Concrete floors and a tangle of clothes

Some Caryl drabble smut because reasons, enjoy!

Daryl checked the clock he kept next to his bed, it read ten-thirty, the time of night when there would be no one walking the corridor and he could move around without being detected by the others. Him and Carol had decided to keep their intimacy a secret from the others, they would sneak into each others rooms on select nights but ever since Daryl had returned from Woodbury their meetings became more frequent than ever. There were a number of times when they were almost caught by the others, which made Carol a little uneasy when they had their meetings. It didn't make her uneasy enough to stop the meetings though.

Daryl sat up slowly in his bed, he hadn't been sleeping in the slightest, he had just been waiting anxiously for ten-thirty to come around. He stood up and walked to the steps, peaking his head out and making sure the coast was clear. No one was stirring, he slowly made his way down the metal steps, making sure to be as quiet and swift as possible. Once he reached the concrete floor he walked briskly to Carol's cell. He nudged the door open with care and stepped into the dark room.

"Daryl?" he heard Carol whisper into the darkness.

"Who the hell else would it be?" he laughed quietly before walking over to the bed, where Carol was sitting. He sat down next to her and leaned his back against the cool wall of the cell.

"Well I'm glad you made it," Carol smiled at Daryl sweetly, he gave a tight smile in response as Carol cuddled up to his side, leaning her head against his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

"Missed ya' today," he said gruffly before kissing her lightly on the top of her head. She sighed happily before responding.

"Missed you too, wish you didn't have to go on those long hunting trips," her voice trailed off as she spoke, "it makes me worried you know."

"I know, it ain't like I don't worry about ya' too," he sighed uneasily, rubbing her left knee with his free arm. Carol kissed him a few times along the line of Daryl's chin, making him moan slightly.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled between soft kisses.

"Don't be sorry, it ain't yer fault Carol, we just got shit we gotta do that sometimes makes it hard to be near each other all the time," he paused, gently caressing her waist with his hand connected to the arm that was wrapped around her, "can't really avoid it."

"I guess you're right," Carol responded before Daryl pushed her softly against the cotton sheets that covered her bed. He began kissing her softly, enjoying the pleasant flavors that Carol's lips provided him. She kissed him back with hunger, pulling his head closer to her, her fingers entwined in his coarse hair. Her hands pressed against his chest, monitoring the distance he was from her. Her hands traveled down slowly to the hem of his shirt, then they snuck their way onto his warm skin. Her hands ran across his firm stomach as he grasped her waist. Daryl delivered several quick kisses before his lips left her mouth and began traveling down her neck. His kisses halted at her collarbone as he pulled down the collar of her shirt along with her bra, exposing a nipple. His warm, soft kisses moved down to her breast before he grasped her nipple softly between his teeth. Carol jumped a little in pleasure and her wandering hands wrapped around his waist.

He flicked his tongue against her sensitive nipple, making her whimper quietly in pleasure. They both froze once they heard footsteps outside the cell, Daryl had made sure to close the door luckily.

"It's prolly nothin'," Daryl whispered gruffly before kissing her neck once again. Carol looked over towards the door with worry in her eyes, Daryl noticed her gaze and sighed heatedly, "woman, ya need to relax," Carol looked up into his intense gaze, knowing what he said to be true. She bit her lip before nodding her head in agreement. She closed her eyes slowly as Daryl's rough hands began inching under her shirt, slowly pulling it over her head. She grabbed it and tossed it lightly onto the concrete floor before unbuttoning Daryl's shirt. She held a calm, caring expression on her face as she unbuttoned his shirt with ease. He looked down at her, observing her expressions before laying a hand upon her delicate face. He softly brushed her cheek, a smile forming on his lips.

"Have I ever told ya how damn lucky I am ta' have ya woman?" Daryl said in a caring tone, a blush came to Carol's face as she helped him shrug off his shirt. He placed it on the floor next to Carols.

