A/N: huge huge thanks to sandy for not only letting me play with her headcanons but helping in the plot development as well! for right now, this will be the last chapter, but i may be planning a short sequel in the future - we'll see!


Akashi leans back on his legs, wiping the sweat from his brow. Rewiring a robot sure can be draining on a person. The inside of KR-7007's chest cavity is stripped of the unnecessary parts that had let it function independently, being replaced with internal controls that will allow Akashi to pilot the android. Hooking up the last wires, he finally shuts the chest plate and stands, bones cracking and spine hurting. The pain is worth it though, he tells himself. And nothing compared to the pain of losing Daiki more and more each day. He picks up the large computer chip that holds KR-7007's blueprints, including his memories. He considers breaking it because it is no longer of use. But he decides to simply store it on the table for right now. He's got a more important task now.

Sliding on some gloves with sensors lining the hands arms along with boots that go all the way to his lower thigh, he flips a button up on a machine. KR-7007 begins to whir, eyes popping open. The eyes, normally bright and full of emotion, seem void. Akashi fits a microphone piece around his ear and next to his mouth before flipping another switch on. A small buzz starts up in his ear and he clears his throat before speaking, "I am KR-7007."

KR-7007 repeats the words to the exact letter, except it is Kise's voice that says them. Akashi can't hide his glee. The sensors along his arms and legs glow and he tentatively lifts his right foot. KR-7007 mimics the movement. Akashi reaches out with his left arm and twists, curling and uncurling his fingers. KR-7007 never fails to repeat. Akashi picks up a pair of goggles on the table, watching in amazement (and pride over his work) as KR-7007 grasps the air in a similar motion. Sliding on the goggles, Akashi is presented with the view coming from the sensors in KR-7007's eye sockets. He sees himself, looking like a mad scientist out of a comic book.

Akashi decides that it is a good look for him.

Akashi takes a step towards KR-7007 and is rewarded with KR-7007 taking a step towards him.



Aomine wakes with a start, sweat dripping down the back of his neck and his stomach swirling in unease. He hunches over his knees lightly, trying to catch his breath. He had been falling into darkness and when he hit the ground, it had startled him. The room is hazy, the single nightstand lamp giving him some clue as to where he is. He can't remember how he got home or who undressed him, but he is thankful nonetheless.

Until he figures out that he's laying in his bed. More specifically, in Kise's spot. He flails around under the covers and manages to fall off the side of the bed, the cold ground unforgiving. Moaning, he lays there for a second.

Last thing he remembers is Akashi's confused face and KR-7007's open chest.

Shutting his eyes, he pushes himself up and off the floor and is able to hold his own as he stumbles towards the bathroom. Splashing a little bit of cold water on the face helps. His stomach rolls again, this time in a protest of hunger. Ambling his way down the hallway, he notices that the living room television is on.

He stops in the archway of the hall, staring at the neat head of blond hair. "Kise?" He questions. The figure turns towards him, though no smile is given. Damn. It's the android again. Hopes feeling suddenly dashed, he shuffles into the kitchen and grabs a piece of fruit and heads into the living room.

"Aominecchi finally woke up." KR-7007 says, his tone controlled. Aomine raises a brow as he sits down beside him.

"Eh? How long was I out?"

"About a day. I tried to wake you, but you simply pushed me away and went back to sleep." Kise-bot does not look at him. Aomine frowns and looks at the television. Kise is watching a cooking show. Not that uncommon. But what does seem weird is Kise-bot's unnaturally stiff posture and the small dip in his lips. Finally, after a moment, Aomine speaks up again.

"Kise-bot…I'm sorry."

"About what?"

"About getting mad at you. Over the kiss and everything." Hell, he had dreamt that memory over and over again. Each time he saw Kise-bot's heartbroken face and the guilt swelled up in him. The real Kise would be abhorred by his treatment of his android self. And frankly, Aomine was sort of sickened by it himself. It had led to a small epiphany, he supposed. That he didn't really dislike Kise-bot. He actually enjoyed the robot's presence and had found himself thinking about Kise-bot more and more often. He would catch himself riding around in his patrol car, hoping that Kise-bot was having a pleasant time and was getting enough attention.

