Chapter 5

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Emily was pulled from her light sleep two hours later by the soft cries emanating from the room as she opened her eyes to look around she saw JJ holding Morgan "Jen" Emily whispered so not to make her jump "Hey sweetie" JJ said as she walked over with Morgan "Little man was hungry and now little princess is too" Emily smiled softly "You want me to take him?" JJ nodded as she handed Morgan over before walking to pick Jane up to give her the other bottle.

After they had been fed and changed Emily stood over the cots, they were still awake their eyes slowly closing as Emily started to sing to them.

"Sommeil d'or embrasser tes yeux;
Sourires vous attendent lorsque vous vous levez.
Sommeil, joli bébé,
ne pleure pas,
Et je vais chanter une berceuse.
Cares vous ne savez pas,
donc dormir,
tandis que plus vous montre que je vais garder.
Dormir, jolie chérie,
Ne pleure pas,
Et je vais chanter une berceuse. "

JJ looked at Emily a soft smile touching her lips as they slowly drifted off to sleep "Come back to bed baby" JJ said softly as they both got back in bed "When" Emily smiled "I use to sing it to Sarah was she was born Isabella taught me it" JJ smiled "Is there an English version?" Emily laughed softly as she sung it softly in English

"Golden slumbers kiss your eyes;
Smiles await you when you rise.
Sleep, pretty baby,
do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.

Cares you know not,
therefore sleep,
while over you a watch I'll keep.
Sleep, pretty darling,
Do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby."

As Emily finished she looked down at her wife, who was now curled into her fast asleep "I love you so much Jennifer" she whispered as she drifted off.

JJ awoke the early not through the noise of the babies crying but the distinctive sounds of two women arguing in the hall way.

Emily's voice ripped through the house "Do you hate me that bloody much, what was you thinking" she shouted "In fact do not even answer that, I thought you had some brains but no you have to damn well insult me!"

"Explain to me once again, what the hell you are doing" Emily shouted "Mom it's no big deal" Sarah tried to argue her point "Not a big deal! Really Sarah Jane Prentiss, you really think this isn't a big deal!" "Mom please, if you want to shout, fine then shout scream at me if that makes you feel any better but can we at least do this away from my sleeping brother and sister" Emily took a breath before heading downing stairs "Get your ass down here now" Emily shouted once she was at the bottom.

"So you want me to explain why?" Emily looked at her in disbelief "This has nothing to do with the fact that you have seen him, this young lady has more to the fact that you have been seeing him for the last four damned months and you have never told me, this is the fact I had to hear off the staff at your grandma's do you know how that makes me feel?" Sarah shook her head "I don't see what's the big deal, he seems nice!"

She had seen Emily pissed off, mad as hell, upset, in fact she had seen nearly every side of her but this shocked her, she placed her hand out of her mouth to keep the gasp inside, as Emily continued "Just what was you thinking, him of all people!" her voice married or the path of evil and hateful as her words ripped through the air.

"What the hell did I do to make you not trust me anymore?" Sandy took a breath as she whispered in JJ's ear "What's gone on?" JJ shook her head as they both kept out of Emily's way "I have no clue but I have never seen her this angry" JJ whispered

"You just don't get it do you Sarah, you really don't understand why I worry so badly"
"You worry because your my mother and it's your job to worry about me" Sarah said in a sarcastic tone.

"This is not about me being your mom and doing a job as you so nicely put it, this is about you not coming to me, you not talking to me, you feeling that you can't come to me" Sarah frowned for a moment "If I had come to you mom you would have told me not to" Emily let a small smile touch her lips "No Sarah I wouldn't have, this is about the fact that you don't trust me and you haven't for a long time, you talk to me , but you don't TALK to me, you are my baby and I have no clue what is going on in your life, this is about that, this is about that fact that you felt the need to hide this from me"

"I didn't feel I needed to hide it from you, your wrong I do trust you" Emily sighed as she started to turn away speaking softly "You know when I got pregnant with you, I didn't have anyone, I didn't know who to turn too, Karen was there for me, but the people I needed wasn't because I couldn't turn to them for help, and I don't want my daughter to feel she can't come to me, I don't want my child to feel alone in the world"

