Tender Greetings: Chapter 1

In a calm and tranquil village many can be seen roaming the streets at this time of day. Women are out shopping while children are playing close by with their young friends. Many were content in this peaceful setting where they felt safe. This place was Konaha. A hidden village deep within the forest of the Land of Fire. However, the feeling of the village citizens could not be shared with one little girl. Hidden in the sparse woods next to the Academy fields, little Hyuuga Hinata cries on her knees before a group of boys who torment her due to the name she should be proud of, a name that always kept her safe. A name she had yet to find out would be her personal curse.

She didn't mean to bump into the older boy, she was so focused on the pretty blue butterfly she had wandered away from her guardian to chase that she fail to see the older boys who were skipping class to look at the magazines found under their fathers beds. When she tried to say sorry they refused to accept, saying that the Hyuuga princess needed to be put in her place. Before she could react her hair was snatch and she was forced on her knees on the dirty ground with tears streaming down her face. She almost didn't notice the voice of her savior.

"Hey," a voice shouted from outside the menacing circle she was currently situated inside. "Leave her alone."

Fighting the pain it cause her to move her head, Hinata glanced between the legs of the boy beside her to get a glimpse of a small body and dirty clothes. Who is he? she couldn't help but wonder who this person was helping her by standing up to the boys obviously older than both of them. She couldn't see a stranger doing that and she didn't have friends outside of her clan. Well, if you could call the younger cousins that fear you and an elder that was more of a brother than anything friends. Maybe he thinks I'm some else... Nothing else made sense as to why this person was helping her.

"Hey," says the boy with a backwards hat on his head "I know him. That's the kid who's always causing trouble, the one everyone hates."

"My names not kid!" The boy shouted back "It's Uzumaki Naruto and I'm gonna be Hokage dattebayo!"

"Hokage..." the three children repeated back, looking to one another before busting out in laughs. " You'll never be the one!" As they moved from their laughter Hinata finally saw his face. Or more accurately, she saw his eyes. The eyes she saw when she was walking down the street, or when she went to see her cousin in the academy. He would sit on the swing. All alone. Come to think of it, she never saw him with anyone. He was always alone. He didn't look lonely right now though, he looked determined.

Raising his hands into a ram seal, he began to mold his chakra in preparation for what could only be thought of as a jutsu.

"Bunshin..." He began as the others finally starting to see this small boy as a threat. " ...no Jutsu!" With a pop of smoke emerged...

...A clone?

No, it was supposed to be a clone. Instead, it was a sorry excuse for a paper doll to be honest. As the clone fluttered to the ground before disappearing with a puff of smoke, all was silent. Then the boys doubled over in laughter.

"Distraction!" yell the blue eyed child right before he nailed the leader with a flying tackle. "I will make Hokage! So better remember the name! 'Cuz nothin' is gonna stop me!" He shouted out before punching the kid under him in the face. He got in a few more before his friends decided it was time to interfere. Before Hinata could even think to help, they were on him. Punches rained down on the young boys body as he desperately tried to fight back.

He lasted about a minute before they overpowered him and had him down.

"St-stop...p-pl-please..." The young girl whispered, unable to raise her voice through her tears. How could they be so mean. The boy was obviously unconscious, why continue to beat him. This is all my fault. If I wasn't so weak they would have to hurt him. Those thoughts only brought on more tears that she tried desperately to get under control so she could do something, anything to help thing blonde who gave up his own safety to help her. Just when she finally composed herself enough to call for help, she heard it.

"Hinata-sama!" turning her head she saw Ko running towards her. Fortunately so did the bullies.

"Shit, come one guys, we gotta get outta here." She looked over as they ran, happy to see Uzumaki-san left more than a few bruises their person. As they disappeared into the foliage Hinata began to slowly make her way over to Naruto, intent on making sure that her was okay. She was a mere foot away from him before she felt someone grab her arm and yank her away from him. Screaming she tried to get away from whoever was trying to hurt her this time.

"Hinata-sama, Hinata-sama! Calm down! It's Ko, your okay now." The last part was spoken softer as she Hinata turned around and recognized her guardian that she ran from in her escape from her clans ridicule. " Hinata-sama, it's time to get you home. Your father must be worried."

No he's not. I don't matter to him. She wanted to say the words out loud, to get Ko to let her be. But she couldn't get them out. What is Ko told her father her thoughts. Instead she tried a different approach as Ko continued to drag his young charge away from her spot by the younger boy. "W-wait, what a-about the boy? He said his name is Naruto and her saved me." Her young mind didn't notice that Ko's struggle seemed to become stronger when she mentioned the boys name. "Ko-san, please stop. we have to help him." She whined out as she fought against his pull. Why couldn't he see that Naruto needed their help? Finally, The young man lifted the heiress into his arms and walked away.

"Hinata-sama," He said giving her a stern look as he continued his vigorous walk. "You must never speak to that boy. Don't even go near him. Do you understand?" Seeing no way out the young girl simply her head before nodding in defeat.

to the world it looked as if the young girl coincided to what she was told to do. Inside her head however, it was a completely different matter.

I will thank Naruto-kun...

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