Title: Nothing's Ever Lost Forever
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Author: darkmagic-luvr/thecunningcock
Pairings: Klaus/Caroline, Kol/Anna, Jeremy/Rebekah, Elijah/Katherine
Rating: M for blood and sex and fun shit like that.

Caroline made a face as she flipped through her overly stuffed day planner, idly stirring her latte while Elena offered up suggestions; Amber Bradley was a witch, simple. She had fired the caterer, changed the color scheme of the party twice and now, to top it off, had decided that the theme (the beautiful theme that had taken Caroline literally a week to organize) wasn't what she wanted. The party was in two weeks, and Caroline was in hell.

The light of her Bluetooth blinked rhythmically in the reflection of the window Caroline was sitting next to, and she sighed dejectedly, slumping into her chair. "I could always kill her," she suggested moodily, ignoring the look shot at her by the little old lady passing her table carrying a spiced apple cider. Elena, after an uncomfortable moment of silence, snorted.

"Perfect! Just hire a hit man."

"What could go wrong?" Caroline wondered loudly, rolling her eyes up to the ceiling with a few small shakes of her head. Elena giggled in her ear while she sighed, picking up the straw in her drink and sticking it between her teeth. "I just wanna pull the sparkly stick she's got shoved up her ass and whack her over the head with it - Crap."

"What is it?"

Caroline grimaced as latte poured out of her cup and soaked into her lap, spitting her straw into the seat across from her and lifting her day planner (her friggin' life) out of the way of her coffee. "I spilled my drink. I'll call you later, 'kay?"

Elena may have answered her, but Caroline was honestly too busy trying to stop the flow of coffee from getting to her purse to notice. Serves her right for multitasking, that's what her mom would say if she were there. Caroline grumbled darkly under her breath, thinking of all the time she was about to waste by having to go home and change and start a pre-soak on her clothes to get the coffee out before she could get back to work and the fuck-awful day she was having.

"Here, let me."

Caroline whipped around, eyes going a little bugged in surprise to find someone standing behind her holding a handful of napkins. He (oh god there's an attractive man coming to my rescue, watch me swoon, Caroline mentally slapped herself) stepped forward, handing her a few of the napkins before he started mopping up the mess she had made with her coffee. Caroline stared at the side of his face, absently dabbing at her jeans until most of the table was clean. He glanced at her, a smile twitching at the corner of his mouth when she wasn't fast enough to pretend she wasn't staring.

"Thanks," she managed, smiling shyly. Caroline watched him straighten, leaving the soiled napkins on the tabletop and grinning down at her, his light eyes crinkling at the corners and dimples appearing in his cheeks.

"I'm Klaus."

just before

"I'm not saying I don't like the exhibit, but my stuff doesn't really have a flow."

Klaus snorted, shaking his head as Jeremy once again undermined his talent. "I'll admit it's a subtle connection, but you do have a method to your madness, Jeremy." The younger man laughed once, grinning as he wrapped an arm around Klaus' shoulders and steered him off the sidewalk and toward the direction of a Starbucks across the street. Klaus rolled his eyes at the man's dedication for coffee after a bike messenger swerved sharply around them. "My inside sources tell me that your art has a theme, and when all of your pieces are hung and the lighting is finished you're going to tell me what it is."

Jeremy rolled his eyes. "Inside sources my ass. What are you bribing Rebekah with to get her to spill on my dark secrets?"

Klaus clucked his tongue, stepping out of Jeremy's arm to pull the coffee shop door open for them, leaning in close to hiss into his ear when he passed by. "My promise to not rip out your spleen."

Jeremy threw his head back and laughed, walking inside with Klaus close behind, shaking his head. It had been so much easier to deal with Jeremy when he was a sleep deprived hermit coffee junkie; curse Rebekah for making him a mostly-functioning almost-well-adjusted member of society.

Jeremy shook of his laughter as he made his way to the cashier, glancing back with raised eyebrows to silently ask Klaus if he wanted anything. He shot back a look that clearly told Jeremy where he could shove his coffee, and slipped his hands into his coat pockets to patiently waiting for him to finish ordering. He hummed along to whatever song was playing overhead, examining a few coffee mugs on a display absently until he looked away and did a double take on a blonde woman sitting by herself near the window.