"Maybe once or twice," Carol grinned before Daryl's hands traveled under her bra and grasped her breasts with ease. He leaned down again to kiss her roughly, massaging a breast as he did, causing Carol to squirm slightly. They heard the footsteps again from outside the cell door, in addition to the footsteps there were hushed voices.

"God dammit," Daryl cursed, grinding his teeth in aggravation. Carol looked worriedly up at him, he sighed before kissing her forehead lightly.

"I'm sure it's nothing, just someone tending to Judith or something," she reassured Daryl this time, he grumbled as her hand raised to grasp his neck and urge him to kiss her again.

"Yeah I guess so," he said before pressing his lips to Carol's, their tongues poking into each others mouths with ease. Carol's legs wrapped around Daryl, forcing him to come closer to her. He wrapped his arms around her tightly as he ground his growing boner into her inner thigh. His breathing becoming ragged as he continued to grind slowly against her, "I love ya so damn much woman," he groaned into her ear. He stopped for a second, looking into her eyes, waiting for her next words.

"I love you too," she said softly as Daryl began fumbling with her pants. She smiled up at his concentrated face as he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. He shimmied them off along with her lace panties. God he fucking loved it when she wore those, his fingers held the delicate fabric between his fingers for a moment before he tossed them on the floor with the other clothes. Carol's hands automatically went to the button of his pants as well, undoing them quickly.

Daryl pulled them off quickly before removing her bra, revealing her tender flesh to him. He kissed and suckled them once before bending down to reach the pocket of his jeans of the floor, grabbing a condom from them. He opened the package quickly and began fumbling with the condom, he was nervous and Carol could tell. She rested a delicate hand on his arm, steadying him. He looked down at her worriedly, but her eyes reassured him right away. They had only had sex about a dozen times, due to the lack of enough condoms. Luckily Daryl had been able to grab some on a recent run, and tonight they had planned on using his new supply. He took a deep breath before sliding the rubber on, he took a moment to kiss Carol a few more times before lining himself up with her. He bit his lip as he moved slowly into her entrance, she clenched her teeth shut tightly, not letting a single one of her moans past her lips. Once he was inside her she wrapped her arms around him, he pumped into her slowly, testing their position.

"Oh Daryl," Carol moaned quietly, a grin grew on Daryl's face from her pleasure. He thrusted harder and faster into her, making her body quiver in pleasure, her nails dug into his back. Her grasp on him was slipping due to the layer of sweat on their heated bodies. Daryl slowly bent his head down to kiss her neck as he ground into her, he moaned into her ear between brief kisses. His breath was hot on her neck when they heard a crash from outside their door. Daryl quickly glared at the door with grave intensity, wishing to murder whoever dared interrupt his time with Carol. Carol grasped his arm tightly, wishing him to continue. There was some hushed cursing from outside the door, Daryl recognized the voice as Rick's.

"Daryl," Carol whimpered, "it's fine, it wasn't too loud. I'm sure Rick can handle it," Daryl nodded, still glaring at the door. Carol forced him to face her again, and when he did his expression softened.

"Alright," he said gruffly before grinding into her once again, sensing that she was close to her climax judging my her expressions. Her back began raising off the bed and arching. Her nails dug into his skin just as she began her climax, but in that instant the door opened with Rick breathing heavily. Daryl grabbed the heavy book that was next to Carol's bed quickly and chucked it at Rick's chest.

"Get the fuck out of here," Daryl growled, feeling Carol's climax fading. Rick ran off quickly, scared of getting injured by a book again. Daryl's gaze returned to an exhausted Carol covered in sweat, he looked down at her longingly. He knew he was close to his own climax just as she reached hers, but she urged him to continue. Carol smiled up at him as he began to grind into her once again, before too long he came long and hard. He collapsed next to her, their breathing hot and rough.

"I am going to fucking murder that man," Daryl growled before wrapping his arms around Carol, his beautiful lover.