"Please, Tsukune! Just a sip?" Moka pleaded, hands clasped together, green eyes glistening.

"W-well…" Tsukune stammered, scratching behind his head and smiling nervously.

Of course, without waiting to receive an answer first, Moka flung herself onto him, and sunk her fangs into his neck, earning a yell from the dark-haired boy. He wondered why she even bothered asking!

Almost as soon as soon as it started, it was over. Moka giggled and flipped a stray bit of her long, pink hair back into place. Tsukune mentally noted, for probably the fifteen hundredth time since he met her, that even though she was a vampire, she was overwhelmingly cute. Until that Rosario came off, that is. After that, her pink hair became silver and her green eyes became red, and she was just as scary as she was beautiful. Or prideful.

"Thanks, Tsukune! As always, your blood was delicious!" she chirped.

Tsukune smiled back, feeling a little woozy from blood loss, but he was, for the most part, used to it. As long as Moka was happy, he guessed he was happy, too. As the lone human at this academy for monsters, she was his first friend, and the main reason he had stayed here for this long. He had long since acknowledged that he was in love with her, but he didn't quite have the nerve to admit it just yet.

"Moka! You almost drained my Tsukune dry again!" Kurumu exclaimed, as she came out of nowhere and slapped Moka on the top of her head. The blue-haired succubus was extremely overprotective of the boy she deemed to be her 'mate of fate'.

"It's okay now, Tsukune-kun", she cooed, engulfing the human between her breasts, smothering him. "I'm here to make everything better!"

Tsukune flailed his arms trying to pry from her grasp. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wondered how she didn't know by now that these hugs cut off air to his brain?

Right as Tsukune was about to slip into unconsciousness, an icy kunai struck Kurumu dead in her forehead, forcing her to release a gasping Tsukune.

"Lay off, bazooka girl. Can't you see you're suffocating my Tsukune?" Mizore said in her cool, leveled voice, emerging from behind a tree.

"Dream on, snowflake!" Kurumu snapped at the ice maiden, who simply gave the succubus a blank stare. Mizore gently pushed a strand of her purple hair out of her face.

"Tsukune is going to inevitably end up with me. So why even bother?" she calmly stated.

Kurumu was about retort when two wash bins fell from the sky, hitting both the succubus and the ice maiden on top of their heads. There was a childish laugh, and out skipped the source of the falling kitchenware, a small, black-haired girl in a witch costume.

"Yukari!" Mizore and Kurumu both exclaimed, before the little witch flicked her wand, causing two more wash bins to slam on top of their heads.

"No one gets Tsukune, except for Moka and me, desu!" Yukari said. She then flew at Moka and Tsukune, latching on to both the human and the vampire with no intent on letting go. They laughed, and eventually got the little girl to detach herself from them, much to Yukari's displeasure.

This marked the start of this unlikely group of friends' last year at this school. For them, it was a pretty average morning that, in their minds, seemed fairly un-noteworthy. Yet none of them, not even the snow fairy with such a keen stalker's perception, had any inkling that they were being observed.

Watching this heart-warming scene from a safe distance was a boy. He was at an average height for his age, which appeared to be a little over seventeen, and stood just at six feet tall. He was fairly skinny, yet well built, with blond hair and blue eyes. Over his right eye, coming from above his brow to just below the middle of his cheek, he had a long, thin scar, which was one of his most distinguished features.

The scar-faced boy continued to watch as he contemplated what was going on. He absentmindedly rubbed the top part of his scar, the point above the brow, with his index and middle fingers, as he had an unconscious habit of doing when he was deep in thought.

He was new to this school, transferring here from America. He knew enough Japanese to get by around here, having taken online courses at his parents' insistence.

His face darkened at the thought of his parents.

He grimaced and turned his head the other way, as if he was physically turning away from a memory that had become a reality once more. His parents were part of the reason he was at this school, the other being that he was… what he was. He didn't feel like dwelling on it at the moment, and he was starting to get hungry anyways. He always got a little bit hungry when he was upset. He actually got hungry a lot, again, because of what he was.

I've got a little bit of time before homeroom… maybe I can snag a little something to take off the edge.

Honestly, he didn't really care if grabbing a bite to eat would make him five or ten minutes late. If he was to function at a reasonable level and not get… cranky… then he would have to eat something before he faced a classroom full of people that he would have to resist the temptation to devour.

So, off he went, into the thick, wooded part of the school's grounds, hoping to hunt down something sizable that would last him until a bit later in the day.