The deep blue cardigan she was wearing set off her skin tone in a lovely way, and the way the sun caught her hair was almost dazzling. He stared for a few moments until Jeremy stopped at his shoulder, sucking caramel off his thumb and following his gaze until he found what had captured Klaus' attention. He immediately perked up at the sight of her.

"That looks like Caroline."

Klaus swung his head around to frown at Jeremy. "Caroline?" he asked, his tone twinged in warning. Jeremy nodded, sipping on his drink for a moment before he realized Klaus was still staring at him; he raised his eyebrows at the older man just before his eyes widened.

"Oh!" he started, clearing his throat; he shook his head at the implication, making a face as he backpedaled. "God no, she's friends with my sister."

Klaus hummed, pacified, and started in the direction of the door when Jeremy grabbed his elbow and hauled him back. "Gilbert, what on earth-?"

"She's single," said Jeremy suggestively, tilting his head to the side innocently as Klaus glowered. "And you haven't looked at a girl like that since I've known you."

"I'm not really interested in women at the moment," said Klaus stiffly, even though he knew Jeremy was right. It had been a long time since anyone had peaked his interest. "No time, you understand."

Jeremy scoffed. "Oh c'mon, Caroline's awesome." Another look. "Whatever, I'm gonna go take a nap ("Really?" muttered Klaus, narrowing his eyes.); don't forget that you have a uh...lunch date." Klaus folded his arms across his chest, staring at Jeremy pointedly. He only shrugged and sipped his coffee. "Rebekah 'll kill you if you miss it."

Klaus opened his mouth to tell Jeremy off, when someone cursed loudly, drawing both of their attentions toward Caroline. Klaus winced as coffee spilled over the edge of her table, watching as she scrambled to get her stuff out of its path. He could feel Jeremy's eyes on him again, but before he could usher the young artist out the door with him, he was gone, leaving Klaus alone to make a decision.

On one hand he could leave and forget Jeremy had ever dragged him into the shop in the first place, but on the other...

"I'm Klaus."

Caroline blinked at the odd name, but found herself grinning back at him. His smile was practically infectious, and he was really cute. His fair hair curled around the top of his ears, and the stubble on his jaw gave him a rugged appearance despite the business look he was sporting. "Caroline."

Klaus folded his hands behind his back. "It's nice to meet you, Caroline," he said, and she liked the way her name sounded with his accent. He nodded towards her stained jeans. "You should probably get those off before that sets," he said, and Caroline felt herself warming at the innuendo. Images of him taking her pants off for her flashed across her mind (And who could blame her? There was a gorgeous foreign guy talking to her about taking off her pants, how was she not gonna picture him naked?) and Caroline scraped her teeth over her lower lip, looking him over again more closely.

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" she asked, not at all nervous, because honestly, she was Caroline Fucking Forbes and being forward with guys was what she did best. If she didn't have a shot with someone, she liked to know upfront; she'd been through too many failed relationships where that wasn't the case. She lifted a shoulder, glancing over at the cashier counter. "As thanks for the help."

Caroline watched uncertainty flash across his face, and for a moment thought he might say no; but she felt so much lighter on her feet when he nodded his head, a small smile crossing his face. "Sure. Black?"

"Great!" she beamed, spinning on her heel and practically skipping to the counter. She order his coffee and another one for herself, turning back around with her order to find the table cleaned and Klaus sitting in the chair across from the one she had occupied earlier. He was staring at her still open day planner, trying to read her handwriting upside down as he waited for her; Caroline's smile softened as she sunk into her chair and pushed his coffee across the table to him, watching him look up at her with raised eyebrows and bright eyes.

"I don't think I've ever actually met someone who kept a day planner that wasn't electronic," he said, tacking on a soft 'thank you' as he accepted his coffee from her. Caroline smirked.

"I have one of those too," she said, giggling when Klaus raised his eyebrows at her in surprise. "I have my own business, so it's really important to me that I'm always organized."

"Really?" he started with interest, folding his arms across the table and leaning toward her. "What kind of business do you have?"

"I'm...a party planner," admitted Caroline weakly. "Not my ideal choice of occupation, but it's a start."

"What do you want to do?" Klaus asked her. Caroline felt herself drowning in his eyes as he spoke; most guys didn't really care so much about her job unless they were playing her, but she could hear the genuine interest in his voice. "You're a party planner so...maybe weddings? Or a designer?"