Perhaps he had refused to see it simply because it felt like cheating on the real Kise.

Right before the whole spying and kiss episode, Aomine had felt a sort of peace. That finally something assured him that what he was feeling wasn't wrong. Maybe it wasn't completely natural, but it wasn't wrong.

His dreams of Kise-bot reaffirmed that.

So here he is, apologizing for his stupidity. But Kise-bot seems less interested in what he has to say.

"Well?" Aomine nudges Kise-bot. Kise-bot scowls lightly.

"Well what?"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Aomine mutters. Kise-bot turns around and glares at him.

/Glares at him./ Aomine didn't even think that was a possibility.

"Maybe I'm tired of feeling like I am less worthy of your ex-lover. I have feelings for you too and you continue to dismiss them simply because of who I am." Kise-bot stands, a sudden fire in his eyes. Aomine is left speechless. Sure, he could understand the words. But the attitude and anger. He would have expected more tears honestly. "You need to let go of your obsession over him. He is dead. Gone. Never to come back. You're an idiot if you continue to let him control your life!"

"The fuck is wrong with you?" Aomine demands, standing up and jabbing a finger into the hard chest. A move he instantly regrets.

"The fuck is wrong with me? The fuck is wrong with you. You're the one almost engaging in necrophilia!" Necrophilia? As Aomine puzzles over the word, Kise-bot backs up and heads for the hallway at an alarming speed. Aomine's eyes widen and he races after. By the time he gets to the bedroom, he stands there in shock as Kise-bot goes into the closet and begins to rip Kise's shirts off the hanger and destroys them.

An internal screaming starts up inside Aomine's head.

He rushes over and they begin a tug of war over a blue silk button down. The fabric rips and they both stumble back. "How…how could you?" Aomine whispers, looking down at the torn fabric. He looks back at Kise-bot in bewilderment.


Akashi feels a certain sort of satisfaction as he stares at Aomine, who looks like he's about to break down over the shirt in his hands. Akashi pulls at invisible fabric between his fingers, a /riiiiiippppppppp/ echoing in his ears. Aomine's face is becoming flushed and his eyes are bugging out.

"KR….why?" Aomine's heartbroken whisper makes Akashi falter for just a moment.

"Because I love you, Daiki."

As soon as the words leave his mouth, Akashi realizes that for once, he has made a mistake. He hopes that Aomine will not notice, but the male is now looking at him, eyes narrowed.

"Daiki? Did you just call me Daiki?"

Akashi's mouth opens and closes, remaining silent. Aomine comes close and Akashi backs up, KR-7007 doing the same. "What did Akashi do to you Kise-bot?"

"I don't know what you're talking about Aominecchi." The words sound like a lie even in his own ears. Aomine scowls and lurches forward. Akashi puts up his arms to deflect, but Aomine's long reach puts him at the off switch on KR-7007.

Everything goes black on his goggle screen.

"Fucking damn it."


Aomine races down the street in his patrol car, the sirens flipped on and blaring for cars to get their asses out of the way. His gut was right. His gut was always right.

Aomine might not be the brightest, but he could tell there was something wrong with Kise-bot. He had been almost willing to forgive Kise-bot for going on his destructive rage, but then he had said "Daiki".

Kise-bot would have never been programmed to call him Daiki.

He lays down on the horn, cursing at people in his way. He's desperate to get to Akashi and solve this mess. Because all he wants now is his Kise-bot.


Akashi's has a little bit of time to prepare.

Not like he does much rather than strip out of his sensor equipment and grab the computer chip and put it into his pocket. He decides that this isn't a bad route at all for his plans. Probably the one of most resistance, but he did enjoy a good fight. Even though he knew he would win.

He always won.

He glances down at his watch, silently ticking away the seconds. The front door is kicked open. Akashi frowns at the thought of replacing it. It will cost a bit. The angry stomping comes next and Akashi smooths his hair down just in time as Aomine bursts into his lab, rage seething in his eyes.


