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Honorary Family and New Friends

"Midnight get down there," my father sighed as he stood in my doorway.

I turned to face him, but even before I saw him I could tell he was upset. I was supposed to be downstairs a long time ago and he doesn't like being late.

"Give me one more minute?" I tried. I didn't want to go to his friends' house and was hoping that if I stalled enough he would forget about it or just leave me here.

He looked like he was actually considering it for a second; my hopes rose. "No, now," he said, with an expression on that said 'do-it-now-or-you'll-get-it-later'. My hopes went crashing back down.

I looked to the floor, hoping other excuses would be written there. When none appeared I mumbled out a "Fine."

My dad nodded and walked out of my doorway and down the stairs. As he left I went over to my closet and slipped on my black flats then walked over to my vanity to put on a headband.

While I was putting the headband on, I looked in the mirror and noticed once again how different I was from my dad.

He had short, straight hair that was almost white in color and golden-yellow eyes. His skin was tan and littered with scars, the most noticeable being on his chest, but they almost blended with his skin tone. Me? My hair was such a dark brown it was almost black and on top of that it was curly and really long for a soon-to-be fifth grader. My eyes were a light brown with golden flecks in them. My skin was ridiculously pale compared to my father's so any small bruise or cut I might've had showed up like black ink on clean white paper.

The only thing we seemed to have in common was attitude and color choice. He almost always was in black and I was too: Most little girls showed up on the first day of kindergarten four years ago in their new pink dress and pigtails in their parent's van. Not me: I faced that day in dark jeans, a grey tee-shirt, and came in on my dad's motorcycle. As for attitude, if you made my father mad…well, you better head for the hills; don't worry, I inherited that, just on a lesser scale.

"Midnight!" my father's voice yelled from downstairs. Snapping back to reality I quickly walked out of my bedroom, down the short hallway, and down the stairs.

"Ready," I said. He nodded again and opened the door to let me through.

As I walked past the shelf above our kitchen counter, I grabbed my small black and red helmet then went out the door into the warm summer air. I made my way over to the black motorcycle that stood in front of our house and waited for my dad to come out.

When he did come out, it was in his leather jacket and jet black helmet that he did so. After he was on I climbed on behind him and hung onto him for dear life. I never liked riding this thing, no matter how many times I did it.


I only opened my eyes after the wind stopped hammering me and the engine ceased its growling. Dad helped me off the motorcycle, took my helmet, hung it on the handlebar that his wasn't on, and turned to start walking up the sidewalk towards the house.

When I actually looked at the house it was bigger than I expected; I was waiting for the usual 'dad's-friend-lives-somewhere-fishy', but instead it was a real house like ours. I mean this one was bigger than ours, but it wasn't a dump. It sat alone in a woods-y area with no other houses near it and it almost blended in with its surrounding due to its brownish color. I was beginning to be glad I had come with him.

My attention went back to my dad as he made to knock on the door of the cozy looking house.

"Who's it?!" a voiced practically screamed from the inside.

"Be quiet you two! You'll scare them away!" another voice said.

"Oh shut up Heavana! We're fine right dad?" one of the screaming voices, well, screamed.

There was a pause, but an answer came after a few seconds. "I'm not getting into this. Tsume, if that's you get in here before they break down the door!"

At this dad laughed a bit and opened the door to walk in.

When I walked into that house, one word filled my head: Chaos. Well, that word pertained to the other girls my age that is. They were all over the place it seemed. One with hair like mine but lighter stood near the doorway staring down two others with her amber eyes through her small glasses.

The two staring back at her were obviously related; they both shared the same brownish-blue eye color and stood around the same height. One had really short dark brown hair while the other had dirty blonde and hers was longer, but both heads of hair were straight.

Another stood behind them with an amused expression on her face. Her hair was a very curly brown-red while behind her glasses were deep brown eyes.

A girl with hair the same shade as the amused one stood a little ways off in the corner with yet another girl. Both had straight hair, but the shorter one with bangs had hair that was almost pure brown and eyes the clearest blue. The taller one sported soft amber eyes, unlike the girl next to her.

Around a table were six adults and one other little girl who was half hidden behind a woman with almost purple hair and strange hot pink eyes. Next to her was a man with a dark brown mess of hair and clear blue eyes. Considering they were holding hands, I figured they must be married. Skipping a few chairs, there was another couple: a woman with messy black hair and bright blue eyes and a man with lighter brown hair and light brown eyes. After them there was one more; the man having redder hair and amber eyes and the woman having dark brown hair and eyes almost the same color.