Caroline blinked, a little floored because those had all been dreams of hers when she was in high school. Journalism had also been high on the list, but she loved being an organizational messiah too much. "Actually, interior decorator," she said. "I like filling spaces, and if people want to give me money to do it..." she trailed off with a shrug, listening to him laugh and deciding she liked the sound.

Maybe her day wasn't going to be so terrible after all.

"New York does have some interesting space," he said with a nod, reaching for his coffee for the first time. "Have you lived here long?"

Caroline shook her head. "Moved into the city for college after I graduated high school. I'm from this small town in Virginia called Mystic Falls."

Klaus hummed, nodding at what looked like recognition. "I know someone from the town," he said, looking down as a sudden beep interrupted their conversation. He grimaced at the screen of his phone and looked up at her, his eyes shining apologetically. "I'm sorry, love, I have to go," he said, tossing the endearment out there casually for Caroline to swoon over. She watched him stand, taking his coffee with him and stop, giving her a considering look for a moment. "Would you like to go to dinner with me?"

Flirting was one thing, but an actual date was another. Caroline hesitated, she honestly had no time for relationships, as she was trying to support her business and that was practically a twenty-four hour job. She couldn't even remember the last date she went on.

"Rain check, maybe?" asked Klaus, interrupting her thoughts with his dimpled smile. She hated turning down a nice guy (and he seemed like a really nice guy), and he sounded like he was genuinely interested in her; and as Caroline watched the really good looking British guy give her one last smile and turn away, she realized she was nodding.

Keeping her eyes on his back, Caroline felt like...she had just made a really dumb decision. Did she really just decline a date? Well...well! The high school girl in the back of her mind reared her glossy, perfectly curled head and snarled that she needed to get laid. The rational, mature, grown up part of her snarled that she needed to stop watching True Blood reruns and take a friggin' night off.

Caroline shot out of her chair like a rocket, nearly spilling on the sticky floor as she scrambled back around to grab her day planner and coffee, and once again because she forgot her purse. The wind blew her hair into her eyes and mouth as she walked out onto the street, and Caroline barely registered how harassed she must have looked as she twirled in a circle to try and spot Klaus. There was a brief, heart dropping moment where she thought she'd lost him, when the crowd at her left parted and she caught sight of his blond curly hair.

"Klaus- Hey!" He didn't hear her; he was waiting on the corner for the light to change with his hands in his pockets. Shouldering her bag, Caroline half walked-half jogged to the crosswalk, weaving between a few people who weren't smart enough to get out of her way. She reached out just as he made to step off the curb.


His eyes were such a bright blue color in the sun that she nearly forgot what she was going to say. But Caroline recovered quickly and smiled just as brightly, flipping open the planner she still had under her arm and pulling out her business car. He stared at her hand for a moment, frowning cutely at her. "I'll meet you at seven."

Looking absolutely smug (and maybe he would put her heart through the cleaners after all), Klaus took her card from her and read it. "'Caroline Forbes, The Best Decision You'll Ever Make'." He grinned, flicking his eyes up to meet hers. "That I'll happily put to the test, Miss Forbes."


Rebekah swung her feet childishly from the counter she was sitting on as she watched Klaus pop the lock on his briefcase. Her eyes narrowed curiously on him, at the same time twirling her hair around her finger innocently. "So...Caroline, huh?"

Klaus hummed, pulling something shiny out of his case and eyeing it closely. Rebekah rolled her eyes and dropped her hair, leaning back on her hands and crossing her legs; she tapped her foot impatiently, still staring at her brother. "And you have...no thoughts?"

"It's just a date, Rebekah."

The blonde snorted. "You haven't been on a date in more than a year." Klaus didn't answer her, and Rebekah sighed, leaning forward and staring hard at the side of his face. Klaus picked a rag out of his case and ran it over the knife in his hand. "You were with Tatia for three years before she died, Nik; are you sure you still know how to date?"

"Get to the point, Rebekah," snapped Klaus, though his voice was soft. His hands stilled and finally fell back to the table, where he leaned on the surface with a dark look in his eyes. Rebekah felt for him, her eyes tightening slightly in a grimace.

"I just want to make sure you're ready, big brother."

