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"Ya just had ta open up yer big mouth." The blond-haired woman grunted to her rainbow-haired friend.

"What? They insulted us, I simply returned the favor." Rainbow just gave a shrug, not caring in the slightest.

"Really dumb idea, seein' as we were in handcuffs and they weren't."

"It's just a few bruises, AJ, we'll live!"

Applejack slowly gave her friend a death glare, her lip bleeding quite badly, "Yer dead when we're released, RD." She spat out a drop of blood onto the floor. At least her hat was still safely secured on top of her blond head. Dash wouldn't even make it out of the cell they were in if she had lost her hat.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Dash smirked, obviously still pleased with how things had turned out for them. She didn't care about the thumping pain in her head or the gash on her cheek or the black eye she would surely have, "I have to hand it to you, Applejack, those kickboxing lessons are finally paying off." She nudged her with her shoulder playfully, "Thanks as well, that dude would probably have tried to hit me if that happened. 'Course I would have just kicked his butt then."

"Doesn't really sound like ah thank-you, but eh, yer welcome, Sugarcube," Applejack smiled at her friend before wincing, "Ouch, no smilin'."

"At least you'll look badass," Rainbow grinned as she got comfortable in the ground, her back against a wall. They had to stay over night in a cell inside the Equestria Police Department building. But thankfully, they only got a warning as punishment. That and the beating from the other people in their cell before they were moved to another.

"Gee, thanks," Applejack rolled her eyes before yawning, "Boy ah'm tired."

"Same," Rainbow nodded, "You wanna actually sleep?"

"Sure thing, RD," Applejack lightly grinned as she laid her head back, shutting her eyes.

With a yawn, Rainbow Dash laid her head on Applejack's shoulder, finding it the only comfortable thing in the clad-with-stone cell, "Night."

"Get yer head off mah shoulder," AJ murmured and in a matter of seconds, the sound of her light snores filled the cell.

In a matter of moments, Rainbow was also asleep.

"So, how long do you reckon you'll be stuck here?" The green-haired boy asked Fluttershy curiously as he slowly tilted a cup of water into Fluttershy's mouth. His friend couldn't move for her ribs were badly injured in her attack, "A few days? Weeks? Months? Years?"

"The doctor said a couple of weeks, a months tops," Fluttershy quietly said, "By then, my ribs will have healed though my leg won't be ready for walking for at least a month."

"Oh, right," Spike grinned, "Where you gonna stay?"

Fluttershy paused, "Oh my, I never thought about that...I suppose once I turn my father in for assaulting me on numerous accounts I can live in the hellhole that is my house because I am over the legal age required."

Everyone gaped at her, shocked by her choice of words.

"Um..." Fluttershy turned red, "What?"

"Nothing!" Spike grinned before hissing to Twilight, "Shouldn't we tell her?"

"Not yet, she's actually feeling slightly more happy right now."

"Where are Rainbow Dash and Applejack?"

Rarity lifted her head, "Um...shopping!"

"Shopping?" Twilight looked at Rarity.

"Yeah, shopping!" Spike exclaimed and Pinkie nodded, although she didn't really understand, "We all pitched in money to get you a get-well-soon present!"

"And we'll give to you at your get-well-soon party!" Pinkie clapped her hands together, "I sure hope Dashie and Applejack get a good prezzie!"

Twilight slowly nodded, "Yeah. The party may not be a surprise, but the gift will be!"

"Oh, you didn't have to do that."

"Nonsense, Darling! We had to!" Rarity shook her head at once, "You have suffered something terrible and you deserve something to cheer you up."

"Yeah, what are friends for, Fluttershy?" Spike asked with a smile but it dropped as she started to cry, "What did I do?"

"N-nothing, S-Spike, just you're all so kind!" Fluttershy sobbed, "I dragged you into this awful mess and you still have the kindness to get me something for all the chaos I caused."

"Chaos?" Twilight couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Fluttershy, whenever any of us are feeling sad or angry at another, you are always the one to help us out. Your advice shows the light at the end of the tunnel."

"Like yesterday," Spike added, "When I stormed off from the farm, you walked with me, talked with me. Your words calmed me down." He looked at his lavender-haired friend, "Me and Twilight wouldn't have made up if you didn't make me feel sad about how I acted." He smiled, "You're the kind one, 'Shy, not us."

"Yep!" Pinkie Pie nodded and smiled, "You always taste all my cupcakes and cakes and sweets. Even if it's a made-up flavor or a recipe I never tried you always give me a positive review, just suggesting tips to me. That always makes me feel happy and bubbly inside!"

"And you never decline when I ask for you to model some of my outfits," Rarity had a dazzling smile and Spike stared dreamily at her, "I can tell when you don't want to but you always do it."

"See, proof," Spike grinned as he hopped off his seat, "Now you guys go wait there, I'm gonna get some soda. You guys want anything?"