My observing was interrupted by the two girls beginning to argue with the frizzy haired one.

"See Heavana?" the brown haired girl shouted sarcastically. "They didn't run away!"

"What a surprise!" the blonde threw in.

Heavana turned her glare solely on the one who had just spoken. "Look who decided to throw her in thoughts, Miss. Livvy-clone! Isn't that right Coco? Can't say or do anything without your sister!"

The blonde girl, Coco, flushed with anger and started to shake with rage. The room was completely still and silent for a moment…until the blue-eyed man stood quickly from his seat and kneeled in front of Coco.

"Hey, no fighting, please?" he looked her in the eye.

She grumbled a little but spit out an answer, "Yes Uncle Kiba…"

He smiled a little and stood back up. "Good."

More awkward silence followed this. The blue-eyed man broke it this time.

"Girls, you remember Tsume right?" he scanned the room for answers. The girls all either nodded or made some noise of agreement. "Well this is his daughter Midnight," he gestured to where I stood almost completely concealed by my dad. Now that I think about it, they probably couldn't see me at all. It was a wonder the man knew I was here.

Though at this, every head turned to see what they had missed. I didn't like all this attention and tried to sneak backwards, but my dad grabbed my arm and dragged me in front of him. He looked down at me and said loud enough for everyone to hear, "They're not going to kill you, and you don't need to hide."

I scowled at him for a minute, but remembered everyone was looking at me.

The woman at the table with brown eyes spoke with a sweet, soft voice. "Is everyone going to stare at her? Go back to what you were doing girls. Except," she added as Heavana, Coco, and Livvy got ready to go at it again. "you three. Find something else to do."

With this the room suddenly was refilled with life and the shrill little girl voices filled the air once more. Dad led me over to the table where the adults and the one girl were sitting.

"Well Night, this is Cheza," he pointed to the hot pink-eyed lady. "Kiba," the brown haired one who was sitting back down from breaking up the fight. "Blue," the woman with the bright blue eyes. "Hige," the sandy haired one sitting next to Blue. "Toboe," the red-brown haired guy. "and Hana," the lady beside Toboe with the brown hair. "And they're," dad continued. "your honorary aunts and uncles."

"Says the man who told me I have no family for ten years. Well, I guess he said honorary but still…" I thought. I had never met any of these people before, but it seemed like all the other girls knew my dad already. If they did, why didn't they know me? I looked older than some of them and Dad never left me at the house by myself. He couldn't have gone here during my school hours because he worked then…oh well. That was a mystery for later.

I realized that while I was just standing there thinking to myself the adults were just staring at me. I quickly gathered myself and uttered a weak, "Hi."

Cheza laughed a little. "Hello Midnight. There is no need to be shy, we're all family here," she turned to the girl behind her. "Would you like to introduce yourself or do you want this one to do it for you?"

"You," she whispered. Now that I was closer I could see her hair was a strange cross of blonde, brown, and purple. Her eyes were two different colors too, one light blue and one the same shade as Cheza's hot pink.

Cheza turned back to me. "This is Lyssi, this one's daughter. She's shyer than the rest of the girls."

Lyssi and I just looked at each other for a while, neither of us making any move to actually speak to each other. After a couple seconds she looked away and down at the ground, becoming shy once more.

"Why don't you play with the other girls Night?" my dad asked me.

I nodded and walked over to the living room where the other girls were. I was never one for making friends. I preferred to keep to myself and be alone. Even at school last year I had one friend and that only lasted for a month.

I noticed the girls had grouped up: Livvy, Coco, and the two girls who stood together earlier where sitting on the floor playing a board game, Heavana sat on the couch reading a book, and the brown curly-haired girl sat beside her trying to read over her shoulder. I debated who to go towards when I saw a perfectly good empty corner on the opposite side of the room. "That will be a good place to make friends," I smiled to myself and made my way over to it.

So that's where I sat for five (wrongly played and exceptionally quick) rounds of Candy Land. One of the adults must've noticed this though, because Aunt Blue was getting out of her seat with her eyes fixed on me. Great.

"Hey, you okay Midnight?" she asked once she got close enough. She then sat down beside me against the wall and waited for my answer.

"Umm, yeah; I'm fine," I replied, hoping she was like my school teachers: couldn't notice a lie if it slapped them across the face.

She laughed a bit. "Nice try, but my daughters are Livvy and Coco; I can smell a lie a mile away. What's really going on?"