The students in the classroom babbled endlessly, talking about what they did over the break, what they thought was going to be served for lunch today, and all the other things that high school students talked about. Tsukune and his group were all sitting together talking, as they mentally noted that all of them being in the same class again had the headmaster's name all over it. He, along with Ruby, his witch assistant Tsukune met in the human world, and Tsukune's own little group, were the only ones that knew that he was human.

Mostly human, Tsukune noted, glancing to the chain and holy lock around his right wrist. A while back, Tsukune had almost died in a fight against Kuyo, the maniacal leader of the School Safety Committee, who had charged him of being human. To save him, Moka had injected him with some of her vampire blood, which gave him a few brief moments of vampiric power to beat Kuyo and prove to the rest of the student body that he was, in fact, not human. In actuality, he was still human, but no one else needed to know that. After several more fights and several more injections of vampire blood, Tsukune became a ghoul, and was almost a lost cause if it hadn't have been for the headmaster, who placed the holy lock on him and sealed his dark powers. However, if he took it off, he would be consumed by his own ghoulish lust for blood. That is why he had to train whenever he could, so he would be able to master using his newfound powers, and not be ruled by them.

Tsukune's thoughts were interrupted when their teacher burst through the door.

"Welcome back to Youkai, students! I hope you're all refreshed and ready for a new year!"

This was the usual entrance for their long time teacher, Ms. Nekonome, who was an eccentric example of a neko-musume. Despite her going on about the main rule of the academy, which was to always keep your human form, she broke that rule like pretty much every other student at this school. She always had her ears and tail popping out, and if a student made a remark that she decided she didn't like, she scratched said student's face. Usually many times. Consecutively.

Ms. Nekonome was going through the rules again when there was a knock on the door. With an inquisitive look on her face and a slight mewl she answered it. In walked a blond-haired boy with a disinterested look on his face. As soon as he set foot in the classroom, everything went dead silent. He seemed to wince slightly at the effect he had on the atmosphere before he continued.

"Sorry I'm late, ma'am," he started, and smiled slightly, "I was grabbing a little something to eat, and well…" he chuckled nervously,"… let's just say it didn't exactly agree with me."

Ms. Nekonome blinked and stood there for a second. There was a sort of presence to the boy. It seemed… well, cold, like the wind in winter.

Finally, she forced a smile and replied, "No problem at all! Please, sit wherever you like!"

He smiled a little bit and nodded, then promptly took an empty seat next to the window. Some of the other students shot a few disapproving looks. He sighed, and gazed straight out the window, while the teacher continued with her instructions.

"As you all should know perfectly well by now…" Ms. Nekonome sang,"…Youkai Academy is a school for monsters!"

Tsukune remembered his first day here and how bad that had shocked him.

The blond-boy's eyes widened ever so slightly as he turned his gaze to the teacher, without actually moving. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked straight back out the window, seeming a bit more furtive.

"And, as you all should also know by now, the main goal of this academy is to learn how to coexist peacefully with humans!" Ms. Nekonome purred slightly. "That being said, you also will not find anyone here who is human. If a human was found, he would be killed on the spot!"

Tsukune cringed. Even after hearing it so many times, it still got to him.

A few moments later, the bell rang to dismiss class to their first period.

Tsukune and the others were walking to their next class, chatting excitedly.

"Can you believe we have Ms. Nekonome again?" Kurumu inquired, "I think the Headmaster is behind this one, too!"

"As well as the fact that we're in most of each other's classes." Mizore noted, revealing herself from her spot behind the staircase, which made the others jump a bit.

"Well, at least we're together, right?" Tsukune smiled and asked everyone, although he was secretly glancing at Moka when he said that. She noticed, and blushed a little before timidly meeting his gaze.

"Yeah. That's all that matters." She stated shyly.

They all noticed someone in particular walking past them.

There he was again, the blond boy who was late to homeroom, looking lost in his own thoughts, except when he glanced at them and saw their reaction. He narrowed his eyes and looked away, slightly increasing his pace. He seemed a bit hurt.

"Hey, wasn't that the guy who was late to homeroom?" Moka stated, unsure why she even bothered to point this out. Maybe just to make conversation.

"Yeah, I think it was." Tsukune replied.

"He seems a bit weird." Kurumu noted, thinking that he was out of hearing distance.

The others glanced at her questioningly. "What?" She asked defensively.

"How is he 'weird', Kurumu?" Moka asked.

"Well," she started saying matter-of-factly, "he did have sort of an icy presence to him."

"And?" Mizore piped up. "So do I. So do a lot of monsters."

"Hey!" Kurumu cried with a hint of hope in her voice. "Maybe he's one of your kind, Mizore! Wouldn't that be nice? You could finally stop chasing after Tsukune!"

"No." she stated, shaking her head slightly. "I can tell he isn't one of my kind. I would know."

