Ciel let out a gasp as the tick, hard member slammed into him from behind, far too fast and forceful. He felt the blood run down his thighs as the demon behind him pounded away.

"Sebastian..." Ciel choked out between two groans, only to be slapped across the head with painful force. "He doesn't love you, Ciel...He never will..." Ciel looked back to yellow eyes staring at him, filled with lust and intensity. And he felt tears beginning to flow down his face, pouring onto the ground and splatting in various places as he rocked back and fourth from the force of the pounding.

He shuddered, feeling his muscles contract as he came, shooting ropes of white onto the floor beneath him. He stilled, feeling the sticky cum of the demon behind him fill up his insides, before crashing down to the cold floor. He felt the demon pull out, a small trail of semen and blood leaking out from his hole.

Looking up, he saw that Claude was already dressed, and preparing to leave. He leaned down, gently licking the crying bluenette's ear. "Hush. He'll never hold you...But I will. You don't need love, anyway." The demon murmured, before getting up and leaving the room.

And Ciel? He just lay there, cold and alone, crying. He sobbed, choking on his own tears and having to roll over to avoid drowning. He cried all night, until he fell into a shaky sleep, trodden by nightmares and shadows.

He only wanted love. But it seemed that he would never have it.

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