I looked her in the eye and did what I always did: spoke exactly what was on my mind whether it was right or wrong. Sometimes my straightforwardness got me in trouble, but I feel the need to tell people what I really think when I tell the truth. "I don't like any of those girls," I told her. She opened her mouth to retaliate, but I cut her off. "Heavana's too goody-goody, Livvy's too loud, Coco looks too friendly, the other two playing with them look too excited, Lyssi's too shy, and the girl with the curly hair acts too nosy."

She took this in silently before she responded. "To start, the ones playing with Livvy and Coco are Mercy and Kati (Mercy is the taller one) and the one with Heavana is Kira. Kati is Lyssi's younger sister and they're Cheza and Kiba's daughters. Livvy and Coco are mine and Hige's fraternal twins. Mercy is Heavana's twin and Kira is their older sister. They're Toboe and Hannah's daughters.

"Heavana thinks that since she's older than Livvy and Coco she needs to set a good example for them, that's why she acts like that. Livvy…well she's Livvy, there's no explanation for her. Coco's friendly yeah, but I don't see why that's a bad thing. Mercy and Kati act like sisters and are always happy around each other, hence the excitement. Even though Lyssi's the oldest, she inherited more from her mother than her father and…" she trailed off for a moment. "Well, that's a story for another time. Anyway, Kira is nosy, but most people are."

This sorta caught me off guard. She had an answer to every single thing I said; I was used to the person just nodding and excepting it. At least I knew who everyone was now, and I could definitely see the resemblances now. I looked up at Blue.

"I'm not like them," I stated, plain and simple. I was hoping this would get her to leave me alone, but she was going at this with all she had.

Another small laugh came before her words. "You're like them in more ways than you think. Go over and talk to Heavana and Kira, I think you'll like Heavana a lot."

I gave in and nodded then stood up. She was quick to follow my actions and went back over to the table.

I walked slowly over to the couch where Heavana was sitting with Kira. The book was gone now and they just seemed to be talking.

"Hey," I greeted quietly, afraid I was interrupting something important.

They looked up at this. "Hello," Heavana said with a smile. "I'm Heavana and this is Kira, my sister." She patted the seat next to her. "Come sit here, I won't bite and neither will Kira."

I sat down, still weary of her happiness. "Thanks," I said as something else struck my mind. "Hey, could you do me a favor?"

Kira smiled this time and answered, "Sure, what is it?"

"Could you tell me who's oldest and who's youngest, just so I know?" I asked hopefully.

Kira nodded. "Sure, when were you born?"

"November 13."

"Okay let's see: I'm the oldest, you would be the second oldest, then Heavana and Mercy, Lyssi, Livvy and Coco, and finally Kati. Yeah, that's it!" she finished happily.

"Wow, second oldest. Wasn't expecting that…" I thought.

"Thanks," I said aloud.

"So," Heavana started. "do you like to read?"

I nodded vigorously. "Yes, I don't have a lot of friends so my whole day consists of reading, writing, and drawing."

Heavana squealed a little. "Yay! I finally have someone besides Kira to talk to about books! So, what's your favorite so far?"

For the next two hours I talked to Heavana and Kira about anything and everything. I felt like we were old friends, talking to each other like this. An hour after we started talking, the other girls (even Lyssi, who was very talkative when she got used to you) had come and joined us and that's where the "everything" part came in. We had a few things in common, but topics changed rapidly: going right from books to movies to horses to sports and back to books in under fifteen minutes. But it wasn't confusing at all; we kept up with the topic change easily.

"Girls, time to leave," Hana came around the corner and announced to her three. Kira, Mercy, and Heavana whined a bit but got up all the same. After a few goodbyes the house was cleared of five people.

Thirty minutes later it was Lyssi and Kati's turn to leave. After Lyssi left, I couldn't help but feel that I would have the strongest bond with her out of all of the girls. We were almost alike, minus a few minor things; she was my light twin.

After that I had some time with Livvy and Coco and found out I was wrong about them. Livvy was loud, but in a good way and it suited her. Coco was friendly, but not so friendly I couldn't talk to her.

An hour later dad came into the room in his jacket. "Come on Night."

I said goodbye to Livvy and Coco and put my shoes back on (I had taken them off while we had been talking), dad said goodbye to Blue and Hige, and then we were back outside in front of the motorcycle.

If I hated riding the motorcycle during the day, I dreaded riding it at night. There were no lights, I couldn't see anything, and it was generally colder.

Before I knew it my helmet was on my head, I was sitting on the cycle, and dad was speeding away from the house where I had made my first real friends.