"What did you do to him?" Aomine demands.

"Where are your manners?" Akashi retorts politely. Aomine glances around as if that will help him solve the mystery. His eyes land back on Akashi.

"What did you do to Kise-bot?" His voice now reeks of desperation. Akashi lifts a lip in disgust.

"The KR-7007 you knew is right here." He holds up the chip. Aomine makes a grab for it, but Akashi knew that he would. He steps out of reach, holding the chip close. "You don't need this."

"Was that you? Talking to me?" Aomine has now discovered the microphone.

"Yes." Akashi sees no point in lying any more. "Each word I spoke was what I truly felt. Ryota is dead Daiki. KR-7007 was never meant to take his place. I was meant to take his place. I figured you would grow bored of KR-7007. Not develop…feelings…towards him. Yes. I know of your feelings. I've been watching each recording of you that was located in his memory chip. I could see the little looks you gave him. The way you grew closer and closer." His throat tightens at the thoughts. "It was like watching you fall in love with Ryota all over again. I couldn't have that."

"Akashi, you are seriously insane if you think I want anything to do with you after this. Give me the chip and I'll leave." Aomine reaches for his side. But there is no gun to grab. Akashi grins. He has the upper hand here.

"I think not Daiki." he looks at the chip in his hands. "I have plans for you Daiki. And the first step is to get rid of this." With ease he snaps the chip in half.

Aomine feels something snapping inside of him. It's like he's lost Kise all over again. He lunges for Akashi and for once catches the feared captain off guard. He slams Akashi into the wall, one fist flying up to pound into the red eye. Akashi can only hear ringing and the pain pulses through every part of his body. He kicks at Aomine, landing a good hit between the legs. He's immediately dropped and he scrambles on the floor, headed towrds his medication drawer.

Aomine catches his leg and pulls at him the moment he is able to grab a prefilled syringe and needle. The vicodin isn't doing much for him anymore. He has started to raid Midorima's morphine stock. But this dose was special. He had measured it out exactly for Aomine, having decided that he would use it to subdue the physically stronger male. Granted, he hadn't been expecting to have a knock down drag out fight with Aomine either.

Aomine is going completely ballistic. Akashi figures its the combination of being pissed at him and the emotions of grieving for almost four years exploding at once. Akashi grips the syringe tightly, letting himself be dragged back to Aomine who hovers above him threateningly.

Aomine goes in for another punch. In one swift move, Akashi uncaps the needle and manages to grab Aomine's arm in mid-swing, slamming the needle into Aomine. Aomine yells in pain and Akashi pushes the morphine fast. The effect is almost immediate. Aomine sways above him, his words slurring. He grips Akashi's neck, momentarily cutting off his air before his larger body finally crashes down on top of him.

Akashi closes his eyes and for a moment, he just rests there, the pain still throbbing in his head. He slowly wraps his arms around Aomine, stroking a hand through his hair.

"It's all right now." He whispers, kissing the side of Aomine's head. "I forgive you."


The first thing he feels upon waking is unyielding cold steel beneath his bare back. The gentle beeps of monitor start to register in his head and the overhead light is so bright that he can barely open his eyes without feeling overwhelming agony.

He tries to move, but thick leather keeps him down and there is a fire burning in his arm. Groaning, he turns his head (the only thing that he /can/ move) and his blurry vision slowly clears. Sitting beside him is Akashi, who has something pressed up to his red hued eye. Finally he realizes that it's a bag of frozen peas. He notices swelling and a brief flare of satisfaction lights up before cold dread settles into his stomach.

"Ak-ashi…" He croaks, his voice hoarse from some unknown reason.

Akashi's good eye glances up at him. "Daiki."

"What's…what's going on?" he coughs, fire ripping through his chest from the action. It's like he's played a thousand rounds of basketball with no rest and everything is cramping and he can't catch his breath.

"The sedation wore off. Your body is fighting against the Diprivan, but I doubt it will be long before you succumb to it. I'm almost finished."