Klaus turned his head slightly, looking at her with crinkled blue eyes and a small smile playing around his lips. "How sweet of you," he said, and Rebekah heard a bit of sincerity in his voice. "Caroline seems perfectly lovely to me," he continued, straightening and flipping the knife back into his hand and swiping his thumb across the edge. "There's something...enticing about her."

"I thought you said you just had a coffee with her?" asked Rebekah duly, raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow at him.

"I did-"

"Then how the hell are you falling in love with her already?"

"I'm not," said Klaus, shaking his head as he chuckled; turning to face his sister fully, he placed one hand on his hip and pointed at her with the knife in his other. "Do I need to buy you a dictionary, sister? She has an aura about her that's very appealing to me."

"And aura?" repeated Rebekah with a snort. "That'll be Tatia, all that spirituality crap. She's lingered with you."

"That isn't necessarily a bad thing," muttered Klaus, rolling his eyes. "I can't just forget her, Rebekah, she's part of who I am. And I'm not just suddenly in love with Caroline, I think she's..." Klaus paused, searching for the right word; Rebekah watched with waning interest as Klaus looked away. "Beautiful."

Rebekah's eyes narrowed instantly, disbelief written across her face. She opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a muffled whine over Klaus' shoulder. Rebekah leaned to the side to stare around Klaus as he turned, both eyebrows raised in surprise. "Did we say you could make noise?" asked Rebekah nastily, her nostrils flaring as Klaus stepped toward a very sweaty, wide-eyed looking man bound to a chair. "How unbelievably rude; we're in the middle of a conversation!"

Klaus strode lazily around the chair and shoved the man's head forward, twirling the knife abjectly between his fingers and without preamble, slit his throat cleanly. Rebekah made a face as blood poured into the dying man's lap and onto the plastic covered floor. "Couldn't have picked a better spot to do this?" she asked casually, a beep from her purse catching her attention as Klaus reached around the slumped body in front of him for the rag he had abandoned near his briefcase to clean his knife.

"Client wanted it done in public. Bloody," Klaus glanced up just as Rebekah did, shooting her a wink. "And you know I like it bloody."

Rebekah rolled her eyes and turned her attention to her phone. "I want to meet her," she said suddenly, flicking her eyes up to meet Klaus just as he finished closing his briefcase. He raised an eyebrow at her, looking down at his watch instead of replying, and clicked his tongue regrettably.

"I'm going to be late if I don't leave now," he murmured, straightening his cuff and grinning cheekily at his sister. He gestured to the dead man casually, heading for the door without another look back. "Clean this up, sister. There's a good girl."

Rebekah glared after him, huffing indignantly as the door slammed shut and she was left alone in a plastic covered room with a dead television producer sitting across from her covered in his own blood. She tapped her fingernail against the countertop a few times, shaking her head once as she put her phone against her ear.

"Unbelievable," she muttered, waiting for the other line to pick up and wondering if she could bribe someone into finishing their clients hit for her. The ringing in her ear stopped, and there was a muffled fumbling before a muffled voice appeared over the other end.


"Hey yourself," said Rebekah, hopping off the countertop and sidestepping the pool of blood near her feet. "I'm just finishing up, are you working?"

"Really? I just saw Klaus, that was fa- oh."

Rebekah rolled her eyes, smirking into her phone as she grabbed her purse and followed Klaus' lead, heading for the door. "I'll take that as a yes. Do me a favor and take a break? I'll see you soon."

"Cross my heart," said Jeremy, followed by an over exaggerated sigh and the sound of a paintbrush hitting metal. "Love you."

Rebekah paused outside the door, her smirk softening as a bunch of gooey, giddy emotions filled her chest. "I love you, too."


There was still steam lingering on her bathroom mirror from the shower she'd taken; she was trying unsuccessfully to toe on one shiny black shoe at the same time as she was curling her hair, the hot iron wavering dangerously close to her cheek as her shoe tipped over as she stumbled into her sink. Most of her makeup was done, and if she didn't stop trying to multitask, she was going to forget to put on the rest of it.

Her blackberry buzzed on the toilet lid, and Caroline very slowly counted to three before she calmly set her curling iron on the counter and grabbed it. Klaus had texted her after she'd given him her number, asking for her address so he could pick her up for their date, which was in exactly...(Caroline checked the time on her phone) seven minutes.

