a painless death?"
"He did. He knew right from the start that he would suffer. I told him to enlist in someone he trusted to help him. It took much to convince him."
"I knew he didn't want to tell me."
"He fought hard, for you mostly. Didn't want you to mourn for long."
"He did?"
"Alan loved you. That is the message he wanted me to tell you. He figured you would come to me. He knew you well."
"He really did. Better than anyone else."
"There isn't much I can do for you. We are Reapers we cannot access those that leave us."
That was right, they couldn't. But there were those that could. Those that could access the world of the living and of the spirit, there he could find closure.
"If you seek an Angel they may offer what you can't return. You may not be able to return to this world."
"Would that be so bad though? There is nothing left is there for me"
Jotting something down on a piece of paper Undertaker slipped it to Eric who looked it over briefly before sticking it in his pocket. Eric was out of there before Undertaker could get a word of warning out to him.

Running down the road he thought of the quickest route to take. An angel, why did he not think of that sooner? He could see Alan again. He could make sure he was okay; he could feel his heart beat again. His body would feel life again. This could be a trap for all he knew, Angels weren't always as nice as the stories told of, especially to Reapers but so long as he could get to Alan he could handle anything. Coming to the church he slowed before entering. The last thing he wanted to do was have them leave, or attack him before they knew why he was here.
"Well what do we have here? A Reaper?"
Turning he saw a woman come up behind him, her wings were folded though no one else could see him.
"I come to seek closure."
"Closure? What an odd thing to hear from one of your kind."
"I need to know that the one that left me is alright now. I need to know for certain that he is at peace."
"That won't come cheaply. What you seek requires a payment."
"Please. Anything. I need to see him again."
"Are you certain this is what you want? Once we have taken our payment there is no going back."
"I'll pay anything. I need to see him!"
Bringing forth a document for Eric's signature upon his approval, she brought him inside the lair. Seeing what the cost was, what he would have to lose he signed it and awaited his reward.
"You shall have what you desire then. Thank you for business." Signaling for two other angels Eric's arms were held back.
"What is going on? What are you doing? I paid you so I could see Alan."
"And you will sweetheart." Whispering in his ear he felt her hand cut through his chest, damn the Angels!

Opening his eyes Eric tried to allow the room to settle around him, everything seemed so bright.
"Oh! Look he is waking! We should inform the other." Hearing a gentle voice over him Eric tried to sit up, his head felt heavy.
"What is going on?" With a hand on his head he tried to take it what was around him, it looked like a street, a normal street from the dispatch. How had he gotten here?
"Welcome, Eric Slingby, you're forever awaits you."
"My forever?" Turning to the voice a man stood over him, he wasn't in a suit, or robes, nothing to show he was a reaper or an angel, he seemed to be in plain clothes, what was going on?
"Come; allow me to help you get settled." Helping Eric to his feet he tried to gather his bearings while he moved to a building. How had he gotten to the middle of the street in the first place? Why was none of this sounding familiar to him?
"Right this way please. We have someone waiting to help you." The man opened the door for him allowing him to step inside. As the door was closed behind him Eric looked inside the room to see a small, slender man standing from a chair.
"I have been waiting a very long time to see you again. It's what has made every day here bearable."
Stepping closer into the light Eric's jaw fell. "Alan? But how?"
"It's been awhile, hasn't it, Eric. I've missed you."
"And I've missed you." Moving towards Alan his hands placed on the smaller ones shoulders, feeling the solid mass to make sure this was real, he wasn't dreaming.
"It's really you."
"It's really me, Eric. I have missed saying that name. Eric." Seeing the look of confusion covering Eric's face Alan's grabbed his arms to pull them away and hold his hands. "Come, let me help you get settled in and fill in the gaps."
Before they walked anywhere Eric wrapped his arms around Alan to pull him closer. Taking a deep breath his lungs filled with the scent that was his love, that was his Alan, it had never changed from the last day he saw him.

