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Summary: What if Sabor had found a child, wrapped in Leopard print and raised her as her own?

Chapter 2: Stampede

It had been two months since my last encounter with Tarzan, I didn't want to meet up with him again, since Mom doesn't like the Gorillas.

"I'll be at the lake. I feel like fish." I told mother giving a smile.

She looked up from where she was busy washing her back and twitched her ears, "alright. But be safe, and if there's any trouble into the trees and home." She growled low.

"Yes mom. I promise I'll be safe." I dipped my head and started backing up.

"I mean it Sanura, I don't want you to get hurt." She said, gentler this time.

"I promise I'll be safe." I said, with the most sincere tone I could manage.

"Okay. Now run along." She dismissed me.

"I'll see you later." I smiled before turning and running into the undergrowth, my white hair catching the sunlight, that peeked through the tall and thick canopy above, making it glow and look like I had a halo of sunlight around my head.

I slowed down when I felt my stamina shrink. Mother made sure I never grew tired no matter how far I ran, by taking medium spurts and then slowing and walking for awhile. I hummed as I skipped through the forest, taking in the scenery as I did so.

When I heard the crash of the waterfall I quietly began slinking through the bushes. I knew there would be elephants because it was sunhigh, the time of day were the Elephants bathe. I looked through the bushes closest to the water and saw a baby elephant standing on a rock.

"Are you sure it's sanitary?" He asked a much darker, bigger female elephant.

"Yes Tantor. I'm sure." She replied, before turning back to the other elephant she was talking to and continued their conversation.

I quietly walked into the water, giving a sigh as the coolness made my warm skin relax and loosen, "This feels nice." I gave a giggle.

Tantor, the baby elephant, looked at me startle, "who are you?" He said, his eyes wide in fear.

"My names Sanura. Daughter of Sabor. Who are you?" I asked, tilting my head to the side playfully.

"T-tantor." He stuttered, his small tail swishing back and forth. He seemed freightened so I chewed n my lip before giving him a small smile.

"It's nice to meet you Tantor." I purred softly.

He gave a smile before looking into the water, startled, by the look of it. "piranha." He squeaked, he looked at me, "There's a Piranha." He whispered.

"That's not possible. There are no Pirahna's here." I frowned before ducking underwater and seeing two feet, swimming towards the family. I popped up and shook my long hair out, "I don't know." I murmered, standing up and getting out of the water, the fish forgotten.

"Mom. There's a piranha!" Tantor called out.

"No there isn't honey." She called back before resuming her conversation.

"But mooooom." Tantor whined.

"Honey, mummy's talking." She responded, dully.

That's when all hell broke loose. One of the males yelled as his tail was bitten and they all started running. I took off in freight as they came towards were me and Tantor were. I ran faster than I possibly could and when I saw the opportunity, I ran and jumped into a nearby tree. It shook with a strong force as the scared elephants ran past. I held on tightly, my eyes squeezed close as a terrified yell escaped my lips.

With one mighty shove, the tree was rattled so hard I lost my grip and began falling. I would've died if I hadn't of been caught my a pair of thick, furry arms. I hit my head on the arm and felt the world go bright and fuzzy. I looked up I to the eyes of my savior. It's dark brown eyes held my own silver ones.

"I've got you little one." Her voice was soft and sweet. It soothed me and I gave a smile.

"But... Mother... she'll be worried." I whispered.

"Who is your mother." She said, setting me down, against a tree.

"Sabor." I uttered my mothers name, prepared for something drastic. I knew this gorilla as Kala. Tarzan's mother.

"Sabor. No. She wouldn't raise a child." She said looking at me with fear and grief in her eyes.

"She isn't... That bad. Trust me. But... I have to go. Or she'll come looking. Thank you. For saving me." I said, giving a bow in respect. I stood, my legs shaking and I climbed into a tree, "Goodbye... Kala." I whispered before jumping into the branches and away to my home.

When I returned home mother attacked me in a fierce purr.

"I heard the stampede and I got worried. Oh I'm glad your safe." She repeated softly, running her face along mine and smothering me in licks.

"I tried running and when I did, I went into a tree but the elephants... They... They hit it and it made me fall. I would've died... But... But she saved me." I explained.

"Who saved you." She questioned before smelling my hair, "Kala saved you?" She whispered.

"Yes mother." I nodded my head looking down.

"I'm... Glad, she did. I couldn't bare to loose you." She licked my cheek and nudged me onto her slender back. She hadn't carried me since I was 3. I was surprised to say the least.

"It's time to eat and then bed." She jumped into our sleeping tree, me clinging to her back , my head buried into her neck fur.

She let me off her back and gave me a leg of meat, "I caught this awhile ago. Eat up before bed." She purred laying down behind me.

"Yes mama." I whispered and hurriedly and hungrily ate the meat. My stomach became quickly filled. I set the bone on the far side of the nest and turned, curling back up into mother.

"Sleep now Sanura." She purred into my ear.

I yawned and nodded, "Goodnight." I mumbled softly, closing my eyes.

"Goodnight my little cat." She murmured back.

'Thank you Kala.' I thought as I felt my consciousness ebb away.

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