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Being What We Weren't

The animal came at me head on and knocked me to the ground. Bright spots dotted my vision for a moment, but I could still see the animal on top of me.

It was a wolf of some sort. Possessing fur almost a purple color, it just about blended in with the night sky. Its fangs were bared and its yellow eye portrayed a rage I had never seen. But its bright green eye showed regret instead of anger.

"Wait," I thought. "one eye yellow and the other green…no way!"

The wolf got off me and began to circle me, looking as if it were waiting for something to happen.

"Don't know what you are, Midnight?" Drake's voice echoed through my head and seemed to reach every part of my body. "None of your so called family tell you?"

"Tell me what?" I questioned the animal I now believed was Drake. I hoped my voice sounded strong, but even I heard the shaky tone to it.

His laugh filled me and made me shiver. "What you are of course. There aren't many left in the world now, you and your friends being some of the few. But then again, you're the only pure one out of you children."

"What?" I stopped his strange answer with my question. "What do you mean 'pure one'?"

The large wolf cocked his head. "The only one who's not a half-breed, the only one whose parents are like you. Your mother didn't even stick around to see you because of all the half-breeds being born here."

"Don't bring my mother into this!" I screamed. An unknown rage boiled in me; sure, I never knew her, but that didn't mean she could be talked badly about without me defending her. She was, after all, my mother.

"Why not? You never knew her, never saw her, never have been near her since your birth. You could be a dead for all she knows," Drake sneered.

The rage started to consume me then, my vision tinting red around the edges. My whole body was shaking, until it started to change.

My hands and feet seemed to cave in on themselves and reform, my nails grew longer and sharpened, my whole head completely reshaped itself into a shape that it had most definitely not been before, the temperature seemed to get about five degrees warmer; everything contorted, twisted, and changed into…something that wasn't exactly human.

When Drake was eye level I knew what had happened.

He lunged at me then, this being what he was waiting for. He bit into my one of my front legs; hard. I threw back my head and screamed, trying to shake him off.

He let go but then went back to circling, trying to decide what to do next. He decided to just barrel into my side this time and I braced myself; but somewhere a voice told me not to. After that it was like the voice was my controller. I jumped forward without thinking before he could reach me then turned to see where he was.

He had an expression on his face that looked like a wolfish smile, and he looked ready to pounce again.

"Nice," his voice sounded outside my head this time. "but let's see just how long you can keep it up."

He jumped again before I was ready, but I embraced it. We rolled on the ground, each trying to bite the other wherever we could reach. I had only gotten his ear, but he had gotten me pretty much everywhere he could reach.

My vision began to cloud and I heard Drake laugh. "Just remember this next time you cross me." He went back to a human form and I felt myself do the same. He looked me in the eyes once again then turned and ran the other way, deeper into the field.

The pain was worse in this form and so were the aftereffects of the blood loss. Blood from one of the bites on my ear trickled into my eyes, blocking my already blurry vision.

I was in the phase between sleeping and waking, living and dreaming, when I could swear I saw four figures running this way. But that was ridiculous; I was going to stay here. There was no way anyone could have heard that, much less saw it, happen.


So it was understandable why I was surprised when I woke up at my house on the living room couch.

I looked around the room; no one was here except me. I tried standing, but that had a searing pain shooting up my back to my neck and sent the world spinning; it was worse than sitting still.

"What the…" I thought as I sat myself back down. I looked down at my body to see dried up blood everywhere. There were numerous cuts littering my sides and legs and I was sure there were some on my face too.

"What happened to me?" I asked myself. I looked at my arms to see the same thing as my legs, but one on my left forearm looked distinctly like teeth marks.

It all came back then; the game, the dare, the field, Drake, the wolf, the transformation, fighting.

And that was enough for brain to stop processing life for a moment.

A minute later, my dad was in the doorway. He didn't say anything, but walked in and sat beside me. Silence enclosed for a while…until Uncle Hige walked in and sat on my other side. He was shortly followed by Kiba and Toboe, who both leaned against the wall closest to the couch.

My dad looked at me, really looked at me. He never looks me in the eyes, but now he did. "Midnight," he started. "do you know what happened earlier?"

I thought for a little, and then answered, "Yes…well, maybe. Actually maybe a little…but not at all really. I think…wait, define 'happened'? Do you mean the part where Drake and I apparently turn into wolves or the part where I have no idea why that happened?"

He dropped my gaze. "Both."

Kiba picked up the questioning then. "What did he tell you?"

"He said that none of you told me 'what I am', that the girls and I were 'some of the only ones left', and that I was 'the only pure one'," I relayed. Saying it again, it made even less sense to me, but I could tell I was about to get answers.

Kiba nodded. "He was right on all accounts, but we're about to explain. When he said you were 'the only pure one', he meant both Tsume and your mother were born wolves. As for all the other girls, both of their parents aren't like that; Blue is only half-wolf, Hana has no idea what we are, and Cheza…well, that's another story."

Once again, any knowledge of Aunt Cheza's background was denied. That's what it's been like for the past five years, even longer the other girls say. Two years ago, we all thought she was part of the Witness Protection Program.

"There aren't many wolves left on Earth, not when it's this old," he continued. "We thought we were the last ones in Japan, but now we see we were wrong. That's part of the reason we hid this from you."

This is the part I was partially angry with them about. I mean, we're part animal for crying out loud! I think we deserved to know!

"Before the Earth was this, it was Paradise. Wolves and other animals ran free and humans did not exist to tame them. But each time humans are created from the wolves and tear down our Paradise to make what it is today."

"Whoa, whoa!" I held up my hands to stop him. "What do you mean each time'?"

"This is not the only time Earth has renewed. Each time the wolves search for Paradise, the world freezes over and begins again as Paradise. Whether it is because the wolves are searching or because they find it no one knows," he answered. "In another life, on the Earth before this one, we were the ones to find it."

I let myself gape at this and Toboe laughed at me.

"Tell her the whole story Kiba, you're overwhelming her," he smiled. Uncle Toboe was always smiling. For the past five years, all I've ever seen him do is smile. Except for that one time I went to Heavana's house four years ago and he had to break up a fight….

I focused back on Kiba as he began his story. "I guess it all starts with the scent of lunar flowers."

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