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So where did this come from? Well, funny story. I was looking through some of my old cosplay shots from when I went as Starfire and that led me to looking through old one shots that I had written and maybe discarded or never posted. Then I found the original draft of this story. It was short, but I still remembered it and after reading it, I decided to revise it. Kinda random, but I also posted the photo that inspired me to post this/get back into looking through and writing a bit for Teen Titans, if anyone's interested. It's called "Starfire" and is on my Deviant Art Page "SkywingKnights". I'll link it on my profile as well.

But anyway, I hope you like this! Enjoy everyone! :)


Cherries and Cotton Candy

His stomach lurched in cruel and twisted knots, his head in a migrain, what was worse was that it was spreading as he clung to the sink. It was like old thin snakes with new found energy spreading out and crawling underneath his skin from his spine inflicting their raw intense pain into him. Their touch made him squirm and writh in pure agony, his strength leaving every second the pain stayed. It made it harder to fight and much easier to surrender. But Robin didn't want to and held onto it even when he knew he was going to loose. Soon he found himself on the floor, small tears streaming down to the back of his head from his masked eyes. His shirt clung to him as the sweat made it stick to his skin. What had he eaten?

He soon collapsed down on the bathroom floor as his grip slipped wondering what had caused this pain. Then he heard footsteps and the sounds of someone almost kneeling down next to him. He could barely see threw the tears and his clenched up eyes. And then that despised voice.

He whispered, "Shh, my apprentice, it's not over yet."

Robin felt his sweat drenched head being raised, his hair either clinging to his neck and forehead or reaching for the ground as gravity demanded. Robin gasped and chocked for breathes of air. Something smelled good, but he couldn't identify what. He felt Slade push something light and airy into his mouth. Slade encouraged him to chew. Robin complied and was rewarded by the sweet taste of... of...

Cotton candy and cherries.


He saw her face on the rooftop. Her smile. It vanished from his memory like the burning of a photo. Was this because of…

He chewed and swallowed, but he didn't feel any better... He, he... He felt worse.

He heard one more whisper, "Kiss your darling Tamaranian again, and I promise, I'll make it much worse for you next time."

Robin could only choke out another sob. Heartache to top it all off, to top off all of this pain. It was the last thing he needed as Slade picked him up to take him back to his room.


A/N: Wowwwwwww I can't. It's been so long since I wrote this. I can't even remember when I originally wrote this. My hard drive claims 2008, so I'm so sorry that it took this long to get it posted. –cries- Though I will admit, I think my edits made it better. The basic concept of this was that it took place sometime when Robin was Slade's apprentice. It really doesn't link to any of my other stories. It was just a one shot. Anyway, I do hope you like it. Stay cool,