Sarah placed her hand on Emily's shoulder "You had Grandma?" Sarah said with a questioning look on her face "Not at first I didn't Sarah, at first I had no one, wasn't till two months before you was born that I had my mother by my side, two months before you were born I didn't know what it was like to not have a mom, and that is the worse feeling ever"

"Mom!" Sarah said in a whisper "You see Sarah we weren't close like we are now, I doubt before she saw you on that screen she even knew I was around, I was passed between nanny's and household staff and only taken out to make mom and him look good, the perfect family, I was a doll for them nothing more, but you came along and for the first time in 20 years I had a mom, I had a mom who cared about me and I don't want you to feel that, I don't want you to feel you can't come to me" Emily kept her voice soft as she spoke

"I know you don't know your father and I know you will never meet him, but I did the best job I could, I protected you the best I could and I have failed you because I couldn't protect you. My job took you from me and I blame myself every day. I watched my baby slip away from me and I finally am starting to get you back and now you are slipping away again" the tears fell down her face as Sarah listened

"Mom I don't care who my father is or was, because I have you. It wasn't that I couldn't come to you or that I didn't know how to come to you, you have this new family and I love you and Ma I do, but" Emily looked at her "You are this family, this isn't a new family this is your family Sarah, those children upstairs are your family, Jennifer is your family and if you hadn't worked it out yet the team is your family. And Derek is protective of his family, they love you Sarah, and you just don't know them well enough yet"

Sarah wrapped her arms around Emily "Mom I love you so much, but where do I fit in to this, is there room for me in your family" Emily rubbed her back "Oh sweetheart you fit in this family, Jennifer loves you like you're her daughter, she wants to protect you like a mother does, we want you to love our babies because they love there big sister, you fit right here sweetheart" Emily took her hand placing it over her heart "you fit here because you are my daughter, you are my first born, this is your home and I love you so much and so does Jennifer"

"I know you are here, you are my family mom so is Ma, but I want to get to know him mom?"

"Did me and your grandmother do something wrong that made you do this?" Sarah sighed softly as she looked at her mother who at this point had gone past mad to boiling mad in the space of half an hour. "Well aside from the fact he is family, he also I have a right to get to know him" she said as calmly as she could, she really didn't get why her mother was so angry at her.

"He gave up that right! He give up any right to be in my life the day he cheated on Mom and told me I was an disgrace to the family and I should have had you aborted" Emily stopped putting her hand over her mouth "what did you say Mom?" Sarah said; she knew her mom and grandfather never got on, but he said he loved her and mom this just made her head spin.

Emily was so mad she never meant for that to come out "Sarah" she said softly looking at her daughter "He wanted you to what" Emily sighed "he said it, you was born and that was the last time I spoke to him, there isn't anything more" she sighed

Emily kissed Sarah on the cheek as she looked towards the doorway seeing JJ, Sandy and their children in their arms "Sarah this is your home and always will be and you fit in, you fit in our lives, we miss you, your mom misses you" JJ said softly as they both walked in "You promise Ma?" Sarah said with unsure eyes "I am more than sure I love you as though you are my own and I will protect you as you are my own" Sarah nodded though the tears fell from her eyes

"You knew?" Sarah asked JJ, "Not really, but with what your mom told me I had an idea" she admitted "But really Sarah what made you keep this from us and more importantly from your mom?" JJ asked calmly "He says he's proud of mom and that he wishes they could sort things out and put the past behind them" JJ shook her head "Some things are not that simple though, but I will have to agree with your mom he is not welcome here" JJ said firmly.

"Now since you have woken everyone in this house up, can we please get some coffee" JJ said as she looked at Sarah. "Mom I am so sorry" Sarah said as she walked over to Emily, who had managed to calm down "I never wanted you to know that Sarah" Sarah nodded as they all sat around the breakfast table as Sandy and JJ made them all a drink and Sandy started on making breakfast. JJ moved the plates as Sandy told her to go sit back down.

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