I know. I know. Alot of stories I have that aren't CLOSE to being finished. I had to write this though, an idea came to me. Oops.

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Summary: What if Sabor had found a child, wrapped in Leopard print and raised her as her own?

Prologue: The Finding

The slender female leopard was busy hunting in the jungle when she heard the strangest thing.

A baby's cry.

The leopard, hungry for a meal, raced through the trees towards the noise. When she arrived, she saw the baby laying in a basket, next to an abandoned plane. She walked forward, shoulders hunched and claws out, prepared to strike. When she saw the baby she froze and took in it' appearance.

It was a little girl, with a head of snow white hair. The baby was wrapped in a leopard print shirt, to big for her small frame. She had a white diaper on. The female leopard blinked down at the baby, unsure if she should kill it or not. They were of the same color and she had lost her baby month back, which turned her bitter and cold. So she decided.

She would keep the baby and raise her as her own. When she leaned down to smell the small infant, the baby woke up and cried. Loud cries which made the Leopardess cringe back, ears flat against her head, green eyes wide. When the baby opened her eyes, they were a startling bright gray, nearly white. The she-cat leaned back in and gave the baby a lick on the face, and purred lightly. The baby cooed and wiggled her hands rubbing the Leopardess' face gently.

She gave a deeper purr and picked the baby up by the back of her leopard print shirt. The baby gave a coo as the Leopard took off to her home.

Sabor named the baby Sanura*.

New idea!

Sabor raises a baby!

Sanura means "Young Cat" in Swahili

Hope you liked c;