Kurumu giggled playfully and sang "I think you two would make a cute-looking couple, Mizore!"

Mizore's blushed a little bit. "I don't even know him!" she stated.

"Hey, guys, don't you think we should worry about getting to class?" Tsukune inquired.

Everyone nodded and tagged along with Tsukune, laughing and poking fun the whole way.

The scar-faced boy was, in fact, not out of hearing range when he caught what the blue-haired girl said. He furrowed his brow, and continued walking to his next class.

He shook his head. What did she know about him? He wasn't going to let the opinion of some random blue-haired girl get to him. He had other things on his mind.

He had to admit, though, he was glad that this was a school for monsters, like him. He didn't even know a school like this existed until he got here. It made life a lot easier, too. He wouldn't be tempted to eat them as much as he would be if they were humans. Even so, he still felt a little out of place here. He didn't really feel at home in a lot of places.

His stomach whined at him incessantly. He hadn't been able to catch a whole lot earlier, just a few mouse-spider things. They hadn't even tasted all that great. They were small, too, so of course he was hungry now.

Sighing in defeat, he dropped his things off at his next class and walked out.

He had spotted some odd looking deer earlier. They were too far away and too in the open to launch a successful strike on at the time. When he returned to the general area, he found them in a more advantageous position. For him, at least.

He noticed that they were even odder than he thought. They had blackish-brown fur and they had pale, glazed over eyes, like cataracts. They didn't smell too appetizing, either. In fact, if it weren't for them walking around, he would have thought that they were already dead.

He brushed the thought aside, and attempted to focus, but the roaring maelstrom in his stomach hindered his thought process significantly. Accompanying the churning in his stomach were hungry thoughts beating against the inside if his head. Sweet voices carried on the wind amplified in his ears, and he couldn't drown them out. He gritted his teeth and clenched the sides of his head. For a moment, his irises flashed a primal shade of yellow, signifying instinct taking over. He couldn't take it anymore.

He lunged.

The deer snapped to attention right at this moment, and scattered in different directions. They were faster than they looked.

With no prey to descend upon, the scar-faced boy hit the ground instead, mouth first. He had missed.

He glared up in the direction of the fleeing deer, already long gone and out of harm's way. He spat. Defeat had an earthy taste.

He had a feeling that he was going to hate it here.

Later, Tsukune and the others were happily having lunch. As usual, Moka packed her own well-balanced meal (as her inner self would not allow for junk food). Mizore had made her specialty, chilled curry. Kurumu brought cookies, and Yukari and Tsukune really had no other option but to eat the school's food.

"Kurumu, did you really bring nothing else besides cookies?" Moka said with a small laugh.

"Nope. I'm trying to stay slim, so I'm eating light today," She said.

Yukari giggled. "Good luck with that. If you eat nothing but cookies, your stomach is going to be the same size as your boobs!" She jabbed, causing Kurumu to yell and chase her around the table while most of the others laughed.

All except for Tsukune, who poked at his food with little interest.

Moka picked up on this. "What's wrong, Tsukune? I know the school's mystery meat isn't that good, but…"

He sighed. "No, Moka-san… it's not that. I just…well…" he sighed again. "It's about that guy from earlier." He didn't know why this was bugging him so much. He was just some guy, right?

Moka frowned, and the others stopped what they were doing and paid attention to the conversation.

"The one from homeroom? And in the hallway?" she inquired.

"Yeah… I can't help but think that he might be a little lonely, and a little hurt about what Kurumu said." He continued to stare down at his lunch tray. Why was he focused on this, of all things?

Kurumu waved her hand dismissively while sporting a sort of guilty smile. "Nah, he couldn't possibly have heard me! Besides, it just kind of… slipped out."

"Hey isn't that him over there?" Yukari pointed out.

They all looked up to see.

Sure enough, a few tables away, the blond boy was there, eating his lunch, looking like he was in his own world, like the last few times they saw him.

He looked up and caught their gaze. He looked a little uncomfortable. Then he saw Kurumu. She waved at him nervously. He seemed to sigh before resuming his meal.

"I think he knows, Kurumu." Yukari said, and the succubus frowned slightly.

"I think we ought to make it up to him." Tsukune said. Why? He thought to himself. People say things all the time. Maybe it was just because Tsukune knew what it was like to be lonely. Before he met Moka and the others, that is.

"I guess so." Moka said. She didn't really know what the big deal was. Although, she had to admit, he did seem a bit lonely sitting all by himself.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Kurumu huffed. "Let's go talk to him now!"

They all looked up smiling, only to have their smiles replaced with looks of confusion.

The blond boy was gone.

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