"F-f-finished?" A mild static shock races through his body but the pain seems amplified. His body bows off the table, a blood curling scream wrenching from his lips.

After an eternity, his body sags back down on the table. He blinks, eyes clouding over again. Akashi focuses back into view.

"Ak-shi?" He stutters. Was Akashi sitting there earlier? He can't remember.

Akashi puts down the frozen bag, his eye swollen shut. "Since you won't remember, I'm going to tell you." Akashi takes Aomine's hand, playing with the long fingers. "I love you Daiki. I always have. When Ryota stole you, I was heart broken."

Another shock went through Aomine and another scream echoes, body jerking and spasming. Letting go of Aomine's hand as to not get shocked himself, Akashi keeps talking. "So when Ryota died, I thought that was a sign that it was finally my chance to have you. But you continued to languish over him. You even started to love that robot. I refused to have you stolen away again." Watching Aomine struggle on the table hurt, but he knew it is for his own good. "So these shocks are going to impair your memory. You won't remember loving Ryota. You won't remember loving KR-7007. You won't remember hating me. And after I impair your memories, I am going to implant some. I've tampered with video memories, replaced Ryota's image with mine. And when you wake up, all you'll remember is loving me."

"Akashi. No." Aomine whispers, another shock sending him into convulsions. He blinks, the images fuzzy. He tries desperately to cling onto the memories of Kise when he was alive. But they're fading fast. "Please."

"I have to Daiki. It is necessary for both of us. Think of it this way, you won't be in pain over his loss anymore. And I won't be in pain of your rejection."

"I won't let you." Aomine feels a surge of energy and tries to rise up out of his bonds. Akashi leans over and turns up the drip rate of the propofol pump, watching the white liquid run faster into Aomine's arm, the contrast stark against his dark skin.

"Just close your eyes Daiki." Akashi can see that Aomine's will is weakening. His great body shudders, sweat dripping down his face and neck. His eyes flutter and Akashi leans over, pushing his eyelids close gently. "Sweet dreams." He murmurs, kissing Aomine lightly.


Aomine dreams of a blond haired man, the smile so bright Aomine mistakes it for the sun. He doesn't know who he is, but he knows that he's someone important to him. But every time he takes a step towards him, the man floats back. His arms are open, beckoning for Aomine to come into them.

Aomine starts running towards him, legs burning, chest heaving. But it is like he is running in place. The man seems to drift farther and farther away, fading into nothing. Aomine lets out a frustrated yell, searching for him.

After he can search no more and he lays on white nothing, footsteps rouse him. He looks up, mix-matched eyes staring down at him. A hand reaches out, offering to help him up. Aomine is wary of this stranger, his internal being screaming for him to stay away. But that screaming begins to fade, much like the blond haired man. Aomine raises a hand and grasps the smaller one, using it to pull himself up. The redhead smiles and Aomine smiles back. It seems…natural now. The blond is just a figment of his imagination and he pushes the lingering thoughts away as he walks with the redhead into the darkness.


Even after almost four years, the tomb marker still looks fresh. Akashi figures that perhaps Kuroko or Midorima has taken to keeping it clean and weed free. That had been Aomine's job, but since Aomine no longer lived close, someone else needed to do it. Not to mention the fact that Aomine no longer realized that he had been hopelessly in love with the blond idiot. Shaking his head, Akashi places a yellow rose on the marble and turns around, grinning lightly at seeing Aomine standing there patiently.

"C'mon, it's too depressing here." Aomine links his fingers with Akashi's once the redhead is close enough.

"You're right Daiki. Let's go home." The two amble away, taking in the fresh spring day. Akashi glances back and for a moment, he swears he sees a figure standing by the grave, blond hair being ruffled by the slight breeze. Gold eyes pierce his and Akashi feels a cold shudder go down his spine.

"You okay?"

Aomine's voice snaps him out of his trance and he realizes that there is no one standing by the grave. He turns his face up towards Aomine and he pauses to lean up and give him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Everything's perfect. Just as it should be."