He was getting into a cab to take him to her place now. Caroline winced at the screen, bending down to snag her heel off the floor as she typed out a quick reply, falling into the wall next to her as she tried putting on her shoe one handed.

She liked him, Caroline had decided. She liked his accent and his scruff and his dimples. She could swoon over his dimples alone. He had shown genuine interest in her, he practically knew her whole fucking life story. Caroline paused as she reached for her curling iron again, realizing that she knew practically nothing about him except his first name and that he didn't seem overly fond of coffee.

Caroline finished curling her hair with new purpose, adjusting the strap of her dress after she finished her makeup and grabbing a breath mint as she finally exited her bathroom and immediately tripped over a pair of tangled jeans on her floor. Caroline grimaced at the state of her bedroom, wondering if she had enough time to shove all of her crap underneath her bed just as the intercom buzzed.

Caroline winced as her shoes slipped against the tile of her floor, her heart hammering in her chest from anticipation. "Klaus?"

There was a beat of silence before his British accent crackled through the speaker. "I'm a little early. Should I come up?"

Her mom always told her that if she ever invited someone up to her home on the first date she'd be grounded. Didn't matter that Caroline was a fully-grown woman and lived like three states away, Liz Forbes would find a way. "No, no, I'm ready. I'll be right down!"

Caroline turned back to her apartment and froze, taking a moment to collect herself so she didn't get to her lobby looking like a total spaz. Her purse was on the coffee table, her phone was in her hand, and she was halfway out the door before she realized she'd forgotten to put on deodorant and rushed back inside to do so.

"You look lovely," said Klaus, looking particularly good himself as he stood from one of the couches in her lobby. Caroline smiled back, unable to help herself from twirling for him, showing off her legs as her skirt floated softly around her thighs. She heard him chuckling at her antics, and her heels clacked against the floor as she stopped, adjusting her purse on her shoulder with a little flick of her hair.

"How was your meeting?" asked Caroline, tucking her hands behind her back as she led Klaus out of her building. He shrugged noncommittally and touched her arm, leading her to a black car with a driver standing outside, who promptly opened the door for them. Caroline shot Klaus a look. "What do you even do?"

This time Klaus laughed, helping her into the car and sliding in after her, resting his arm across the back seat before he answered. "I work for a sort of talent agency," he explained, fixing his suit jacket as he spoke. "I select my clients based on their raw abilities and build them up in the community."

"And leave them in the dirt when they've outlived their use?" asked Caroline, sounding a touch reproachful. Klaus chuckled good humoredly, not sounding even a little offended by her accusation.

"A few of them, maybe," he admitted with a shrug. "But there are a few that I could consider family." He stopped with a sigh and shook his head, smirking over at her until she felt her cheeks heating up from his gaze. "I hope the rest of your day has gone up since the incident in the cafe."

This time Caroline shrugged. "It didn't get any worse," she admitted, but perked up when she remembered that the only other highlight of her day had been convincing Amber Bradley that Caroline was right and she was wrong, but in not such a direct way. "But I got my client to see the light, and my life is easier because of it."

The drive to the restaurant was filled with Caroline talking animatedly while Klaus listened and prompted her on; it wasn't until they stopped outside a romantic, hole in the wall Italian place that Caroline realized he'd managed to make their entire conversation about her, and she still knew practically nothing about him. Not even his last name.

She was determined, as Klaus offered his hand to help her out of the car, to get something out of him. Klaus placed his hand on the small of her back and led her inside, the red interior giving off a warm, intimate feeling. But Caroline ignored it all, and promptly turned to Klaus with a set jaw and playfully narrowed eyes, because there was no way he was going to sneak around this now.

They were seated and given menus, and all the while Caroline waited for an opening, keeping a careful eye on him while he went through the wine list. He frowned a little as he read, his index finger tapping rhythmically on the side of the menu; there was something brown smeared across the inside of his wrist, under his watch, it almost looked like blood.

Caroline frowned and reached for him, turning his wrist over to get a better look at it, never once thinking that this was crossing the first-date line. "Are you alright?" she asked, now that the light caught the smear she could tell that it was in fact blood. Klaus followed her gaze and quickly cleared his throat, but didn't make a move to pull his hand out of hers.

"Absolutely fine," he said, catching her eye. "It's only paint; one of my clients has a terrible habit of walking around with wet paint on his hands."