As they separated Alan kept Eric's hand in his own as he lead him to another room the house held.
"Where should I start, hmmm? I guess from the beginning would be best."
"Alan. You're dead."
"I am dead. As are you."
"From the angels?"
"Well. No." Stopping from helping Eric undress so he could wash up Alan looked him in the eyes with surprise.
"The angel ripped her hand through me, I remember that."
"Well yes, but that happened sixty years ago."
"Sixty years? No, it was just before."
"Eric. I have been dead for sixty years and three days."
"That can't be right. I saw the angel three days after your death."
"Yes." Having Eric sit on the edge of the long tub Alan kept his hands in his. "You saw the angel soon after my passing, but Eric, the angel didn't kill you that day. You signed a document to see me once again, which is what happened. But, the payment was your immortality. She ripped out what made you a death god and turned you into a mortal man. You didn't die from her hand through your chest, you died from old age."
"Old age?"
Alan tried not to laugh as he smiled and nodded, "looked handsome even with grey hair."
"Oh god, I'm not some old man right now am I?"
"No, you look just like the day we last saw each other." Turning to the sink he lifted a mirror from it to hand it to Eric. Holding it to his face he saw his blond highlights with the black roots, his hair still braided on the right.
"The contract you signed allowed you to join me the age you were when you agreed to it. Though I would have loved you even if you were covered in wrinkles."
"Why do I remember nothing of being a human?"
"That is something I can't answer for I don't know."
"And is this heaven?"
"It is, now, anyway."
"Now that you are with me. I was upset with you when I learned of what you did but I waited sixty long years for this day Eric."
"Alan." Feeling his eyes start to become misty he wrapped his arms around Alan's body to bring him close again. Feeling Alan wrap his arms around him and his head rest on his shoulder Eric could feel Alan shaking from the tears that left his eyes.
"I am so glad to have you back Eric. I knew I would see you again I just knew it."
"I promised you I would never say goodbye forever."

After Eric had washed up and got his mind sorted as best he could Alan decided it was best to show him around. Heaven reminded them both of the Dispatch, a community where only the chosen lived, it was a nice feeling.
"Do you work?"
"Not really, there is no money here."
"So how do you spend your day?"
"You're going to laugh but, when I died, because I was reaper who didn't die by a demon, I was allowed to stay in the central area for awhile. I got to help people transition to life here. I also was allowed to watch certain people."
"Like a guardian angel?"
"Mmmmm sort of I guess. I couldn't influence people but I was allowed to watch them live their life."
"You spied on me didn't you."
"I wouldn't call it spying, I just anxiously awaited the day I would see you, though I didn't actually learn of that happening for quite some time."
"Do you have any idea what happened with Ronald and the others?"
"Ronald? I do actually. He is still a giant flirt, though he moved up in the ranks. And um, well, he moved into my old place."
"He did?!"
"Yea, I was surprised to hear that as well. I wish I could ask him what made him decide that one."
"I bet I know."
"I'll tell you later." Kissing Alan's cheek they stopped under an oak off the side of the street, allowing the shade to wash over them.
"Oh! I learned something else while I worked for the central area, the Dispatch, though thoroughly pissed with you and your actions, took our scythes and placed them as relics. They sit side by side in the library."
"No one else would have been as good with that scythe but you." Kissing his cheek again he pinned Alan up against the tree to allow their lips to meet, it had been much too long, this kiss had been long overdue. As they separated Alan's eyes were glistening with the threat of tears once more.
"I love you Eric. I have waited sixty years to tell you that. I love you, I know how much pain I caused you when I was sick and you had to watch me grow weaker and weaker and the day of my death I know wasn't easy for you. I love you for everything you have done for me, for loving me through it all, for remembering me after all these years. My biggest regret when I died was not knowing if you knew all of that, if I told you how much I loved you."
"Alan," Wiping away the tears that had started to fall from his eyes he smiled. "I knew. I knew you loved me. I should be thanking you. For waiting all this time for me. Thank you for being the person that got to help me settle in to this new life. I love you Alan, I always have."
Falling into Eric's arms he moved them to sit against the tree. Alan, his Alan was with him again, healthy, happy, the same he remembered. He may have waited sixty years for this day but he had promised he would see Alan again. Now he was never letting him go. The angels had given him his wish, the price wasn't cheap, but it was worth it. It was worth every cent so he could have this moment and every moment after with the one he loved.


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