"GET ME SOME SODA!" Pinkie shouted as he left the room, "Thank you, Spikey-Wikey!" She smirked at Rarity at the last part and the other girls giggled.

"What?" Rarity asked, shocked.

"Oh nothing," Twilight said in a sing-song voice, chortling.

Spike returned soon with a soda for himself and Pinkie Pie who thanked him again with Rarity's nickname for him. Even he let out a laugh as he sat down on a chair, cracking open a soda.

The friends continued talking until visiting times were over and they had to leave Fluttershy and they promised to visit her the minute opening times were back. As they walked through the dark streets, Pinkie was bouncing around.

Twilight had come to love the sound that happened when Pinkie bounced. It was almost if she had her own soundtrack, boing, boing, boing, she went, up and down the pavement.

"Don't go ahead too far, darling," Rarity called after Pinkie as she wandered ahead.

"I'll go after her," Spike smiled and chased after the pink-haired girl.

"I must say Twilight, I'm impressed with how you convinced Fluttershy," Rarity said to the bookworm who blushed in embarrassment.

She shrugged, "I just did what I had to do." She simply replied, "Not much else to the point."

"You did a lot," Rarity pointed out, "It's amazing to think only a few weeks ago did you arrive here."

"Yep, a boring old November day," Twilight chuckled, "My life sure has changed since then. I met you guys and you turned me and Spike's life upside down."

"That's what we do," Rarity joked.

Twilight let out a laugh before seeing Spike and Pinkie rush towards them.

"Guys, look, it's snowing!"

Sure enough, white snowflakes began falling from the sky, sticking to all it touched.

"But how?!" Twilight said, amazed, "It was a hundred degrees yesterday on the farm, not it's snowing?"

"It is December, Twilight," Spike couldn't help but laugh. He opened his mouth and let a snowflake fall in, "This is awesome!" He laughed.

Twilight just shook her head. Spike and Pinkie insisted on playing around before they went their separate ways. But when the snow began to get worse, Twilight said they were to leave. They big their goodbyes and headed home, arranging to pick up Applejack and Rainbow Dash from jail in the morning.

Rainbow Dash's violet eyes slowly flickered awake, being blinded by the minimum sunlight that came through the small window in their cell. She let out a loud yawn and felt her head was on the concrete. Trying to get up while handcuffed was slightly tricky but she managed. As she sat beside Applejack, she couldn't help but let out a chuckle, "Lookie here, little miss works-24/7 taking a little nap."

It was only a matter of minutes before the girl was bored and she tried to find ways to amuse herself but in the end she nudged Applejack. She didn't wake up. She nudged her again. Nothing. Letting out a groan, Rainbow brought her leg up and smashed it against her friends.

Applejack woke up, unnoticed by the pain, "Huh, wha?" She stammered before sighing.

Rainbow gaped at her. She gave her a full hit! How was she not injured?

"Morning," Rainbow simply replied as she nodded her head.

"Fer ah cell, that wasn't ah bad nice o' sleep."

"Yeah, you're right," Rainbow chuckled lightly.

AJ looked at her, "Now we jus' hafta see if the others come?"

"Now, we play the Waiting Game," Rainbow nodded with a sigh, "How's my eye?"

"Black," She bluntly replied, "Ah shiner."

"Thanks, your lip doesn't look so great. Better not smile for a while."

"Thanks," Applejack said, "Think 'Shy okay?"

"I hope so," Dash looked at her shoes, "I just felt so angry when I saw him. I didn't even feel like I was doing it, but my instincts just told me 'beat the living crap outta him'." She saw Applejack chuckle lightly, "Guess it sounds funny now."

"Yep," She responded.

A few minutes later, they noticed a police officer at the door.

"Get out girls," The officer produced a key and unlocked the cell door, pushing it open.

The two got up and approached them, "Great, get these cuffs off me-" Rainbow shut up as she saw a large piece of metal pointed at her face. It was not hard to miss the desert eagle in front of her eyes, "Uh...is this a part of cuff unlocking?"

The officer said nothing, just reaching up and placing a wizard hat on her head.

"Wait ah sec, yer that Trixie girl, ain't?"

"AJ, please. It's the 'Great and Powerful Trixie'," Rainbow smirked before gulping as the gun clicked, "Uh, Trixie is good though!"

"It seems you have grown close with Twilight," She said as she went behind them and shoved them forward. They noticed the guard on duty asleep and they rolled their eyes, "My boss has decided to use you as bait."

"Oh terrific," Rainbow muttered once they were outside. It was empty and if anyone saw them, Trixie could just say she was bringing them home. They were lead to a van and shoved into the back of it.

"Sweet dreams," The back doors slammed shut.

As they heard the van start up, the two friends groaned, "This blows."

"Nice ta see yer actin' positive 'bout it..."

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