It looked like blood to her, but maybe she was wrong. Caroline pulled her hand away with a nod and folded her arms across the table. "Was he at the meeting you were in?"

"No," Klaus chuckled, setting the menu down and mirroring her actions, hunching his shoulders up slightly as he leaned forward. "That meeting was with my younger sister."

Caroline grinned, feeling like she was getting somewhere. "Do you have any other siblings?"

Klaus' eyes narrowed at her, the corner of his mouth quirking up. "I'd much rather talk about you," he said slyly, and Caroline felt her stomach twist in realization. He was humoring her, giving her little bits about himself.

"I'm boring," Caroline groused. "You know practically everything already. Divorced parents, only child, my Dad died a few years ago; I want to know more about you."

Klaus sighed, silent for a moment as he looked away. When he looked back there was some heaviness in his gaze that made Caroline nervous, but he was saved from answering her by their server. The interruption successfully deterred Caroline from prying, and it wasn't until they were half a bottle of wine into the night before she remembered that he had been planning on saying something.

Klaus leaned back in his chair, eyeing her warily as she abruptly ended her story about a very drunk camping trip she'd taken with Bonnie and Elena. Caroline smirked back. "Back to you."


"You said you had a sister," started Caroline encouragingly, prompting him to finish. She poked at her mostly devoured veal cannelloni with her fork, taking a bite as she stared at Klaus from under her eyebrows. He sighed, just like before, but this time he looked more relaxed (Probably the wine, Caroline mused).

"Rebekah," finished Klaus pointedly, picking up his wine glass and taking a short drink. "I have an older brother, Elijah; I have a younger brother as well, Kol, though he's a little older than our sister."

"Good start," said Caroline, nodding in satisfaction and reaching for her water glass. "But somehow you got me to admit that I stepped on my baby hamster when I was seven, so..." Caroline trailed off, watching Klaus wince and smirk into his wine glass. Oh yeah, he owed her for that one.

"Alright, alright. Let's see...Well, Kol's engaged; has been for about a year and a half. He heads up the billing department for the agency - it's a family business, headed by our father. Elijah works in...Actually I'm not quite sure what Elijah does. And Rebekah's still in college, but she's following my footsteps and stealing clients from me."

Caroline giggled; she was an only child, she couldn't even imagine what it would be like having three siblings. She was just about to ask, when Klaus's face darkened a little, reaching up to rub the back of his neck as he continued. "My eldest brother Finn died last year." Caroline felt her stomach sink as feelings of guilt crashed over her.

"I'm so sorry," she said softly, lowering her eyes to the table. Out of the corner of her eye she caught Klaus shaking his head.

"You didn't know, love," he admitted. "I'm not used to talking about myself, I'm not very good at it."

"I think you're doing fine," said Caroline, reaching out to place her hand over his. Their plates were cleared, and there was a brief lapse in conversation as Klaus ordered dessert and Caroline finished off her glass of wine. Her hand never left his, and when they were left alone again, Klaus turned his hand palm-up and curled his fingers around her wrist.

"My life has been a...a bit of a mess," mumbled Klaus, staring at their hands on the table. Caroline watched him lick his lips, tilting his head to the side as different emotions flitted behind his eyes "My mother died when I was sixteen, just after my youngest brother Henrik was killed in a car accident." Caroline swallowed, her chest tightening. She knew what it was like to lose a parent, and her mother had been in the hospital for gunshot wounds on multiple occasions; she'd taken care of her friends after they lost family members too, but Klaus was... practically a stranger, and all she could think about was wrapping him up and never letting go. "I'm not sure that this is appropriate first date conversation," he said, quirking an eyebrow at her. "But are you satisfied?"

It didn't sound cruel, but there was a bit of hardness in his tone that told her he wouldn't say another word about it. Caroline nodded, smiling sadly and tightening her hand around his for a moment in silent support before she pulled it away. "I guess it's been a little while since you've dated."

Klaus smiled back. "I'm better at relationships," he admitted. "And you seem very worth it to me."

The rest of the date was much lighter, filled with banter, during which Caroline learned that Klaus was allergic to cats, hated relish, learned how to sword fight in school, and that his favorite animal was a horse ("I'll take you riding, sometime," he promised her.); and when he kissed her outside her door, Caroline didn't think she would be able to wait the three day minimum to call him again.

She didn't.

Ted Mosby would be proud.