Monty Python and the 100 word drabbles

Ch 1: The Fall

People ask me how I didn't die, and I always give a different answer – I landed on something soft, an guard caught me, I was limp. Never the truth.

I know my father tried to kill me. He thinks I'm an idiot and called Alice, but I don't care. I don't, and that's the reason I'm still alive.

It was a tall tower. I had a good shot, and on that arrow was a letter. The arrow. So, here goes.

The reason I survived is that I had already fallen as hard as I could; for life, love, and Lancelot.

A/N: Both my best friend Beth (HarryBrumbyJacksonGames) and I are massive Herbert/ Lancelot shippers, so most of these drabbles will be them. I'll be uploading 25 of these 100 worded beauties, one each day.

Wish me luck.