This is my first fic ever so I thought I'd keep it short and sweet.

Connor grimaced a bit when he and Rocco got off the elevator, Rocco's jokes were getting worse and worse. They walked down the hallway and when Connor opened the door to his and Murphy's apartment he froze, afraid that he has walking in on something… private. Murphy was lying on his stomach on his mattress in just a pair of jeans, his girl sitting next to him, her back to the door.

"Hey man, what's your…" Rocco's voice died when he saw the scene before him.

"We would scream and squirm, begging for her to stop." The lass said softly, lightly running the very tips of her fingers over Murphy's back. He shivered and laughed at her light touch. "And she would." She lifted her hand from his back and Murphy shivered again.

"Do it again Mom, do it again!" She whispered as she started to run her fingertips up and down his back again. Just the lightest of feather touches causing him to laugh and squirm deeper into the mattress. "We would always beg for her to stop but we loved it, I always tried to see how long I could last." She turned and looked at Connor and Rocco still standing in the doorway. She grinned at them with a devilish glint in her eyes. She turned back and continued to tickle him until he couldn't take it anymore and he flipped over, catching her hand in his before she could pull away. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her fingertips before sitting up.

"Conn! Rocco!"